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Eat, Drink & Be Vegan - WOW!!

I think this might be the greatest vegan cookbook EVER!!

So far I've made the Cashew-Ginger Tofu and the One Wild Chick Soup. They are both A-MAZING. I just got it so those are the only two I've made but there are DOZENS I want to make, and usually I maybe only want to make 20% of recipes in any given vegan cookbook.

Woo-hoo Dreena!

What else have you made and loved so far??

i made the sesame lime soba noodles w/shiitake mushrooms and snow peas last night.  soooooo good!  it says in the notes that you MUST use toasted sesame oil, but i just used regular, and it was just as tasty.  i could eat this all the time.  yummm.

That sounds so good! I have been eyeing this for weeks. Now where in the heck can I get soba noodles around here...


i made the sesame lime soba noodles w/shiitake mushrooms and snow peas last night.  soooooo good!  it says in the notes that you MUST use toasted sesame oil, but i just used regular, and it was just as tasty.  i could eat this all the time.  yummm.

That sounds so good! I have been eyeing this for weeks. Now where in the heck can I get soba noodles around here...

in a pinch, i bet whole wheat spaghetti would work  ;)


last night i made the one wild chick soup.  it was fucking fantastic.


lemony cashew basil pesto was incredible and sooo easy.  very mellow and smooth pesto, with those cashews.  i added a small handful of nutritional yeast to mine as well.  mm.


haha...i'm the only one who cooks from here, apparently!

the other day i made the lemon poppyseed crackle cookies and the carob cookies with carob chips (except i used cocoa powder and chocolate chips).  both were totally awesome.


haha...i'm the only one who cooks from here, apparently!

No, I cook from it too but at this point I'm waiting for you to try out the recipes first!


I have it - and I do so appreciate all the reviews, AP. They make me want to cook more!!!! Maybe this weekend I shall crack it open.  ;)b


haha..i'm glad you value my opinion so much.  i don't cook from it THAT often either, but when i do, it's usually yummy.  so many recipes call for cashews or cashew butter though, and i am poor so i rarely have those things on hand.  it's hard for me sometimes to make recipes from books that i have to shop specifically for.  i am pretty much unable to plan ahead, which can result in multiple trips to the shop, which results in my spending more money than i really want.  you know.  the usual.  ::)


I love Dreena and she has an amazing website with tons of free recipes too!!


I second the good reviews of One Wild Chick Soup.


I love this cookbook!  I like all the different hummus recipes..


She has great newsletters you can subscribe to as well  :)>>>


I feel like I should do a big review because, 1) I started this thread! and 2) I have made a ton of recipes out of this book! Maybe I'll get my act together and do a big compilation thread, but for now, here are my reviews:

Note - because I have so many listed, I've italicized my absolute faves from the book:

Celestial Cream - OMG it is heavenly. HEAVENLY!! I never dreamed anything could taste this luscious. Make this!! It's incredible on pancakes!

Kinda Corny Muffins - these were nice. I think I prefer the Country Corn Muffins in HIAV, but these were good too. I like the corn kernels in this.

Raspberry Cornmeal Pancakes - these are tricky. First time I made them, I thought the recipe was horribly off. This does not resemble pancake batter at all - it's really, really thick and dry-looking. It does not "pour" like regular pancake batter. I plopped them in the skillet and flattened them out with the back of a measuring cup and cooked them. They came out good but kinda dense. Next time I added lots more liquid to make it wetter. But after they were cooked, I found I liked the dense, original version better. Moral is: yeah, these don't look like regular pancakes, but they taste really good. Especially topped with the Celestial Cream!!

Tomato Basil Breakfast Quesadilla - this is great! I made it for dinner, actually, because I don't like savory breakfasts. It's simple but uber-delish!

Curry Chickpea Hummus with Papppadums - I didn't serve with the pappadums, but I liked this hummus - it was different. I served it in a wrap with raw veggies and thought it was quite good.

Olive and Sun-Dried Tomato Hummus - really good and a hit with omni family members at Thanksgiving! Very tangy and piquant.

Peanut Sesame Hummus - yummy!! I served this in a wrap with raw veggies. Would be great as a dip.

