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Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar!-Official Review Thread

I don't have this book yet, but I wanted to be the one to start the thread!

I just ordered it.  There are two of the recipes on Isa's blog and they sound yummy.  Mexican hot chocolate snickerdoodles and almond pine nut ones.  

Is anyone else getting it?  

I am usurping AC's job and will do the reviews (to be updated). AC has re-usurped (from AC).

Drop Cookies
Banana Everything Cookies  
There's so much "everything" (well, really, oats) in these cookies that it almost seems not right to call them banana cookies. Maybe oat banana cookies. Anyway, I doubled the chocolate chips (still not a ton), and they're pretty good. Not overly sweet, kind of soft/chewy textured... basically an oatmeal cookie. They could pass for "breakfast," maybe without the chocolate. With the nuts they'd probably be a bit granola/trail mix like. (fb)
I really like these. I made some changes, and they seem very versatile. I used 2 small bananas, and 1/3 cup applesauce for the oil (plus just like a tbs of oil for good measure). She states that the breakfast version is just no chocolate, and added flax. I left the chips in, and added the flax, and I think they are great for breakfast. Not too sweet at all, chewy, flavorful. I think there's a great balance of all the flavors. It might have been the applesauce, but mine didn't spread at all. They pretty much stay however you drop them, so keep that in mind. I like them for a healthy type cookie. (AC)
Cams and I made these with whole wheat flour.  He made them a little larger than I normally would and they turned out great!  Each cookie was about 2 inches across.  They were quick and easy and everyone loved them!  (lotus)
These turned out less cakey than I expected (as banana cookies always tend to do), and that pleased me. There was just enough hint of banana that the banana-lovers were pleased, but it wasn't so overwhelming that the non-banana-lovers weren't turned off. I could stand more chocolate chips next time. Good recipe.  (veganrun)
Good cookie! I made these at the same time as the Banana Split cupcakes from VCTOTW (which asks for a pureed banana), so before-hand I blended two bananas together with a little almond milk and used half for this recipe. I also added about 2/3 cup of slivered almonds I had around instead of the walnuts, and flattened them after scooping onto the pan with the back of a wet measuring cup. I used the recipe amount of chips, but I agree that there's a lot of oaty-ness! They coul be considered more of a banana-tinged oatmeal cookie, but I think it can swing either way depending on the add-ins you use. Anyway, make these! (sog)
Brekky Banana Cookies

