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favorite recipes from The Garden of Vegan

this is my favorite out of the series and i've tried quite a few recipes out of this book. i need to know what i *must* try out.

my favorite recipes:

Simply Lovely Quinoa (pg 163)
Curried Lentils (pg 159)
Balsamic Grilled Veggies w/ Couscous (pg 157)
Apples & Oat Cereal (pg 39)
Country Potato Patties (pg 43)
Tomato Basil Omelet (pg 45)
Delicious Fried Tofu Sandwich (pg 57)
Caesar's Wife Dressing (pg 97) mmmm
Sarah & Tanya's You-Must-Make-This-Dressing (pg 99)
Maureen's Coffee Cake (pg 189)

please help me decide what to cook this week!

bump because i made the hot & sour ginger soup last night w/ oyster mushrooms and it was amazing!


Thanks.  I may dust off the book and try the curried lentils tonight.  I've been so unimaginative in my cooking lately. 


I made the curried lentils tonight and loved them. I did sustitute chickpeas for green peas because I hate green peas, but it was great.


i left the book with some old roommates, bu ti loved the spicy galic noodle toss! can any one share that with me? it's so easy, i'd love to have it again..

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