Roasted Red Pepper & Almond Hummus - this is my go-to recipe. It's fabulous. The only change I make is to substitute lemon juice for the red wine vinegar - I think the vinegar is a little too sharp. Otherwise, it's perfect.

White Bean Hummus with Fresh Thyme & Basil - very light and fresh tasting. It's made with cannellini beans rather than chickpeas.

Creamy Cashew Dip - oooooh this is soooo good!  Sometimes I just eat it with a spoon! It's so great with sliced apples, or spoon it over some muesli or granola. I usually sub almond butter because I always have that on hand.

Pan-Fried Tempt-eh - another great recipe. So decadent, so delicious! And easy to make, too! I love to make this and use it in her Broccoli Teriyaki Tofu Stir-Fry (in place of the tofu).

Simplest Garlic Bread - title says it all, it's really simple and really good!

Softly Spiced Nuts - wow, these are fantastic. My omni dad LOVES them!! The cardamom is a great touch.

Tamari-Roasted Chickpeas - yummy, and super versatile. I discovered they are fabulous drenched in BBQ sauce and served on a roll! They remind me a lot of barbecued chicken!

White Bean & Walnut Bruschetta - this is so good. I don't make it often because I'm lazy, but it's really good!

Balsamic Maple Sauce - really tasty, and very versatile. I make it for the Moroccan-Infused Vegetable Phyllo Rolls and the Quinoa Chickpea Confetti Casserole.

Back-to-Basics Balsamic Vinaigrette - a simple-to-make classic.

Creamy Basil Dressing - oooh, this is luscious and elegant. I make this when I want a classy dressing.

Cucumber Mint Raita - awesome for any Indian feast. I always make it for my homemade naan and the Zucchini Chickpea Tomato Curry.

Cumin-Cinnamon Vinaigrette - this was okay but I wasn't crazy about it. I think I didn't like the idea of cumin in a dressing??

"Honey" Mustard Vinaigrette - I like this, it's easy and good!

Jumbo Croutons - simple recipe, but it's great! Must make this for the White Bean Rosemary Soup!

Living Caesar Dressing - it's raw and it's fabulous! It's so rich tasting, you'll just love it!

Peanut Passion Sauce - super yummy. Delicious for stir fry!

Polenta Croutons - these are great the day of, but soggy the next day.

Smoky Avocado Sauce - I wasn't crazy about this one. I think the liquid smoke is a bit overwhelming here.

Traditional Cranberry Sauce - my staple homemade sauce. I don't even buy canned anymore, it's so easy and delicious to make at home! I've subbed white sugar and agave for the maple syrup, both times with success. Great on the Walnut, White Bean & Spinach Phyllo Rolls.

Lemon Chickpea Lentil Soup - this is a great soup. Nice lemony flavor. It looks like a lot of work but it's really easy to make.

Mellow Lentil "Sniffle" Soup - this is another great soup, very mellow flavor like the title says.

Monkey Minestrone - this is good, nice and chunky.

One Wild Chick Soup! - this is fabulous! I love it, it's one of my faves. Just like the best chicken and wild rice soups you may remember, but sans chicken! (chickpeas instead!)

Pureed Spicy Sweet Potato & Peanut Stew with Chickpeas - this is rich and hearty. Lots of depth of flavor here. It's really, really good!

Smoky Green Split Pea Soup - I'm a girl who loves pea soup, so I love this! I don't use smoked tofu, though - I've used Smart Bacon + Liquid Smoke, or even just Liquid Smoke. It's great even without the tofu!

Sweet Potato Lentil Chili - probably one of my fave recipes from the book. It's so incredible. I love it with some fresh corn muffins.

White Bean Rosemary Soup with Jumbo Croutons & Fresh Basil - another great soup. Seriously, Dreena knows her soups! :) It's really velvety and delicious. The croutons and fresh basil really make this soup special.

Beats a BLT Sandwich! - what an awesome sandwich - avocados, fakin' bacon, tomatoes, lime juice, green onions, parsley, lettuce - it's kick-ass!! I'd make it all the time if fakin' bacon wasn't so expensive!  ::)

Goddess Garbanzos - I remember thinking this was okay, but I've only made it once, so it must not have been too great...