Blackstrap Gingersnaps
I had every intention of going to the store today, and getting a few things to make these correctly, but that didn't happen..and I made them anyway. I ALWAYS buy blackstrap molasses, but when I needed it last time, they were out. I had to get the other kind from bulk...golden? So, I had to use that for the cookies. I also used whole wheat pastry flour (as always). The other big thing-I didn't have enough oil, so I used melted EB. I was thinking the cookies would REALLY spread because of this, so I didn't really flatten them out much at all, but they didn't spread much at all! They are almost not even snappy enough. I also added some fresh ginger. Something was lacking in the flavor, but I'm not sure what (the different molasses? not sweet enough?). I definitely can't fault the recipe, since I didn't follow it, but I hope to make them correctly some day. Not bad, but not my favorite. (AC)
Molasses is not a common sweetener at all in my country. We can't buy that in regular grocery stores, so I bought mine in special store. I'm not used to its flavour and propably because of that the cookie dough smelled and tasted a bit funny. But after taking the cookies out of the oven, they were very nice. I also used fresh ginger for the cookies, because I didn't have the grounded one. I suppose the cookies were better that way. (kamomilla)
Everyone in my family loved these! My dad and grandparents hate the idea of "vegan" and healthy food. They had NO idea. Granny thought that they tasted just like the type she used to have when she was little, and my Grandfather agreed. They are so delicious. I would not recommend making them with normal molasses, by the way. I mean, I never made them without the called-for blackstrap molesses so...yeah. I wouldn't really know how they would turn out otherwise. But follow the directions as-is and they'll be perfect...believe me (dannibazaar)
I used regular (golden) molasses, since I couldn't get any blackstrap. I was kind of unsure about the whole "4 heaping teaspoons" for the ginger (I wish there was a more precise measurement!), but mine weren't as spicy as some gingerbread/gingersnaps that I've had (but that's ok). They were pretty soft when they came out of the oven, and they got chewy after cooling down completely. I really like them, and I don't think subbing golden for blackstrap takes too much away from the gingersnap experience. (fb)
These had a really nice flavor.  I really like ginger, so I think I will add some fresh next time in addition to the powder.  They were pretty chewy after they cooled, so I may cook them a minute or two longer to see if they crisp up a little bit. (lotus)
my parents loved them. I ended up putting in a bit too much ginger by accident, but these turned out fabulously. They would make good presents for the holidays. (Idrilasphodel)
These were simple to make and quite tasty, but they began to burn a little while baking.  I would either lower the temperature or reduce baking time.   (peaceablepalate)
These are decent, but nothing special. I used half AP and half WW Pastry flour. Something about the flavor is off, but I think it may be my powdered ginger as I have had this problem with other powdered ginger-containing things with this particular one I have. I think I accidentally added too much molasses, as the flavor was also overwhelming in the end product. I ended up making a flood glaze for them to mask some of the weirdness, but I couldn't bring myself to give these out as Christmas goodies. (sog)
Carrot Raisin Spice Chewies
After reading the name of these I figured they would be epic. They were less than epic. I omitted raisins (probably would have changed the texture), and I didn't like the coconut in them. I'm more of a only-carrots carrot cake person, and I also thought it coulda used more spice.  (fb)
I thought these were delicious. I was expecting them to spread more on their own, because she says to keep them 2" apart, and doesn't mention flattening. They spread very little, and stayed slightly puffy. The texture wasn't really cakey, though..just not quite as chewy as I would like. The raisins did make them chewy, though. I loved the spice mixture; thought it was perfect for the cookies. I don't taste the coconut a whole lot, which is always disappointing. I added a tiny splash of extra almond milk, because she said the dough should be sticky. I used pecans instead of walnuts, and didn't do the glaze. They baked in just about 14. (AC)
Cherry Almond Cookies
I made these for a bakesale a few weeks ago and they were incredibly popular! I didn't have any dried cherries (WF only had organic super fancy ones that were about 11$ a lb) so I went with cranberries. They definitely tasted like almond extract so, if that's something you like then I'd recommend these. They were pretty sweet which makes me think tart cherries would have been fantastic in here. (owalkerjillo)
Oh yeah, these are good.  I didn't have almond extract, so I subbed coconut ex.  The flavors go together so nicely.  I really like using brown sugar in cookies.  It adds a certain kick.  Right out of the oven, these are pretty soft and chewy.  I was too excited to wait until they cooled to taste, so I don't know if they'll harden a little bit as they cool.  They are so yummy.  I will definitely be making these again! (lotus)
These kind of feel like a healthy cookie because of the fruit and nuts. The dough is mostly like a chocolate chip cookie dough (it'd probably work well to that end), and I liked the extra flavor that the almond extract added.  (fb)
I bought this book for my daughter about a month ago and we're totally hooked on the Cherry Almond Cookies.  She's made like 5 batches of them (using cranberries).  I gave some away at work (because they were starting to interfere with my rawness) and now everyone who ate one is asking if my daughter will make them a batch.  They really are awesome! (storm)
I wasn't sure about this but it had high reviews. I don't think I've had a cherry almond cookie before. Plus, I'm extremely thankful for a cookie that doesn't use Earth Balance since soy and I are not agreeing lately and Walmart was out of the soy-free version. This was a delicious cookie that I made way too big but the cherries and almond slivers are big. I used bing cherries from Trader Joe's and they were good. Not too sweet. Great balance of flavor and addicting. They're pretty and festive looking too. (digifoo)
This is another recipe that I used as a base. I made them into cranberry/raisin/orange/almond..and they are delicious! Very flexible, and the almond flavor is great. (AC)
One of my favorite cookies of all time.  Also a favorite amongst coworkers.  The recipe calls for both vanilla and almond extract, as well as dried cherries and slivered almonds. The end result is a delicious cookie that's ideal for special occasions. (kindnesstoall)
This is a nice change of pace from the usual drop cookie, but still really easy to make and they look and taste much fancier than the time I took to make them. Yummy! I think I might add some chocolate chips at some point, just because.  (veganrun)
Chocolate Chip Cookies
These are the best chocolate chip cookies of all time (for real). They DO have crinkly tops, and they are soft, and rich, and just..perfect. P requests them every possible mention of a dessert. He was "upset" that I'm not making them today, after I mentioned all the new cookie choices to make from the book. I definitely recommend using the tapioca flour, as I've made them with cornstarch, and they aren't quite the same. You also do need to whisk the wet ingredients vigorously to get that caramel like texture. My dough always comes out quite wet, so I sometimes add a bit more flour. Don't add too much, because they don't come out the same. The best! (AC)
I followed this recipe exactly, which if you ever saw me cook you would know this is almost unheard of! These turned out so very very good. Soft, moist, flavorful and satisfying.  I will be making these again and again. My only and silly complaint is that you only get 16 cookies out of the batch!  Must make more. (cali)
Notes about the Chocolate chip cookies.  If you plan on having only one pan in the oven, put the dough in the fridge.  Otherwise your next batch, in 14 minutes (9 to bake and 5 to rest the first) will be a bit oily and end up lacy.  Still delish but different in texture and consistency.   Also you can refrigerate and freeze the dough and it turns out just fabulously as just mixed dough.  I tried all of the above and found the refrigerator dough was just like the first pan of cookies. Neato! (cali)
I got the chocolate chip cookie recipe from the blog and followed it exactly.  they are everything you said and more. the brown sugar!, the vanilla! the crunchiness (lightly crisp edges)!! the gooeyness!!! the cookie dough was amazing and the cookies even more amazing.  they are perfect and made me sooo happy.  thank you forever.  (thirteenblackbirds)
I'm a little iffy with the results...I mean they aren't bad...but they weren't great. The dough was really really sticky so I couldn't roll them (they dropped just fine though...), and they were really chewing and dense in texture...not what I was really expecting. And I could only get 14 cookies out of the batch...NO idea how anyone was to actually get two Probably won't make them again. Even though people do like the sweet taste. {dannibazaar)
Mixed reviews.  I liked these, husband did not.  He is a big fan of the Nestle Tollhouse recipe, though, and any deviation from that is seen as bad.  I was impressed at the texture achieved without the use of any shortening.  They were chewy and not cakey.  I hate cakey cookies. They had a nice flavor but nothing special, though, so I probably wouldn't make them again. (vegrunski)
They are sooo delish! I subbed cornstarch for the tapioca starch. I also doubled the batch and it made 36 good-sized cookies. I cooked the first batch for 9 minutes and the second batch for 8 minutes, and I think the 8-min ones were better -- softer in the middle. Yum! I agree with an earlier reviewer, though - the second batch definitely got oily in the bowl before I could cook them, but I didn't notice any difference in taste or anything. (lebkuchen)
I'm not so sure about this one. I've always been a bit wary of oil-based recipes due to a bad cookie experience in the past (Vegan Planet), but I wanted to try these based on the reviews. I thought the dough was really greasy and runny, so I added a bit more flour. Fresh out of the oven, I still thought they were greasy and gross--and usually this is when most cookies are at their finest! I let them cool, and the greasy factor went away, but I'm still not in love with them. They're definitely not bad, but there's still not quite what I am looking for, I guess. Z really likes them, but he has never disliked a cookie recipe, ever. So, I'd say they're worth making to see if they are your cup of tea. (veganrun)
I always have problems with these, for some reason. They're always really really oil-y. I think next time I make these I'll cut back on the oil. (dannibazaar)
I stand by these cookies being great (I've made them many times), but it does irritate me that they are SO fickle. They pretty much come out differently for me every time. (AC)
These were very good, and classic! Everyone loved them and I get requests for them all the time. (Idrilasphodel)
I was pleasantly surprised by how great these cookies taste. I wasn't expecting much from an oil-based cookie. They are thinner, not cakey, cookies. Soft and chewy with caramel touches. Wonderful chocolate chip-to-cookie dough ratio. They reminded me a little of the chocolate chip cookies  at Subway that I bought during my pre-vegan days. I followed AC's advice and used tapioca flour instead of cornstarch. Minor recipe adjustments. I used a KitchenAid mixer, instead of doing it the punk rock way, to help me mix the brown sugar and oil more quickly to a caramel-like texture. I couldn't stomach the 2/3 cup oil this recipe called for. So I subbed a couple tablespoons of oil with applesauce. Next time I will try a little more applesauce because the cookies still left oil on my fingertips. My omnivorous coworkers didn't seem to care though. They loved them. (saskia)
This is the closest I've found to the traditional recipe.  Chewy and delicious. (kindnesstoall)
