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Get it Ripe by Jae Steele

Found out about the Get It Ripe cookbook by Jae Steele yesterday at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival.

The bean dip she made during the demo looked pretty tasty, unfortunately the kitchen didn't prepare enough to get around to everyone. Has anyone tried recipes from her book yet? Feedback?

I think I got this book from the library about a mth ago.  We were moving and I didn't get to try alot of the recipes that I wanted too.  In fact I think I only tried one, but I got two cookbooks out so I am not positive. It was a bean and kale soup, pretty good, but it called for cannelli (sp) beans and I didn't find out I was short until I had already started so I think it would have been better if I didn't have to subsitute the beans with another.


I just got this book as a gift from a friend & have marked a few recipes to try. I really like the section she has at the beginning about nutrition, digestion etc. Lots of information but easy to understand. I'm excited to try some of her stuff!


ok! two reviews!

Potato Leek Soup: tasty. Not my favourite soup, but potato leek never was. It was still easy to make and delicous though.

Sweet Potato Coconut Milk Soup: AMAZING. I've been looking for a coconut milk-type soup for a while and this one hit the spot. At first I thought the spice mix of cinnamon, coriander, cumin, turmeric, cayenne, ginger and garlic  would taste weird, but it came out totally delicious. Great soup for chilly days when you need something filling that will warm you right up.


Red Star (nutritional yeast) sauce: this tastes good, but the flavour isn't strong enough for my taste so next time I'll probably do 1/2 c water instead of 1. I also had to add alot more than 2 tablespoons of flour to get this to thicken up. I also used actual mustard instead of mustard powder. Once I tweak it to have a stronger flavour I think it'll be great...I'm still trying to emulate the Road's End Chreese sauce for noodles, and this is one step closer!

eta: the flavour really came out after the leftovers were in the fridge overnight. it also became thicker and stuck to the noodles better


Maple Roasted Root Vegetables

I made this using turnip, potatoes, carrots and parsnips. It was really tasty! I thought the maple flavour might be too strong but it came out very mild and the veggies were roasted to perfection. yum


I borrowed this book from the library and then loved it so much that I had to buy my own copy. I cannot recommend it highly enough! I especially appreciate the whole foods, non-soy centric approach, and every recipe I have made so far has been delicious.
Tonight we had The Good Shepherd's Pie, a lentil base, very flavorful, and my new fave vegan shepherd's pie recipe, for sure.
For desert we had Mocha Fudge Pudding Cake, which can only be described as epic (and rich)!
My boyfriend is crazy for the Millet Stuffed Bell Peppers, which are subtley tahini-licious, we like then with the miso gravy- the recipe for which is also found in this amazing book.
Seriously, I can't wait for her next one, we are practically living out of this cookbook!


This cookbook rocks! Try out any of the recipes and you will be totally pleased. It's also full of information on detoxing as well! Awesome book!

Cuban Cigars


On the blog BitterSweet there is a review of this book.  It seems like it could be a nice book to have handy.


Sesame kale with soba noodles is really good, I used to bring it to work for lunch alot, since it doesn't need to be reheated. Love the homemade applesauce, it's good on it's own and to replace oil in baking recipes. I also love the juicer pulp muffins, they are very versatile and keep me from wasting all of my juicer pulp. I need to start trying more recipes from that book, I've been neglecting it recently.

Update: I made the mushroom quinoa pilaf yesterday and it was excellent!


I love this book so much!

sunchoke oven fries I recently tried sunchokes (jerusalem artichokes) at my work and loved them, so I got a few at the farmer's market this weekend. While I was chopping them up into wedges I ate some raw - it was so crisp and fresh. The fries turned out delicious! It's a nice change from starchier fries made from potatoes or sweet potatoes. The sunchokes stay firmer but they get that nice almost-burnt sweetness when roasted. Really tasty!