Veggie Tempeh Muffuletta - my DH's favorite by a landslide. He loves these. I love these too, except I'm the one who has to make them, and they're a lot of work!  ;D I haven't made them often, but really, if you have the time, make them, because they are really good!

Tamari Tease Chickpea Spread - a nice, quick recipe. Only 4 ingredients. Makes a good sandwich spread.

White Bean Spread - another good sandwich filler. Throw everything in the food processor and blend - nice and easy!

Bean & Corn Tortilla Lasagna with Avocado - another good one. I double the sauce and add an extra layer. I also add sliced black olives, diced tomatoes, and green onions.

Blackened Tofu - it's fantastical! Such a different way to have tofu. I really love this, and now I'm wondering why I don't make it more often! The spices are spot-on.

Broccoli Cashew Teriyaki Tofu Stir-Fry - the teriyaki sauce is great. The recipe is good too but I find it to be a little sparse. I add more veggies than it calls for, and I substitute the Pan-Fried Tempt-eh for the tofu. With these subs, it's really, really delicious!

Cashew-Ginger Tofu - I liked this the first few times I made it, but then the texture of the sauce started to weird me out. It gets almost...jelly like?? I don't know. I haven't made it again!

Cumin Lime Tofu - this was decent - not my fave, but not bad. Maybe I'm not a big cumin fan?

"Hide the Lentils" Tomato Sauce - I made this to go with the Lentil Veggie Chimichangas. Not bad, not great, just okay for me I guess.

Lemon Garlic Pasta - great when you have nothing in the fridge and need an easy dinner. The lemon and garlic notes are just right.

Lemony Cashew-Basil Pesto on Pasta - creamy and rich tasting. Omni parents liked it!

Lentil Veggie Chimichangas - good but I've only made them once, I don't think they wowed me.

Olive Oyl Pasta - super yummy. Omni parents loved this. It's a simple dish but the olives really make it seem elegant and special.

Moroccan-Infused Vegetable Phyllo Rolls - another one of my faves from the book. I'd make them all the time if Phyllo dough didn't turn me into a raving lunatic! But oh, the flavors of this are just incredible, especially when topped with the Balsamic Maple Sauce. This dish is a total winner. You could serve this at a fancy dinner party.

Orange Sesame Tofu - another simple but good tofu recipe. Great with Coconut Lime Rice.

Popeye Pasta - sort of a sister recipe to the Olive Oyl Pasta. I liked this but I love the Olive Oyl one so I make that one instead usually.

Quinoa Chickpea Confetti Casserole - this is good and healthy...not my fave but it's decent.

Roasted Red Kuri Squash with Gnocchi - okay, this is the only recipe in the book that I really didn't like. I got mad at this recipe, actually. It was a lot of work and then it tasted yucky! I don't know, something about the squash reminded me of baby food or something.

Savory French Lentils - a nice, simple little dish. It's a nice dish when you want something hearty and healthy.

"Spicoli" Burgers - these are great! They are hemp seed burgers. They are so delicious. They get a nice crispy exterior when you pan fry them. They also freeze beautifully. I make these every couple of months or so (which is a lot for me, since I don't make burgers that often - but when I do, it's almost always these ones!)

Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto with Toasted Almonds & Pine Nuts - this makes a very thick, almost pasty sauce for your noodles. Not that that's a bad thing - it's really quite good! Nice balance of flavors.

Thai Chick-Un Pizza - this is great! I made it once to try it and it's really good, however, I still use mdvegan's Simple Thai Pizza recipe because that's the one I tried first and I love it! Dreena's is good too, though!

Walnut, White Bean & Spinach Phyllo Rolls - these are great, but again, me no likey the phyllo!  >:( If I can muster up the patience to deal with phyllo, I do make these and they are great, especially topped with the Traditional Cranberry Sauce.

Zucchini Chickpea Tomato Curry - another one of my faves from the book. It's really, really good! I make an Indian feast with this curry, homemade naan, the Cucumber Mint Raita, some mango chutney, and ginger beer. The whole feast is a lot of work, but mannnn, it is GOOD!

