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Thai cookbook

We have a new Thai restaurant and the food is amazing. Does anyone has a recommendation for a vegan Thai cookbook? Or a Thai cookbook with vegetarian recipes that can be converted? Thanks.

i also have the vegan taste of thailand book. some great recipes in there, but you do need a lot of speciality items that come almost solely be purchased in a thai market. the soups in it are incredible!


I have one called "Real Vegetarian Thai."  All recipes except one or two have vegan versions (she makes a note at the end what you can omit or substitute... and these modifications do nothing to sacrifice flavour or quality, trust me!).  I've tried many recipes with great success... the instructions are easy to follow, ingredients pretty common (I haven't had trouble finding anything and I live in Newfoundland) and it's cheap!  I love love love this cookbook and I also love love love Thai cuisine.  It was so nice to find a book with vegan versions of my favourite thai foods--and new recipes that I'd never tried before but loved at first bite.

Check out this link to Amazon.. there are some fabulous reviews of the book found on this page (it receives 4.5/5 stars):

Anyway, I highly recommend this book!  When looking for a suitable thai cookbook I chose it over the one baypuppy and secondbase mentioned.  Good luck and happy thai cooking!


Oooh, I can second that recommendation.  If only for the ability to concoct your own fresh delicious chili pastes for curries in your very own kitchen!  Mmmmmmmm!


i made the red curry paste out of the Vegan taste of thailand cookbook and it was soooo good

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