These are even better than Mom's (sorry Mom)!  I had to tweak the temperature and baking time with this recipe.  The recipe calls for baking these cookies at 350 degrees for 8 to 9 minutes.  This seemed to work for the first batch, but after the dough sat a bit, the temperature had to be adjusted to avoid burning.  I ended up baking them a little longer at a lower temperature (10 mins @ 325 degrees), and that seemed to do the trick. (peaceablepalate)
These were delicious!  Many non-vegans liked these.  If you could add butter extract (is there such a thing that’s vegan?) they’d be perfect. However, I really do like this recipe.  (I made with cornstarch and molasses+sugar instead of brown sugar. (conniex)
These were awesome!! I only made a half batch today, 18 cookies, but there are none left, lol! We all loved them! My dough was a little thin and I definitely think putting it in the fridge first would help that. Regardless, they came out amazing and my family wants me to make them again! Oh, and I used chocolate almond milk because it's all I had. (abrimmer)
Just wanted to say that I followed the advice of a previous poster (Cali) to refrigerate the cookie dough in between batches, and with awesome results!  The second batch turned out exactly like the first batch, and everybody loved them! (peaceablepalate)
These turned out great!  The flavor is awesome, and I don't miss the taste of butter at all.  A few notes: I used a KitchenAid mixer with the whisk attachment and beat the liquids for a full two minutes.  I also added between 1-2 T extra flour to make the batter less runny.  It was still a little bit soft in the end, but I didn't want to add too much flour and change the taste.  Contrary to the instructions, I was not able to roll them into balls. (I just dropped them onto the pan from a small ice cream scoop.)  I also used the convection setting on my oven at 325 degrees for about 10 minutes, and they got golden brown the whole way around the cookie, not just the edges.  Really yummy. (dcocc)
I am impressed! The slightly reflective crunchy outside is perfect. I baked mine for 11 minutes, but I think my oven might run a little cool. I would have liked to leave them in the oven to develop more of a golden color but the texture at 11 mins is absolutely perfect. There is something I sort of miss from the flavor which I think may just be earth balance. However, these are still a near perfect chocolate chip cookie, and one of my favorites. I followed the recipe exactly and got 21 cookies using my cookie scoop. (sog)
Made these again too, but the batter for some reason was very runny. I made them using the same whisk method as before, so I really don't know what was up. I think next time I'll use less oil and see what happens, cause most of them were all weird and oily in the centers. The ones that were less oil pit-ish though were just as delicious as before. (sog)
Chocolate Fudgy Oatmeal Cookies
These were a huge hit with my family.  I made them for a football tailgate and they all disappeared pretty fast!  They're a little crumbly, but still get a big thumbs up. (icephrosty)
These remind me of the chocolate brownie flavor of clif bar, except without all the vitamins and rice syrup. It's pretty good, but it doesn't really stand out to me. Without chocolate chips, it could probably pass as a "breakfast cookie." (fb)
Just ho-hum.  They were good, but not great.  The almond extract gave them a weird aftertaste.  It was pure almond extract - I think my husband and I just don't like almond extract in chocolate things, since we've had this problem before.  The cookies were a bit crumbly, but not too bad. (vegrunski)
I think I solved the crumbling issue that I had before.  Flattening the dough before baking is definitely the way to go.  This time I used 1 T scoops of dough instead of 2 T and reduced the baking time to 8 min.  I left out the almond extract because I find it very distracting in these cookies, so I used coffee extract instead!  Coconut milk made them extra decadent and fudgy. (icephrosty)
I followed the recipe, but it turns out I forgot the salt! They are good, but taste they like are missing something (the salt). Even with salt, they wouldn't be magnificent. Mine aren't crumbly at all, and they were fudgy when warm. I didn't want to leave the oven on long, so I made 15 large cookies, and flattened them a bit. They did satisfy my chocolate craving, but not one of my favorite cookies ever. Good, though. update-after being in a container overnight, these are definitely crumbly! Pretty much have to eat them in pieces. If you're going to share these, and care about what they look like, I suggest storing them flat, and non touching (if that would even help). Yummy, though. (AC)
I wasn't really impressed with these. They tasted a little boring, like chocolate and oats, but nothing much more than the sum of its parts. I don't think I'd probably make these again. Oh, and weird, I had to bake them quite a bit longer than the recipe called for to get them to set up. They were all eaten up, though.  (veganrun)
I liked these, but I'm not amazed by them. I didn't use almond extract (didn't have any), used regular oats, and flattened the tops before baking. They were mid-fugdy, definitely leaning more towards cakey-crumbly. They sat on the back of the stove in an open container overnight/the next day and were more crumbly then. My mom liked them, but was sort of so-so as well. I think they need more chocolate chips! Or maybe I'm just not a huge fan of the cocoa-oat base. (sog)
Chocolaty Crinkle Cookies
made them following the recipe carefully and using the recommened substitution of Organic Brown Rice Syrup instead of Corn Syrup.  I had to add maybe an extra 1/3 cup of rice milk because the dough was too dry. They looked a little less "crinkily" than the picture in the book, but thats expected w/out using the corn syrup. They tasted great-thin, chewy in the middle and crispy on the top....Yummy! They would be good to bring to a party or dinner. (babysgotsauce)
amazing!!! The only thing is that I used regular corn syrup instead of dark corn syrup. The cookies did not spread as much as the picture in the book shows, but they did crinkle, and they did taste quite delectable. They have a moist, fudgy brownie texture in the middle and are slightly crisp on the outside. I wonder if the fact that I used regular corn syrup affected the spreading? However, I'd be afraid to seek out dark corn syrup because these cookies turned out oh so tasty the way I made them. I actually made a batch for my husband to take to class with him, and they gobbled them up and had know idea they were vegan. He's still getting comments on how great they were a few weeks later! (rdetterline)
mine didn't come out as white as the picture (kinda grey), but it still had a crunchy/crispy crust of sugar. Also, these aren't cookies; they are moist fudgey rich delicious brownies in cookie form. It's a very soft dough when handling, almost sticky, but it wasn't too bad coating them in the sugars. I didn't press them down at all, and they were still sort of mounds when they came out. The black cocoa adds a great richness to this. (fb)
These are rich, fudgey cookies.  I was baking them for gifts and my dad sampled one.  He told me I could not send them out because they were too good.  Instead of the dark corn syurp I used light and molasses for the maple syurp. These may become a regular.  (monkey7)
Delicious.  I used light corn syrup because that's what I had.  Mine spread out pretty thin, but were still nice and chewy.  They didn't crinkle as much as I wanted them too, but that's no biggie.  Apparently, I can't read, so I mixed the powdered sugar with the granulated instead of rolling the cookies in each separately.  I don't know if that made any difference, but I used a lot for the coating and most of it still dissolved into the cookies, so I dusted them again when I took them out of the oven.  Despite my error, these are still the best chocolate cookies I've ever had.  (lotus)
MAKE THESE IMMEDIATELY. They are so good! I used brown rice syrup, which she suggests as a sub. for corn syrup, but says they might not spread as much. I think they only very marginally didn't spread as much. These are perfectly chocolatey and fudgey..and really like little brownie bites. She says you can't use too much powdered sugar, but I disagree. I rolled them so they were all covered, but I think too much more would have been...too much. I followed the recipe other than the brown rice syrup, and they are great. 14 minutes was perfect. I think I got like 21 cookies. I did the optional chilling. These are only slightly more work than regular drop cookies, because of the rolling in sugar and such. I didn't flatten at all, and they spread perfectly. Will make again! (AC)
so incredibly delicious. i love how fudgy  and rich these are, especially with the flavor from the black cocoa powder. (thirteenblackbirds)
These are my favorite cookies in the book.  Seriously delicious!  I followed the recipe exactly, except I used brown rice syrup instead of corn syrup and threw a handful of chocolate chips into the batter.  These are gorgeous cookies & so yummy.  Definitely very brownie-like.  Oh, and I can't imagine working with the dough without refrigerating; mine was pretty soupy right after mixing, but perfect after chilling for 30 minutes. (JessaCita)
Yum! I used light corn syrup as it was all I had, chopped chocolate for the chips, and regular cocoa powder. These are like little decadent brownie bites with a crispy outside. Mine came out sort of grey-ish like fb's but I think this is from not rolling them in enough powdered sugar (They were totally covered pre-baking, but I'm guessing the sugar needs to be really caked on there to get them to look like the photo). (sog)
Citrus Glitters
These are pretty good, kind of cakey. I used equal parts lime, lemon, and orange zest, and I think the lime pretty much takes over. It would be interesting to do 2/3 orange and 1/2 lemon, I think. Anyway, these remind me of those limey "rosewater pistachio" cookies from v'con, except much more successful! A good citrus cookie, if that's what you're looking for. (fb)
These are scrumptious. I actually thought of that word while eating... I wouldn't call them cakey..more just like..soft and fluffy. I used lemon, orange, and tangelo zest, and added in the juice of the (small) orange. I would recommend some juice..I think the dough needs more liquid anyway. Mine was just too crumbly. I added orange extract (no vanilla), and a bit of almond extract. I would omit the almond extract next time, because it just seemed to be a weird flavor in the background. I had to grind up some polenta for the cornmeal, but I like the little bite. These are just light, and citrusy. Great cookie. (AC)
Oh my God, these are amazing. These are my favorite cookies ever! I added poppy seeds once and took them to a friends house and they were gone in 10 minutes. (Idrilasphodel)
I was really excited for these because the picture looked so nice and the other reviews were pretty good - but I was pretty disappointed. They are good little cookies, but just not the awesomeness I was hoping for.  For me, they were just lemony sugar cookies....fine, but not deliciously fancy, which is what I was going for. (erinmonster)
I agree with erinmonster on this one--a little boring. I don't think I'd make them again. And, my cookies were not NEARLY as pretty as the picture in the book. (veganrun)
City Girl Snickerdoodles
They were really easy to make. They didn’t deflate like the recipe said, but that’s okay – I just pressed them down a little. They taste just like non-vegan snickerdoodles, and my whole family loved them! (dannibazaar)
Normally for snickerdoodles, I make the Just Like Granny B's Sugar Cookies without the silken tofu, and roll them in cinnamon sugar. I decided to try this, but I still like my previous way better. These came out pretty thin/spread a lot and almost greasy for me. Also, I think there needs to be more cinnamon in the cinnamon sugar blend... the way it's written, my mix was light brown, so I wound up sprinkling extra cinnamon after placing them on the sheet. Even though I didn't like these, I gave some to another vegan at school, and she claims they are the best cookies she's ever had. Go figure. (fb)
These turn out okay when I make them. Not bad, but I prefer the recipe from La Dolce Vegan. I do like these though. They taste just like the ones my mum used to make. (dannibazaar)