Autumn Puree - I wanted to love this, but I tried it twice and I just didn't like it. I would think the coconut milk and mashed sweet potatoes would be awesome, but I don't know, it just didn't taste great to me. Must be me because it sounds delicious!

Cinnamon Lime Quinoa with Apricots & Almonds - this was good. I don't know why I haven't made it more, though. I guess I'm too lazy to fuss with elaborate side dishes like this.

Coconut-Lime Basmati Rice - this is great, much like the version in VWAV.

Lemon-Broiled Green Beans - very tasty and easy!

Roasted Winter Squash Rings - made this for Thanksgiving and omni family members loved it.

Rosemary Cornmeal Polenta Fries - not as awesome as I wanted them to be. I was really psyched to make these but I think I over-hyped them in my head because I remember being a lil disappointed.

Simple Swiss Chard - good, not memorable, but good.

Teriyaki Quinoa - great recipe! Teriyaki anything is good, though, right?!

Warm Potato Spinach Salad with Pine Nut Dressing - one of my faves from the book. DH loves it, too, and asks for it. Wow, it's really incredible. Make this! It's great warm but it's also great cold, too!

5-Spice Almond Cookies - great recipe. Nuff said.

Cashew Banana Ice Cream - creamy, luscious, decadent, easy. 4 ingredient ice cream you make in the blender or food processor, no ice cream maker needed!

Super-Charge Me Cookies!- a nice, healthier cookie - delicious and you feel better eating these!

"You Got Peanut Butter in My Chocolate" Cookies - probably my and my DH's favorite cookie recipe ever. They are....amazing. Seriously amazing. Fluffy chocolate cookies with a peanut butter ribbon through them.

Note - there are lots more dessert recipes in this book, plus a section on beverages, but I'm not a big dessert person, and I haven't made any of the beverages, so I can't comment on those. But this book is really great. I can't recommend it enough!


Dang, girl! You've made so much from this book, it puts me to shame! I really want that warm potato salad tonight! I am sick today, and all these recipes look so comforting...

I also really love the Potato Squashers! They're so simple (hardly even a recipe), but such an ingenius method of baking potatoes! They're delicious.


This just might be my all-time favorite cookbook. 

Just about everything I've made from it has been great, usually without requiring too much skill to succeed at making it.  The instructions are specific and accurate and the variations she lists in the margins of some recipes have always worked well for me too. 

This is really the only cookbook I use for salad dressings and cookies - they're just better than any others, despite usually calling for less/healthier oils. 

I think I already commented on some of these in another, smaller thread, but in total, here is what I've made:

Banana pecan rice pudding pie - excellent, but we typically eat it as a dessert because it's so sweet.

Cocoa banana muffins - these had a great texture, which is a big compliment from me because I usually don't like banana-y baked goods all that much.  Also too sweet for me to eat for breakfast but make a wonderful snack.

Chipotle lime two-bean hummus - I made this without the agave nectar for my mom, who was on South Beach at the time, and it didn't need it - my husband devoured all the leftovers.

Roasted garlic artichoke spread with fresh oregano - also made for my mom on South Beach, so I can vouch for its ability to survive being mailed and reheated as well as how great it is hot.

Balsamic maple sauce - easy and great.  I always make it to dip the Moroccan-infused vegetable rolls in if serving them to other people, and everyone always asks what's in the sauce.

Creamy basil dressing - I love this dressing for salads, and I've also replaced the oil with nayonaise, which is thick but good as a dip.

Cumin-cinnamon vinaigrette - I think this is my favorite dressing from the book, although for myself, I usually make it with the nayonaise & tofu replacement suggested for the "honey" mustard vinaigrette.

"Honey" mustard vinaigrette - excellent, easy, although I've only made it using the nayonaise & tofu substitution suggested for the oil (which I've also used to adapt some of the other dressings as previously mentioned).  I also use less agave than it calls for, but that's just personal preference.

Living caesar dressing - we're not huge caesar dressing fans, but this is the best vegan version we've made.

Peanut passion sauce - my husband committed this to memory and modified it to suit his own sweet/spicy taste, and it's absolutely his go-to pasta sauce.

