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Linda McCartney on Tour

so i just went to a booksale at the library and found this cookbook for $3.  not bad!  obviously, she's vegetarian, but she talks about veganism in the introduction and all of the vegan recipes in the book are marked with the V.  most of the others would be easily veganized with a good cheese and/or egg substitute.  it's actually surprisingly vegan-friendly...

the recipes are mostly simple and to the point, but the cool part is that they're from countries around the world, so that cool german dish that you thought you'd never be able to veganize...well, she did it for you.  and it's labelled as to what country they're from, of course. 

so yeah, it looks pretty tasty.  mostly vegetable/grain-centric (a few tofu recipes and a couple that call for 'vegetarian burgers, crumbled'), but with a little creativity, i think this book will provide me with basic recipes that can be made into some pretty awesome vegan meals.  i'll let you know how it goes...  and if you find a copy, i reccommend picking it up!

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