I was kind of expecting to be meh about these,  but they are delicious. The best snickerdoodles I've made. 1/4 cup is a lot of cornstarch, but I guess it works.. I followed the recipe, but had to add a splash more of almond milk. I baked mine for 12 minutes, but might just do 10 next time. They were nice and soft coming out of oven, but a tad too crispy for my liking when cooled. (still soft inside, though) I love nutmeg. Yum. (AC)
Cowboy Cookies
I can't believe I went my whole life without them.  If you follow the recipe the cookies come out HUGE.  But oatmeal, chocolate chips, coconut and toasted pecans?  How can you go wrong?  These will be my go to cookies any time I have an event that I need to bring goodies to. (biodancer)
Wow, are these bad boys good!!  I used half dark chocolate chips and half butterscotch chips.  I didn't use a quarter cup of batter per cookie because I wanted a more managable size, so I dropped the dough in tablespoons instead and baked for 8 min.  Very, very tasty!  Next time I might toast the coconut beforehand. (icephrosty)
You'll want to hide, or give the Cowboy Cookies away soon after you bake them. They are that good. They are loaded with oats, chocolate chips, coconut and toasted pecans and whatever else you choose to add. I added dried cherries. I was skeptical at first because they are made with oil. (In the past, I've ended up with oily cookies I've needed to place on paper towels to soak up the excess oil.) But these tasted great, brown sugary sweetness, crispy bottoms and moist middles. I don't know why they're called Cowboy Cookies. Kitchen Sink Cookies is a more accurate name for them. Whatever they're called, they are easily one of my favorite cookies ever. (saskia)
Rule.  Totally delicious. (jessacita)
Sshhhhhhhhhyeeeeeaaaahhhh! These are definitely my favorites!!! I used almonds, the coconut, the chocolate chips and of course the wonderful oatsl! Delish! I followed the recipe pretty closely and I feel like I added too many oats, (2 cups right?) Don't get me wrong, I loved them and thought they were perfect but they looked way more oatey than the pics. Still I wouldn't change a thing oatey or not! (babysgotsauce)
baked them as cookie bars and they came out great, sweet and moist, with golden brown edges. I think I might like them better this way. I halved the recipe and pressed the dough in an oiled 8"x8" pan. It fit perfectly in my toaster oven too so I didn't have to heat up my home with the big oven. (saskia)
first, lemme tell you i almost never add nuts to pastries - not my thing. But, I had some pecans to use up, so i used them here, and it totally went well with the texture. the coconut's not very noticeable, it probably just adds to the texture. These are nice oatmeal cookies, I prefer them to the other oatmeal cookies in this book. The only thing I'd change is add some cinnamon or other sweet spice.  (fb)
My family LOVES these. Like...a lot. I decided to make them with 2 tbs of dough rather than 1/4 cup, and they were still a nice, big size. I'll make these whenever I have pecans on hand now   They're so yum. (dannibazaar)
using a 1/4 cup measuring cup, I got 20 cookies (rather than 24). I didn't try any, but I've been told by many that they were forkin' awesome!   I made them for a party and one adult said she wanted to hide the cookies so the kids wouldn't take any!  They are nice, big cookies like ABC cookies. (lebkuchen)
Loved these! I was a little disappointed that the coconut flavor is lacking, but it comes through a bit more after a while. I used almonds instead of pecans. Love everything in this cookie, and the texture was perfect. I love the big size! Great cookie. (AC)
I halved the recipe and made these into bars, as Saskia suggested.  I made a few errors in judgment, so they didn't turn out as good as I hoped.  First, I replaced the vanilla extract with coconut extract, but I used a new brand of coconut ext. and it was a little too strong.  Also, I didn't bake them quite long enough, initially, but then when I put them back in the oven, I over baked them.  So, they are a little crunchy and a little too coconutty, but Cams and I ate half the pan in one sitting.  I will make them again, for sure, but I will probably just make them into cookies next time.  (lotus)
A classic! I make these all the time to go on climbing and camping trips. They will actually fill you up, especially if you make them big. I actually get requests from my omni friends to make these all the time. Especially good if you can find a chocolate chunk instead of a chip--very cowboyish!  (veganrun)
I'm surprised I haven't reviewed these yet.  I've made them several times and will make them many more times- these might be my very favorite cookies!  delicious. (thirteenblackbirds)
I halved the recipe for this and the only change I made was using walnuts instead of pecans. Using my cookie scoop, I still got 22 regular-sized cookies! I love the coconut in these, it really lends a buttery flavor that is not necessarily read as coconutty unless you're looking for it. Baked for 18 minutes and they are crispy with a chewy inside. I would definitely make again. (sog)
I made these again, but with the following changes: vegetable oil instead of canola, no flax (no sub), sweetened shredded coconut instead of non-sweetened, no nuts, rolled oats instead of quick-cooking+ some cinnamon. With all those changes, the cookies came out different - pretty crispy, dry on the outside and a little moist on the inside. They were fine, but not as enjoyable as the first time I made them, on account of texture (i liked them better as moist cookies) and the shredded coconut really makes a difference.... that Let's Do Organic! stuff bakes really well, vs the cheap stuff at the regular store that stands out more and is pre-sweetened. I'm not sure if the texture difference was due to no flax or the many other factors (coconut difference, electric oven, non-instant oats), but the cookie didn't suffer in cohesiveness or anything from lack of flax. (fb)
I also made these again, mods: less cranberries than previously (had limited amount), lots o' cinnamon, rolled instead of quick oats. Loved them, but mine came out quite crispy, and I do prefer them as a softer cookie. (sog)
Cowgirl Cookies
The combination of cranberries and white chocolate is great - now I want to try those biscotti. It also goes particularly well in this oat cookie. The cloves go with the white chocolate well. Like the cowboy version, this makes large, moist cookies.  (fb)
these were wonderful! I didn't bother toasting the walnuts beforehand, and I don't think it makes a huge difference anyway. I used regular chocolate chips instead of white. I also used 1/2 white flour and 1/2 whole wheat pastry flour. So, so awesome! (lebkuchen)
I ended up making a combo of the cowboy and girl. I left the coconut, but added the cowgirl spices (cinnamon and cloves), and did the chocolate chips and some sliced toasted almonds. P does not like cranberries, and is not really the hugest fan of oats in cookies. Nevertheless, I think these are good. Not my favorite cookie, but tasty. Once again, I don't like that I can't really taste the coconut. Makes a lot of cookies! 14 minutes was good for my batches. I think there was too much going on in my version of these, and they did not come out quite as moist. (AC)
Espresso Chip Oatmeal Cookies
I tried the Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Expresso cookies and they were everything I like in a cookie! They were chewy yet soft. Having just a hint of expresso in the cookie was also a plus. (intheend)
I like the level of espresso in these, but the batter was too soft. So soft, in fact, that I can't get the cookies off the silicone mat without them falling into pieces, though they have cooled and been refrigerated. I like the flavor so much though that I'll probably make these again and try upping the flour. (fb)
I didn't have cocoa powder (who runs out of cocoa powder?!?), so I used 1 teaspoon of chocolate extract.  I also didn't have instant espresso, so I substituted instant roasted barley "coffee" and a splash of coffee extract.  My oven temperature was correct and I cooked them for about 14-1/2 minutes.  They came out done, but too soft.  They smooshed when removing them from the pan and they don't support their own weight.  I agree that adding extra flour may help.  I like the flavor, so if someone comes up with a fix for these, I'd like to make them again. (hh)
These were good, but I still need to play around with them a little.  I added extra flour like FB and HH suggested, but I think I actually added a little too much.  They were kind of dry.  It think maybe a tiny bit less than 1 cup total would be perfect.  Also, I didn't have espresso, so I just used regular coffee.  I thought it would dissolve a little more than it did, but it was ok...not too gritty.  I think when I make them again, I will dissolve the coffee in the water.  The flavor was really good and my friends liked them.  I'm gonna try them again.   (lotus)
I thought that these tasted just meh. They tasted like coffee, chocolate, and oats--nothing more, nothing less. There is no WOW factor with these. They're just...there. I thought the flavors might blend and taste better the next day, and they did, but still not awesome. This cookbook has so many cookies that rock my world, and these are just so blah to me. However, my boyfriend really liked them, and we took them to Climbing Club and some omnis loved them. So, maybe they just have to tickle your personal fancy. It's a unique flavor combination, so I was happy to try them out for something different.  (veganrun)
Awesome! P always wants chocolate chip, and I always want to try something new, so I just hoped these would live up. They did! I followed the recipe exactly (14 minutes was perfect), but did add a sprinkle of flour (1-2 tablespoons) on top of the complete dough. I think it needs just a tad. I think mine came out perfectly. I was afraid I would agree with VR, but happily don't. hehe I think all of the flavors meld really well (oatmeal, chocolate, coffee, cinnamon), and are in perfect balance. The coffee flavor comes through just enough. Very happy with these. Oh, and I had been ignoring this recipe because I thought it called for "espresso chips," but nope..just regular ingredients. (AC)
Dammit, I should have checked this thread before making the Espresso Chip Oatmeal Cookies.  They're in the oven now, and they're running together on the cookie sheets - I think because of not enough flour.  Too late to fix it now, so I hope the flavor makes up for the flatness... Argh.  Will report back. Yeah, these turned out shitty.  They don't look anything like yours, AC!  I followed the recipe to a T, and they spread all over the cookie sheets, blending into one another.  I knew I should have added more flour based on how the dough looked, but Isa & Terry rarely fail me, so I didn't.  The flavor is okay (nothing great, so I won't make these again) - but I think they'll be useful/tasty broken up & sprinkled over vanilla ice cream.  I'd hate to see them go to waste.  So far, this is my first major miss from this book!  Guess it had to happen sometime. (jessacita)
These were really nice. They also took no time at all.  (atanner)
Macadamia Ginger Crunch Drops
This time, I made the entire batch and made no substitutions. They came out pretty good. I wish they were a teeny bit softer and chewier, though. The taste is very good. I had to use roasted, salted macadamias instead of raw, unsalted but I didn't think it was too salty at all so I wouldn't hesitate to use them again. My omni Mom said they were very good. (lebkuchen)
Delicious! I used slivered almonds, and almond extract. The flavor is great, because I love candied ginger. Not too spicy, but a hint of spice and ginger in a buttery cookie. Mine didn't spread at all, so I wish I had pressed them down a bit. Good cookie. (AC)
Took AC’s advice and used almonds and almond extract, and out came a cookie gift from the gods of baking. I’ve never tasted anything so delicious in my life, and this was the first batch of cookies I’ve ever made where I was unwilling to share with my fans...err...friends. I’ve been careful to make them since, as I end up eating a good ¼ of the dough before even baking, ¼ of the bath before the cookies are cooled, then end of passing out from a cookie coma. USE CAUTION WITH THIS MASTERPIECE. (veganrun)
Mexican Chocolate Snickerdoodles
