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Unused, unloved vegan cookbooks? Let's swap!

I have several vegan cookbooks that, for whatever reason, I just don't use very often. They are looking for a new home. I was thinking it might be fun to post cookbooks we're looking to trade for something different. Here's my idea:

1) List the cookbooks you want to trade
2) Rate its condition (let's keep it simple):
   *1 = like new or new condition - no marks/stains/wear - you bought it/received it but never really used it - really, this condition should be rarely used - literally, the book is almost immaculate!
   *2 = very good or good condition - shows a little wear/marks but still in good shape; maybe a few recipe notes here or there
   *3 = good condition - has many marks/a few stains/tears but binding is still intact and all pages are there

3) Link the title to so people can know exactly which book you are trading
4) Trades are 1-for-1 - nobody owes any shipping/handling/box costs/whatever - ship your book at the book rate (which is fairly cheap)
5) When your book is traded/no longer available, please modify your post to remove the book

What do you guys think about this? Maybe we could start after the holidays...

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