Beet and Green bean Toss I'm not a big green bean fan, but I did have snap peas on hand so I used those instead. I julienned a raw beet from the market. The dressing I made for this was olive oil, a bit of balsamic vinegar, mustard, minced onion (which I sauteed first to take the edge off - would be great with raw shallots), hemp seeds and sunflower seeds. It was crispy and fresh. I like this because my salad "vocabluary" has been limited to mainly leafy greens, but raw stuff like this really hits the spot when you're looking for something fresh to give you an energy boost.


Maple tempeh strips: I halved the recipe. These were awesome! I didn't marinate the tempeh strips for 15 minutes, just a few minutes each side, because I was too hungry to wait. Still they turned out delicious & didn't take long at all. Really nice sweet smoky flavour and they got nice and crispy on the edges.


Double Trouble Chocolate Cookies: this is the first time I've ever used coconut oil. very good in cookies! I wasn't sure if I'd like chocolate cookies as much as PB/choc, but these are pretty irresistible. Great dipped in chai. As usual I only baked them for about 8-9 minutes instead of the suggested 13, since our oven is hotter than what it says.

These will probably become my go-to cookie recipe when I'm out of nut butter. Also they look great rolled in some raw sugar.


Wow, I seem to be reviewing this book constantly...because it's so AMAZING!

Non-recipe-wise, I really love this book and end up coming back to it constantly because the author covers more than animal-free foods...the introduction (if one can call the first third of the book an intro!) has all kinds of awesome info about other food issues like organic vs conventional, where to find it, whole foods vs processed/convenience foods, digestion, nutrients, etc. As well as those handy charts that tell you how to sprout or cook each kind of grain & legume. Really, the entire book is made so much better by the fact that Jae is a holistic nutritionist, the more folks know about food, the better we can eat :)

More recipe reviews, then...

Tahini Thumbprint Cookies:  used some extra grape jelly we had sitting around. Absolutely awesome! The dough is pretty soft for a cookie, but they turned out perfectly. I also love this recipe because there are only like 4 ingredients aside from the jam! I wish I could eat them every day...

Mushroom Quinoa Pilaf: I've made this a couple times. Pretty simple and tasty. Most recent variation: leeks and chick peas as well as all the other stuff.

Cilantro Black Bean Dip: this is absolutely delicious! I made it all the time in the summer when we had huge cilantro plants growing in the garden. I brought some to work with me a few times and my coworkers raved about it.


Thanks for the review tino, I have a gift certificate and might add that to my wish list.


Pesto White Bean Bowl: tasty and fresh. I never really buy bok choy so I usually use kale or beet greens, or spinach. I haven't tried it yet but I think that pressing the greens first, or lightly steaming them, would add to this. The white bean/pesto combo is great - so far I've only tried it with basil pesto. I bet it'd be even yummier with sundried tomato pesto.

Immune Boost juice: my roommate recently got a juicer and we've been making variations on this ever since. I like it best with the lemon juice added. We also tried it with kale but the kale wasn't very juicey, so I'd save it for eatin'. Also, we saved the pulp in the freezer so we can make juicer pulp muffins (from the same book).

white bean dip: creamy and good, but I like the cilantro black bean one better. I need more flavour than what the white bean dip offers.

green tahini dressing: yummy!

cannelini kale soup: I found the addition of cornmeal interesting here. I expected this to be a clear soup, but the blending and the cornmeal made it heartier. One issue: it thickens up alot if you put the leftovers in the fridge, so I wouldn't make extra to save in future. It was tasty out of the pot.

bbq baked tofu with mushrooms & bell peppers: the sauce on this is really interesting - i'd never considered adding nut butter to a bbq sauce, but it turned out well. I brought some to a bbq at a friend's house and grilled them.

flax maple cookies: these were too sweet for me, but otherwise good. Next time I'd cut down on the maple syrup.

chewy peanut butter cookies: these were really good but I hate blowing a whole cup of good maple syrup on a batch of cookies. I think I'll stick with the recipe I have that includes sugar as the sweetener.

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