Very good! I think I'm always very slightly disappointed when I use a new extract, because I expect it to add something spectacular (and maybe it does?), but I can't usually tell. I think these have excellent flavor, though. The perfect little spice. My dough turned out a bit dry, so I just added a couple more tbs of soymilk (and then had to add a bit more flour, because it was too wet). The dough did come out with the perfect consistency for dipping/flattening in the sugar mixture. I think the 10 minute baking time was slightly too long for my liking, so I did 8 minutes for the second batch (haven't tried those, yet). A good cookie! P and I agreed that they'd be even better with just a few DARK (P added this) chocolate chips added in. CHOCOLATE. (AC)
Chocolate and cinnamon make an awesome combo!!  I originally didn't think I'd like these, but decided to try them out anyway (I saw the recipe on the ppk blog awhile back).  They are seriously good and have the perfect texture.  Make them   (icephrosty)
Love these. Chocolate goes so well with cinnamon, it's criminal that it's not more common. These come out crispy on the edges, and just a touch soft/firm in the center. I only sprinkled on cayenne in the batter, probably not the full amount, because I didn't want to risk these being spicy. I wouldn't hesitate to make these again. Also, these turn out fairly large. (fb)
Not sure what went wrong last time I made these...because I few weeks ago I made these again and they were PERFECT! I love spicy-cinnamony-chocolatey-ness in things. So so good. They crinkled on top and everything. (dannibazaar)
These are pretty damn good. I was hesitant to put in the cayenne because my partner is taking these to work but I said eff it, they'll like it. I've made these before and they have the perfect texture with just the right amount of heat. It hits after you're eating the cookie.. kind of like this "hey this is good.. wait.. wth?! it's spicy." (intheend)
I must admit that I didn't think I'd like these but I had all the ingredients and wanted to add something different to the cookies I already had made for tomorrow's potluck. Wow. These are good! At first, it's a chewy crunch type cookie that tastes like chocolate but it's not extremely rich -- to me. Then the cayenne sneaks in and says, "Hello!" I don't think it's too spicy but just right. Amazing combination. I hope everyone agrees tomorrow! (digifoo)
I must admit, I thought these were pretty great, but my husband didn't like them at all.  So, I guess they won't enter the regular rotation - oh well!  He doesn't really like spicy food, so I even offered to make some without the cayenne, but he said he'd be willing to try some in their full glory.   I thought the texture was perfect - soft and chewy but not cakey at all, and not crumbly.  I love that these use canola oil rather than shortening or margarine (which I haven't been able to find a trans fat and palm oil free variety) and don't require egg replacer!  I think I made mine a little small - I ended up with about 5 extra cookies, and I took them out just before the 10 minutes were up because I didn't want them getting crunchy.  I might try the base of these cookies without the cinnamon and cayenne to make chocolate crinkle cookies. (vegrunski)
I know everyone has made these cookies and I guess I made them because of all the rave reviews. I don't have much to add really except that they are super easy, turn out very pretty with a nice crackly sugary top, great chewy crisp texture and rich chocolate flavour with a fun kick from the cayenne afterwards. I took them to a non-vegan party and everyone enjoyed them. (greenknittinggirl)
"These are some of the best cookies I have ever had" - Omnivore. Two dozen disappeared quickly among very, very few people. (atanner)
I'm really surprised by how much I liked these!  I'm slowly growing to like spicy flavors, so I was a little skeptical about the cayenne. However, these are delicious!  The spice is perfectly balanced by the chocolate.  They had a wonderfully chewy texture and were nice and crinkley on top.  Yum! (lotus)
A good, easy recipe with a nice twist on a classic. I like to make them a bit smaller, so you get more crunch per bite. (veganrun)
Mocha Mamas
they're awesome!  For once I didn't change anything in the recipe, and they were perfect.  The dough was a little greasy before baking, but the cookies were perfectly crinkly & crispy on the outside while being soft & chewy on the inside.  Great flavor. (jessacita)
I needed to add a little bit more soymilk, but I think I should have added more, because these came out pretty dry. I used espresso powder instead of coffee extract, and the coffee flavor wasn't very apparent. Oh well (fb)
My dad had some of the Mocha Mamas, and this morning he told me, "I think those are the best cookies I've ever had in my entire life. They're just so flavorful.  They were great last night, but this morning with coffee...  They were unbelievable!" (jessacita)
Oh yeah.  These are good.  These had the most perfect texture of any cookie I've ever made.  I was so pleased with how they turned out. I didn't have coffee extract, so I dissolved espresso powder in hot water, then strained what didn't dissolve through a cheese cloth.  The coffee flavor was noticeable, but I would like more, so I will probably just make it a little stronger next time.  I took them to a party and my omni friends loved them.  One friend was eating them 2 at a time.  (lotus)
I also used some espresso powder mixed with a bit of water for the extract. I think I used a pretty good amount.  I made a chocolate drizzle with coffee, but without that, I would have wanted more coffee flavor in the cookie. I really like them. I think I flattened my cookies out a tad bit too much, but the texture was still pretty good. Maybe a tiny bit dry. I loved the drizzle I made with them (chocolate chips + soymilk + espresso powder+agave). I baked for 10 minutes, but 8-9 might have been better, and I got 18 cookies. I'm always confused by the "walnut size." That seems so small. A good cookie that's something a bit different. The dough is greasy, but they don't come out greasy. I didn't have to add any additional liquid or flour. (AC)
I made these without the drizzle because I'm lazy like that. I don't think they need it, they're so good on their own! The subtle coffee aftertaste is great. Mine didn't turn out all crinkle-y like in the picture in the book, but I think that is due to the fact I replaced some of the fat with applesauce. No big deal though. Everyone loved them. There are only two left! (dannibazaar)
I gave these another go, and sure enough they worked out. I don't know what happened the first time. They came out a bit soft, but were easy to shape into rounds. They had a milder coffee flavor, but it was still detectable. It would be good as a sandwich cookie, e.g. ice cream sandwich or such. (fb)
Both my dad and brother thought these were good.  Instead of the coffee extract I replaced the milk with brewed coffee.  In the icing I used 2 TB of coffee instead of milk. The glaze/icing was not as white as the picture in the book but they tasted great.  I tried a little piece and thought it was a good cookie.  There was a nice hint of coffee. So far, all of the cookies I have made from this book have been good.  I just need to make more cookies from it. (monkey7)
One of my favorite recipes in the whole cookbook. I make these when I'm out of almost everything else. I get requests from omnis for this cookie all the time. They are amazing! (veganrun)
Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
A solid oatmeal raisin cookie made to please those who prefer chewy, or crunchy, if you bake them two minutes longer. The recipe uses easy-to-find ingredients(soy milk, flour, brown sugar, ground flax seeds, quick oats, raisins, baking soda, salt) with touches of cinnamon and nutmeg. A very good recipe, made with oil. Next time I will make with Earth Balance since I prefer a more buttery taste. (saskia)
A little bit cakey. I baked them for 10 min, but I'm not sure if they would have really been crispy if baked for 12. I didn't add raisins (don't like 'em in my cookies), and these cookies didn't really stand out to me. They're good, but I'll likely move on to a different oatmeal cookie recipe next time. Maybe more spices, less cakey? (fb)
Yep. Good oatmeal raisin. I prefer the whole oats for oatmeal raisin cookies; thought the quick oats made them a little weird. They weren't cakey, though..just soft. I added some dried cherries. Nice flavor. I think these are the FAVORITE cookie ever of one lady at P's work. I'd make them again. (AC)
They were okay and good, but not the best I've ever had. Still yummy though. (It's probably because I accidentally used too much nutmeg...) (Idrilasphodel)
Very good, basic cookie. I like the addition of the nutmeg--gives it that extra little punch. I like to do a crispy batch and a softer batch for when I'm baking for a group. (veganrun)
this is a great solid oatmeal raisin cookie. I can't remember the last time I had oatmeal raisin cookies (I prefer anything chocolate), but now I am thinking I should have these more often.  I was indecisive on the chewy versus crispy, so I baked them for 11 minutes.  They were mostly chewy but crispy around the edges. (thirteenblackbirds)
Peanut Apple Pretzel Drops
I subbed chocolate chips for the apple pieces (seems reasonable, no?). I thought these were either going to be epic or a major turd, and they were more toward the turd side. They tasted good, and on the day I made them the pretzels were cute and crunchy and novel and made everyone go "Ooooh! What's in there?" but the next day the pretzels had softened up and I couldn't even locate them in the cookie when I was searching. So, it just turned out tasting like a chocolate chip peanut cookie. Not bad, but not mind-blowing. I don't know if it would be any more awesome with the apple rings, as the pretzels just aren't holding up their end of the deal. (veganrun)
Peanut Butter Crisscrosses
I was lazy/cheap and subbed oil for margarine. The dough came together easily, and the cookies are just a bit crumbly. They're soft in a not cakey way, but more like... crumb topping? Anyway, I like them a lot. Simple, satisfying. (fb)
Mine are really crumbly, even when I add the 2 tablespoons of extra almond milk. These aren't my favorite kind of cookie, but my peanut butter cookie loving friend raves about these. (Idrilasphodel)
Peanut Butter Oatmeal Cookies
Sweet, peanut-buttery goodness. They're a little soft, but not cakey. Looking at the recipe (and comparing it to the one in VWAW), I was wondering if there was enough pb in here. There is; it's the perfect balance with the oats and sugar, and cinnamon is there but not super noticeable. (fb)
I resisted making these one night, but had to make them tonight. They were even tastier than I thought. I decreased the oil and sugar by just a tad, and used crunchy peanut butter (and no peanuts on top). I used some fancy salt (that llg sent me) on the tops. I recommend the crunchy peanut butter. I agree that the peanut butter and cinnamon flavors are pretty perfect. I love oat cookies. The texture is soft, chewy, a little crunchy, not cakey at all. The dough seemed very slightly dry, so I added a splash of almond milk. I'd make these again for pb cookies. I got 2 dozen good sized cookies. They don't really spread at all, just flatten out a tiny bit; press to desired shape. (AC)
I had some trouble with these. Well, for one I had to use old fashioned rolled oats rather than quick oats, so that may have made a difference. But anyways, they are impossible for me to make into a cookie shape. So to compensate, I just plopped all of the dough into a 9 inch round pan and made a giant cookie (I cut the recipe in half, otherwise I would have had to use a 9x13)  It tasted really good despite its poor manageability. (dannibazaar)
These just made me wish I had made the ones from VWAV. They weren’t as rich or tasty was the VWAV version. Blahhhh. (veganrun)
Changes: no nuts, no flax, no sub, rolled oats; it says you can use them in the book but last time i used quick-cooking, vegetable oil instead of canola. The end product was drier and crispier than the previous time I made them, dunno if from no flax or oven type (i was using electric instead of gas) or oat type. They were still quite good (though I like a moist cookie better), but perhaps if you're looking for a crispy cookie using the different oats and omitting flax is the way to go? (fb)
Pignoli Almond Cookies

