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Non-Vegan Cookbook Club (JKL and BP's idea, really)

Hi All, This is actually me stealing JKL and BayPuppy's collaboration:

The Non-Vegan Cookbook Club is a place to post the names of cookbooks that have accidentally-vegan recipes that you enjoy. Per Admin's request, please do not post the full recipe unless you have the author's permission. This way, people can know if a non-vegan cookbook is worth checking out from the library, or can use this list as reference when you're giving advice to an omni who does not have the benefit of your personal collection. Of course, you could just tell them to check out VegWeb, but they might be more familiar with something from Julia Child.

I'll go first. I LOVE the Marinated Soy Bean recipe from The More-With-Less Mennonite Cookbook. It's reminiscent of marinated mushrooms, but I happen to hate mushrooms and love beans!

Okay - your turn!


My omni friend is looking to get into cooking a little more, but he's almost completely novice. What are some good books that have good, quick, not entirely unhealthy recipes for a hardworkin' young adult?

I would recommend the Whole Foods Market Cookbook, which you can buy at Whole Foods (duh).

It is an omni cookbook but it has very healthy omni recipes as well as a bunch of vegetarian and vegan recipes.  Lots of whole grains and veggies.  A bunch of tofu and tempeh recipes, as well as the usual omni meat,fish, poultry choices.  I haven't cooked from it a ton, but everthing I have made has been very good. I especially recommend the quinoa cakes as well as the pan seared tofu with wilted bok choy.



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