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The official Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health review thread (tbu).

Please review The Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health: More Than 200 New Vegetarian and Vegan Recipes for Delicious and Nutrient-Rich Dishes vegan recipes here! I will add them to the list. These are only the recipes in the book that are already vegan. Many of the others can be easily veganizable, and feel free to post your luck with those. Thanks to blinknoodle for help with this list!

Breakfast & Baked Goods

Maple banana oatmeal

Fruit smoothies

blueberry peach

melon berry

apricot orange

Ginger orange tea

Vegan cornbread

Appetizers, Sauces and More
Mushroom walnut spread

Chinese vegetable garden pickles

Mango pickles

Simple guacamole

Toasted pepitas and cranberries
I liked this snack. It is unassuming. Few ingredients, but they worked well together. I liked the addition of thyme. The dried cranberries make this sweet without other sweeteners. (blinknoodle)
Yellow split pea dip

Spicy eggplant spread

Sundried tomato pesto

Chickpea crepes

Romesco sauce

Pineapple salsa with blueberries

Toasted sesame sauce

Herbed and spiced salts



Red and green pasta salad

Pineapple and tomato salad  

Sweet potato walnut salad on arugula

Quinoa tabouli

Scattered sushi salad

Mango slaw

Celeriac apple slaw

Arugula, kumquat, walnut, and fig salad

Bulghur and fruit salad

Seaweed salad

Watermelon salad

Rice salad with herbs

Japanese lunchbox salad

Greens with roasted vegetables salad

Umeboshi dressing

Avocado citrus dressing

Pear and thyme vinaigrette

Shallot vinaigrette

Curried yellow pepper soup

Watercress and cauliflower soup

Roman grain and mushroom soup

Ginger tofu soup

Eastern European minestrone
This was a bit blander than I was anticipating. I could barely taste the caraway and dill. It was quite tomato-heavy. But I still liked it, it just didn't wow me as written. (blinknoodle)
Tuscan harvest soup

Azuki bean and spinach soup
Not entirely thrilled with this recipe, but I could have mucked it up with my modifications. I missed where it said to cook with 4 cups water and 4 cups broth, so I cooked it in 5 cups water AND I threw in extra beans for another dish. I ended up adding in another 3 cups water because it definitely needed it. Instead of broth, I used a piece of kombu, 4 dried shiitakes and some shiitake stems. After the beans were ready, I removed the kombu and stems to be discarded. The dried shiitakes, I removed and choped up the caps to be returned to the soup. Instead of spinach, I threw in 200g chopped watercress and 200g chopped enoki mushrooms. I ended up increasing the tamari and rice vinegar in the broth. I liked the soup, it just isn't as mind blowing as I was hoping. I also used a mixture of azukis (the loose ends from a few bags of beans), so I think my beans didn't all cook through properly which is one of my problems. (blinknoodle)
Mellow gazpacho

Latin corn soup

Zuppa verde

Chinese ten vegetable hot and sour soup

Sweet potato, apple, and chipotle soup

Basic miso soup

Heavenly dulse soup

Chilled beet borscht

Skillet barbecue tofu in a pita

Chunky guacamole sandwich

Curried red lentil burgers

Tempeh quinoa burgers

Spinach tofu burgers

Southwestern black bean burgers

Stir Frys and Sautes
Hijiki and vegetable sauté

Three soy sauté with soba

Root vegetable hash

Bok choy and country style soft tofu

Vegetables in spicy lemongrass tamarind sauce

Vegetable sauté capriccio

Cabbage with fermented black beans

An easy baked tofu

Four stovetop tofus
saucy miso tofu

pomegranate glazed tofu

tropical lime tofu

orange glazed tofu on greens

Vegetable tofu scramble

Tofu mole

Southeast Asian tofu with lemongrass

Savory Pastries, Stuffed Vegetables, Casseroles and More
New World pizza

Kasha stuffed peppers

Tofu, leek and almond stuffed portabellas

Herbed vegetable packets

Baked sweet potatoes
Caribbean stuffing

Indian stuffing

Winter squash stuffed with two rice pilaf

Quinoa and collard leaf dolmas

North South chili

Italian lentils

Greek black eyed peas

Broccoli rabe and beans

Down home black eyed peas

Chili fest chili
I modified the original recipe by increasing the onions, red bell peppers and carrots while omitting the celery. I used the sweet paprika and Aleppo chili flakes for the heat (and omitted the chipotles in adobo sauce). I mixed up the bean variety by using both red kidney beans and black beans. But, the best addition, the secret ingredient, was bulgur! The result was a hearty chili with the mix of savoury flavours. Not my favourite chili, as something was a bit off and I prefer my chili with a bit more robust tomato flavour. Next time I might add some tomato paste. The bulgur, though, was excellent and a healthy way to get the mouth-feel of ground meat, without any meat at all (blinknoodle)