Roasted Almond Cookies with Fleur de Sel
Such a grown-up cookie! My basically non-sweet-loving dad tried these, and he ate half a dozen! He fell in love with the salty bite, as did my boyfriend. A very manly cookie, too! It's a nice change up from the regular chocolate chip, peanut butter slumps I get in, but it's still not so funky that my parents were weirded out. Great tasty recipe! (veganrun)
Rocky Roads
These are my favorites in the book so far.  I didn't have white chocolate chips, so I used dark chocolate chunks instead.  The dough was so tasty that I kept eating it and ended up with only 19 cookies instead of 24!  They got rave reviews from my friends too. (icephrosty)
I used slivered almonds instead of whole. These came out a little greasy, but they were good. Normally I don't like nuts in cookies at all, but it worked well here, because the cookie had a dark chocolate type flavor. (fb)
These are amazing!  The only thing I changed was I used only 1/3 cup oil instead of 1/2 (and didn't make up for the missing liquid).  I think because of this, my dough wasn't "wet" at all (as described in the book), and they baked perfectly!  Oh, and I added some chopped up Dandies marshmallows for a more authentic rocky road experience.  While I think they were a tasty addition, they made some of the cookies turn into weird shapes (as the mallows spread/puffed during baking).  The ones that are round in shape are gorgeous (just like the cover photo!) & perfect for gift giving. (jessacita)
These were good. I made them just as plain old chocolate chocolate chip cookies because I was lacking white chocolate chips and  I didn't feel like adding nuts. They are so fudgy and yummy! Mine didn't spread as the directions said they would though... (dannibazaar)
Sell Your Soul Pumpkin Cookies
I'm glad to say I didn't cut any corners with this, and actually cooked down my pumpkin for 35 minutes, constantly stirring. These are really, REALLY good cookies. I wouldn't they they're crispy... closer to chewy, but not cakey. In other words, not like standard pumpkin cookies, more like the texture of a soft sugar or gingerbread cookie. They're very rich, too - very intense pumpkin & spice taste, so I can actually do with only eating one at a time. I'd definitely make these again (worth selling the soul). (fb)
I added a 1/2 cup of chocolate chips cause I couldn't help myself. My batch came out just a little bit dry, maybe I would add another tbsp next time. Otherwise, I really enjoyed them and would make them again. (intheend)
I made these with a friend, so I wasn't paying as much attention as I normally would. We reduced the pumpkin for quite a while, but had some issues with it sticking and kind of burning in the pot. It might have been the pot? We had it on the lowest setting of the stove, and I tried to stir it very frequently. Did it say constantly? I did not do that. Anyway, I don't think it reduced as much as it should have. I mixed my dough up, and it was extremely dry looking. I added some almond milk, and then it seemed too wet. Anyway, they came out really more cakey than normal cakey. I even think the flavor is a bit off. :  \ I totally attribute this to not paying attention, and user error. I do not discount the recipe, and might try again some time. P likes them a lot, though. (AC)
Sweet Wine Biscuits with Sesame
we loved them. They are really different. You can taste the olive oil and wine and it makes for a less sweet but delicious cookie. (biodancer)
I don’t know if I did something wrong, but my cookies spread out really thin and looked nothing like the picture. They also felt and tasted greasy. The taste, other than that, was pretty good and my dad really liked them. I made these for him for Father’s Day, because I thought they seemed like a “manly” cookie (as my dad doesn’t really like sweets much). (veganrun)
Tahini Lime Cookies
soft, mildly flavored cookies. i've made tahini cookies before - there's a recipe in My Sweet Vegan, but it involves oats and banana. I think I like that one better (it's richer), whereas with this one I'm on the fence about the lime flavor with tahini. I feel like maybe tahini + extra vanilla or rosewater might work better; I don't think I really like the citrus + nutty flavors together. The texture is nice though, similar to the pumpkin or apple cookies. (fb)
These are a very good 'adult' cookie. I think they're better after sitting for a day. The only substitution I made was using coconut oil in place of the shortening. I think these would be great with a little fresh shredded coconut tossed in. (sb)

