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Uncheese Cookbook.... Molded Cheeses

Soooo... I made my first 'molded cheese' from the Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook.
UM.......... it was easy to mix up and cook...
But it tasted like crud and didn't 'mold' entirely.
Why is it that some recipes from her book are staples (we make the sour dressing once a week) but others are ... well... ewwy?

I think I'm beginning to notice that I just don't like the ones with nutritional yeast... I think I would have liked the Mosterella recipe if it didn't have NY in it. Well and if it molded better.
You know it seems, I try and try with NY... I buy more and use it... and choke it down. (I'm not talking tried it for a week or a month but we've gone through a few pounds of it in the last 9 months at least...) The only way I can say I truly LIKE it is mixed in with refried beans for a dip and in Dragonfly's Bulk Uncheese mix. My 2 year old is the same way... sometimes he'll eat it sometimes he won't.

So I guess I'm asking is it the NY that I hate? Or is it just that sometimes Ultimate Uncheese's recipes are icky??

I made the Swiss uncheese.  It set up nicely for me.  It was faintly reminiscent of Swiss cheese, but of course a little weird (as all vegan "cheeses" are to me).  I did manage to enjoy it on a few sandwiches, but I wished I had halved the recipe...  When will I learn?
I've also tried the feta substitute, which was too wet and had sort of an Asian flavor, because of the miso.  Again, not really bad, but it didn't taste like feta.
I really like the parmesean substitute though.  I substituted cashews because I didn't have any almonds. It may or may not taste like parm, but it's a good salty flavor to sprinkle on stuff.
BTW, I love nutritional yeast.  The first I heard of it was when I tried yeast gravy at a restaurant many years ago and I immediately sought out a recipe.  I've been making the gravy recipe from The Farm Vegetarian Cookbook ever since.


I thought the molded cheeses tasted like poo, myself. They were gritty, grainy and just not much taste.

I have been experimenting with a 1/2 c. Dragonfly's Uncheese Mix, 1/2 c. water and 1/2 lb soft (not silken) tofu.  It makes a thicker spread kinda. 

Now, there is a white bean uncheese spread that I am anxious to try, but I have not had time recently to do just a lot of cooking, but I hope to try that one soon.  I don't care for oatmeal containing uncheese either.

As far as I am concerned, there has to be another answer to this mold question that doesn't involve agar flakes.  I find they produce very inconsistent results and they can be gritty.  Real animal cheese, though very disgusting, has a taste to it and a certain texture.  We won't be able to replicate it, but it would be nice to have something like a cheeze olive spread for sandwiches that was thick, not runny and had other texture and flavor besides nuts/seeds and NY.  Something light with protein to it, something that is a snap to make and versatile for variations...stuffed green olives...pimentos...Branston pickle...sweet pickle relish...mustard...vegan bakun bits...smoky flavor...and not expensive to make.

I think I need to go to work on this.


I'm with you on the NY...I tried so hard to like it, but I don't.  Or at least, the kind I got from WholeFoods.  It does not taste like cheese to me, it tastes like feet.  Has anyone compared WholeFoods bulk NY with RedStar, and does it taste any better/different?

As far as the 'something like cheese to spread on stuff' question goes, my answer to that one is always: avacado!  :)



Yes, I do prefer Red Star! It is more mild. This last pound that I bought was not red star and that may be it!! I do keep it in the fridge and re-seal it every time I use it. We have had this bag for about 2 months I think...

After reading the responses I think it's really a combo of the recipes and the NY...
I CAN like NY... so maybe I just have to find the right recipe.
Also, I think, I've never been a cheese whiz and Kraft girl... more of a Gorgonzola and brie cheese eater. Maybe NY just doesn't replace those things...?
Maybe I should try the Blue Sheese.

And stars feet is exactly what I would say it tastes like LOL! and now you've made me want avocado!  :D


We love nutritional yeast around here and order our Red Star from

LOL, I loved the description of NY tasting like feet. There is a Mexican restaurant chain in our town and I described the way their margueritas taste exactly the same way--like feet.  :D I will say, though, that the rest of the family loves them. One person's ick is another person's yum. Go figure.


Is's NY Red Star???
That where I got mine last time.
Maybe it's just not fresh anymore...  :(


Yeah, Jennifer, it's Red Star.


Is's NY Red Star???
That where I got mine last time.
Maybe it's just not fresh anymore...  :(

...or maybe you just don't like it.  :'(

I can't imagine! I am so in love with Dragonfly's uncheese mix I start to get uneasy when it's getting low & I don't have the ingreds to make more! BTW, have you tried adding anything to it? Like salsa for a cheesy nacho type dip? Or pesto -- we love, love, love it with a big dallop of vegan pesto mixed in! It's also divine with a generous dallop of Dijon -- makes it taste very Swiss cheese like.


But that's the thing, is I DO like it in Dragonfly's mix... and on nachos and in dips and salsa!
You know what else... who knows... I can make any taste judgements right now, I'm pregnant!! Right?? LOL


I agree - I've tried several brands of NY including Red Star and generally just don't like the stuff. It is good in cheez sauce (I make one similar to Lady Dragonfly's, but an old family recipe).

As for Agar, I use granules instead of flakes - they are more consistent to measure, but I haven't used them in a while and I forget how to substitute one for the other. The container should say.  I think 1 T flakes = 1 tsp granules. And, I think granules are cheaper.

I love most of Jo Stepaniak's recipes, but the molded cheezes just aren't my thing. Her Saucy Vegetarian cookbook is phenomenal, tho.

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