Pasta with pistachio lemon pesto

Pasta with broccoli rabe and beads

Japanese noodles with tomatoes

Pasta with tomato peach sauce

Pasta with ruby chard and cherries

Pasta with sun dried tomatoes, zucchini, and beans

Pasta with French lentils and kale

Spaghetti aglio, olio, e prezzemolo

Pasta with winter pesto

Vegetarian pasta Bolognese

Spanish stew
This is a stew with lima beans and green beans with a light broth with sweet paprika. Not too spicy, but I thought it was flavourful. They suggest serving it with a romesco sauce, but I didn't make it... my favourite way to eat it has been atop a bed of baby spinach, topped with some toasted slivered almonds. Yum! (blinknoodle)
Italian stew with winter squash and chickpeas
This is a mix of butternut squash, canned tomatoes with carrots, bell pepper and kale simmered with chickpeas with a basil-thyme flavour. The splash of red wine vinegar at the end is an important part to lighten the dish. Definitely chockful of healthy ingredients. Delicious pairing of ingredients. A light, healthy stew. I didn't even serve it with a grain, it was that filling. (blinknoodle)
Thai red curry

Hot and sour tofu and cabbage stew

Tempeh Bourgignon

Oaxacan green mole stew

Japanese winter stew
OK, I modified it a bit, but just the veggies, and I still think this was a wonderful stew. Sometimes I am leery of making Japanese dishes from non-Japanese cookbooks, but this was really good. I subbed daikon for the turnip, added in 100g of chopped enoki mushrooms and used 4 oz baby spinach instead of mustard greens. Topped with 2-3 chopped green onions when serving with a sprinkle of sesame oil. Yum! (blinknoodle)
Vegetable stew with gremolata

Mushroom, peanut, tofu stew with greens

Bulgarian lentil and vegetable stew

Three sisters at four corners stew

Summer pistou

Tunisian chickpea stew

Raw Food
Green soup

Our favorite raw slaw

Raw tacos

Cauliflower tabouli

Winter squash rice Mexicali

Date nut fruit smoothies

Mushroom barley risotto

Polenta domes with garlicky greens

Quinoa and sweet potatoes

Red fried rice

Curried millet

Couscous with pistachios and apricots

Wild rice pilaf with chestnuts

Fourteen ways to embellish brown rice

Side Vegetables
Kale with cranberries

Roasted sweet potatoes

Roasted Brussels sprouts and pecans

Lemony zucchini with bread crumb topping

Pomegranate carrots

Green beans with ginger and garlic

Mashed cauliflower with shallots

Kale with sweet potatoes

Cabbage braised in red wine

Maple glazed root vegetables

Quick braised snow peas and radishes

Maque choux

Pomegranate gel with fruit

Cantaloupe with fresh raspberry sauce

Fruit and nut truffles

Apple blueberry crumble

Fig and pecan baked apples

Simply baked fruit

Herbed and spiced fresh fruit popsicles

Ice pops

Apple and dried fruit strudel

Filo nut cigars

Silken chocolate pudding

Chocolate bark

Hot chocolate


Thanks for adding this list, AC! :)

Here's a review that was missed:

Toasted pepitas and cranberries:

I liked this snack. It is unassuming. Few ingredients, but they worked well together. I liked the addition of thyme. The dried cranberries make this sweet without other sweeteners.


Eastern European minestrone - This was a bit blander than I was anticipating. I could barely taste the caraway and dill. It was quite tomato-heavy. But I still liked it, it just didn't wow me as written.


Cabbage with fermented black beans
Really liked this. It is a nice cabbage stir fry with ginger, garlic and onion along with a sauce made with fermented black beans, sake and sesame oil. I added a loaf of Five Spice Seitan (from Vegan Eats World), julienned, for a complete meal. Fast and tasty!

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