Cowgirl Cookies
I ended up making a combo of the cowboy and girl. I left the coconut, but added the cowgirl spices (cinnamon and cloves), and did the chocolate chips and some sliced toasted almonds. P does not like cranberries, and is not really the hugest fan of oats in cookies. Nevertheless, I think these are good. Not my favorite cookie, but tasty. Once again, I don't like that I can't really taste the coconut. Makes a lot of cookies! 14 minutes was good for my batches. I think there was too much going on in my version of these, and they did not come out quite as moist.


HEY THAR here I am in nowhere-land with limited ingredients. But nothing can stop cookies, so I've been making a few with what I have here:

Cowboy Cookies
I made these again, but with the following changes:
vegetable oil instead of canola
no flax (no sub)
sweetened shredded coconut instead of non-sweetened
no nuts
rolled oats instead of quick-cooking
+ some cinnamon
With all those changes, the cookies came out different - pretty crispy, dry on the outside and a little moist on the inside. They were fine, but not as enjoyable as the first time I made them, on account of texture (i liked them better as moist cookies) and the shredded coconut really makes a difference.... that Let's Do Organic! stuff bakes really well, vs the cheap stuff at the regular store that stands out more and is pre-sweetened. I'm not sure if the texture difference was due to no flax or the many other factors (coconut difference, electric oven, non-instant oats), but the cookie didn't suffer in cohesiveness or anything from lack of flax.

