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The official Have Your Cake and Vegan Too review thread (to be updated).

Add recipe reviews for Have Your Cake and Vegan Too: 50 Dazzling and Delicious Cake Creations by Kris Holechek here, and I will add them to the compilation. I've typed this list over from Amazon preview, so let me know if I'm missing anything.

Basic Cakes
I hate to say that this has been the worst cake recipe I've ever tried. I mean it straight up tastes like flour, sugar, and liquid. I'm a big fan of Kris's baking but it seems like some of her cakes/breads can be like that since she likes to use simple ingredients. Try this at your own risk. (intheend)
Made it for my son's birthday, and we all loved it. I frosted it with a boiled frosting (my favorite), and we all ate cake until we were sick. The cake is very moist, almost spongy in texture, and chocolatey. I think it's a veganized version of Hershey's chocolate cake recipe, that recipe uses boiling water as well. I'm not sure what exactly the boiling water does, but it works for me! (sweetgeorgiapeach)
Gluten free vanilla

Gluten free chocolate

Breakfast and Snack Cakes
Cherry oat snack cake

Nutty nana cake

My o meyer lemon bundt cake

The great pumpkin bundt cake

Snazzy razzy almond coffee cake

Chocolate crunch cake

Tie an apple ribbon round my coffee cake

Intensely chocolate bundt cake
Made it while I was vacationing with my family, hoping to tempt my chocolate-loving but vegan-phobic dad & uncles. It worked! My dad admitted that it was pretty good, and my mother commented that it was very moist. I thought it was delicious and fairly easy to make. The cake part, as my mother said, is nice and moist. The syrup hardens to a kind of glaze on top and stays sticky on the bottom, which was a nice contrast. I didn't have a lot of pecans, so I left those out, but I will use them next time for sure. (sweetgeorgiapeach)
Spiced crumb cake
This little cake packs a lot of flavor from the cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cardamom. You don't really see cardamom called for in baked goods all that often so I was excited to use it in this. This tasted great along side some tea for breakfast and goes over well with crowds (I sent it to my partner's work and it was devoured). (intheend)
Pleased plum coffee cake

Simple Layer Cakes
Banana fudge striped cake
Bananas and chocolate is a winning combo, you'd have to be pretty lame to mess that up. Saying that, this is a great recipe that could be made using all applesauce which makes it lower fat and super moist. (intheend)
Zucchini cake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Amy's huh what peach cake

Pappy's pistachio tea cake

Torta limone

Cardamom cashew cake

Gluten free Mexican chocolate torte

Bananas foster cake

Anise orange cake

Potluck pineapple upside down cake

Sunny puddin poke cake

Multilayer Cakes
Big Debbie's cream cake

Peanut butter chocolate dream cake
Doesn't look a thing like the picture. My layers turned out about half the height of the ones in the picture, and my peanut butter filling was less fluffy and more like caramel (that could've been my fault, maybe I beat it too long or it got too warm?). That being said, this cake is amazingly delicious. The cake part is dense and very rich, the filling is creamy peanut butter that melts in your mouth, and the peanut butter ganache topping is a sophisticated touch. I'll be making this again. (sweetgeorgiapeach)
Almond mocha cake

Choconutty cream cake

Dad is great chocolate cake
Loved it. It made a nice presentation by baking it in a loaf pan and then splitting it in two. However, I'm not a fan of the tofu frosting. Definitely going to stick with a vegan buttercream for the next time. (schmige)
Spumoni cake

Bubbie's chubby tuxedo cake

Gluten free monkey maple cake

Snickerdoodle cake

Matcha made in heaven cake

German girl scout cake

Think Outside the Round Cakes
Pound of maple sugar cake

Orange you glad it's puddin cake
Meh. I thought this was actually plain but everyone else seemed to like it. I'm not sure what it was that could have been added but it just seemed like it tasted of sugar + milk + orange juice. (intheend)
Gluten free lemon poppyseed cheesecake

Plumpy pumpkin roll

Gluten free berry shortcake

Lovely lemon poundcake

Gluten free perfect PB brownie cheesecake

Tastes great fruitcake

No Bake Cakes
Spiced rice cranberry cake

Black forest crock cake

Necking with blueberries slump

Mocha melt cake two ways

Slow as apple pie cake

Gluten free slump into fall

Cake accoutrements
Cinnamon glaze

Basic glaze

Maple glaze

Cashew icing

Chocolate sauce

Chocolate ganache

Chocolate creme

Raspberry creme

Coconut cream topping

Berry compote

Cream cheese frosting

Cinnamon cream cheese frosting

Vanilla buttercream

Chocolate buttercream

Coffee buttercream

Matcha buttercream

Maple buttercream

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