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Fave Cookbooks: "Please Don't Feed the Bears" Heavy Metal Vegan Cookbook

I haven't seen this cookbook mentioned anywhere else here at vegweb so far.  This was my 1st vegan cook book, that I used before and during going vegan.  The ISBN-13 for this cookbook is
978-0977055715, and the authors name is Asbjorn Intonsus.

It was originally a zine series, aka homemade pamphlet/booklet, and this is the collected version of that series.

These are peasant food recipes, simple and easy, and the whole thing is written from within the do-it-yourself ethics of the punk rock sub culture. 

Each recipe also includes song recommendations, usually of the death metal and grind-core variety. I don't recognize most of the bands, and they're really just incidental, along with hand drawn illustrations of animals hunting people, "Hail Seitan" carrot-pentacles, etc.  Great fun.

But with any cookbook, the real focus is the food.  Easy, quick and accessible for new vegans without lots of specialty/exotic/expensive items is how I would describe 2/3 of whats in here.  Chick pea veggie burgers, lots of variations on chili, stews and bean dishes, mostly found in any produce section without lots of trips to expensive health food stores. 

The other 1/3 is more complex, but totally doable, like samosas in homemade dough wrappers, or calzones with TVP/veggie filling in homemade pizza dough.  Delicious, but from recognizable cultural traditions and not just made up to fill cookbook pages.

Highly recommended andd essential in my kitchen, the 1st book I turn to when hungry.

What a great cookbook review. I've never seen this book, but will keep an eye out for it in the future.


I own this book and concur that the recipes are easy and tasty too. Some of it is a little 'junky' if you ask me and by that I mean there alot of recipes that are pure protein which is fine but you aren't going to get a balance meal on its own. The fake bacon type recipes are a good example of this. Sure I love making it and eating but.... The recipes for the most part 'work' there are no special tricks and all of them tasted good on my first attempt at making them. Its a real rock n roll type cook book and to be honest really appealed to me. I know its shallow but sometimes I dont like my cook books to be all glitter and flowers.

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