Peanut butter oatmeal cookies
no nuts
no flax, no sub
rolled oats; it says you can use them in the book but last time i used quick-cooking.
vegetable oil instead of canola
The end product was drier and crispier than the previous time I made them, dunno if from no flax or oven type (i was using electric instead of gas) or oat type. They were still quite good (though I like a moist cookie better), but perhaps if you're looking for a crispy cookie using the different oats and omitting flax is the way to go?

Peanut butter chocolate pillows
veg oil instead of canola
no maple syrup
extra soymilk, by 1/4c + a little
Hershey's "special dark" cocoa powder instead of regular + black cocoa
First off, it's the first time I've used the "special dark" cocoa, and I think it's a pretty good substitute for the regular cocoa + black cocoa mix. I think it is a bit darker than that blend (and the cookies came out darker than the pic), and it's cool because it's probably easier to find than ordering black cocoa off a website. Anyway, I had to add extra soymilk than what I already had to get the chocolate dough to come together, and it was still a bit dry, but I decided to err on that side than end up with a sticky, unmoldable dough. After baking, that part was still a bit drier than I would have liked, but it was still very good. The pb filling was more savory than I recalled (I think the pb I was using had a much stronger roasted flavor that took over), and overall the cookie is pretty damn fatty - a 1/2 c oil in the dough, plus 3/4 c pb in the filling. Be prepared.
The cookies didn't flatten out, and for the most part the pb filling stayed roughly in the ball form, while the cookie spread around it, so not quite the cute little mounds in the photo. There were some cracks where the pb was visible, but fortunately it didn't melt and stayed put.
Everyone enjoyed them a lot. Very indulgent stuff.


Cowboy Cookies

I also made these again, mods: less cranberries than previously (had limited amount), lots o' cinnamon, rolled instead of quick oats.
Loved them, but mine came out quite crispy, and I do prefer them as a softer cookie.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Made these again too, but the batter for some reason was very runny. I made them using the same whisk method as before, so I really don't know what was up. I think next time I'll use less oil and see what happens, cause most of them were all weird and oily in the centers. The ones that were less oil pit-ish though were just as delicious as before.


Espresso Fudge Brownies
Made some changes:
No espresso powder
No cornstarch
Oil instead of margarine
"special dark" cocoa blend instead of regular
The result was successful, thin fudgy brownies. They were a bit crumbly, but that may be because I was persuaded to move them out of the pan and cut them before they were cool (people get impatient waiting for brownies, what can I say), or maybe it was the lack of cornstarch. These could afford to be thicker. I think you could even double everything for the same size pan and be totally fine. It's good to know I could change things a little and still get good brownies. Looking back on when I first made them (with espresso powder), I think the espresso makes them drier, and they're actually better this way. If I used espresso again, I'd add a little more liquid or maybe just use coffee extract instead. And of course, they were popular with the masses.


Fruity Oaty Bars

Wow, LOVE these. The first time I made no changes except leaving out the barley malt syrup and adding a bit of extra OJ to replace the liquid. Very good, but too sweet for me to feel like they were an energy bar. The second time I went crazy and changed a ton of things to make these my weekday breakfast food... added oat/wheat bran, hemp seeds, walnuts, raisins instead of cranberries, pea protein, lots of orange zest, cut the oil down to .25 cup and added a bit of applesauce, and only about .3 cup of brown rice syrup. Overall, I like this version way better just cause it's healthier, but if I were to bring these to a potluck, I'd follow the recipe. Both times they were a bit crumbly, but that doesn't bother me. I'm really happy with the versatility and that all of my changes still yielded a great bar.



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