Cocoa-coconut chili - I'm a huge mole fan and a dessert addict, and I loved the subtle sweetness and chocolateyness.  I increased the Tabasco because my husband has to have things spicy, but all the flavors still shone through, and when I brought it to work for lunch, everyone had to taste it.

One wild chick soup - I made this after reading such great reviews of it on here, and they were absolutely right!  Although easy and excellent on its own, I make a hybrid of this and the creamy tomato soup I found here on vegweb, and it's my absolute favorite soup.

Lemon garlic pasta - we liked this, but I wouldn't suggest adding extra garlic - we really like garlic and we felt like it had a little too much already considering it's raw.

Moroccan-infused vegetable rolls - this recipe was available online and it inspired me to buy this book, it was so good!  This is my go-to recipe when I want to bring an impressive appetizer to a get-together.  It does take a lot of time to make, so I don't usually cook it just for us, but it's probably my favorite homemade savory food.

Cinnamon lime quinoa with apricots and almonds - I liked this a lot.  My husband didn't, but he doesn't like anything with quinoa where the quinoa's flavor isn't completely masked, so his opinion doesn't count.  ;)

Rosemary cornmeal polenta fries - I made this with homemade polenta, so they crumbled some, but were excellent.  I crumbled some into chili as suggested for the polenta croutons, which I haven't made.

All-purpose vanilla cake - I used this as the basis for a funfetti cake I made for New Year's (I think I may have posted a thread about it), and the cake part came out great and my family loved it.

Chocolate chunk spice cookies - excellent, like all the cookies in this book.  Nothing about them *seemed* wheat-free.

Creamy vanilla frosting - the only thing I've made from this book that disappointed - the texture didn't turn out right for me to use as a frosting, but I *always* have bad luck with agar.  I used it as a filling for the cake instead, made a buttercream from VCTOTW for the outside, and everyone loved it!

"Gluten-be-gone" homestyle chocolate chip cookies - I made these today to bring to work for someone's birthday, and that's what inspired me to come post about how great this book is.  A picky SAD-eater said these are *perfect* chocolate chip cookies, gluten or otherwise.  I have tried her regular homestyle chocolate chip cookies and the maple pecan chocolate chip from Vive le Vegan, and they were the best vegan chocolate chip cookies I've ever had.

Lemon poppyseed crackle cookies - I used regular AP flour for these and they were good, although I would rather a stronger lemon flavor and less sugar.

Macadamia white chocolate chip cookies - I also made these with AP flour and regular chocolate chips, and they were excellent - very very sweet.

Oatmeal raisin cookies - again, I adulterated this recipe by using glutenous flour, but at least in that form, these were good.  Maybe not as spectacular as the other cookies, but then we're not huge oatmeal raisin fans.

Super-charge me! cookies - I love these.  Made as written, they're still not "too healthy" to feed to doubtful omnivores.  To me, they don't really need all that maple syrup, although I probably should have replaced it with another liquid because reducing it made them drier.

"Tickled pink" vanilla sprinkle cookies - I cheated making these as well by using AP flour, and powdered red food color from the Indian store (it doesn't have red 40), so I guess I can't say how they would be with beet powder, but they were awesome the way I made them - a great kids' cookie.

Mulled cran-apple cider - this was great for fulfilling that it's-cold-so-I-need-to-eat-something-hot-and-sweet craving I get during (Texas's lame excuse for) winter - and I made it without the agave.

To summarize... I love this book!  It strikes a wonderful balance between things that will impress other people and great, easy things to make for myself.


We made the Lemon Poppyseed Crackle Cookies yestereday.

Except for the grating and squeezing of lemons (which you have to do with pretty much any lemon recipe), they were so easy to make.  I love love love not having to cream shortening to make cookies.  I used AP flour since I was out of spelt and it worked fine.

We all loved them, my husband especially.  I used a little extra zest and a tiny bit extra juice and thought the lemon flavor was excellent. They were on the sweetish side but not too much so.

I can see how some reviewers might have been unhappy with the baking process.  For some reason, the cookies we made in our toaster oven baked up better than the ones baked in the regular oven,which is usually not the case. The oven ones flopped over after they cooled and had to be rebaked.  Dreena's directions for baking them are a little on the paranoid side (bake for 11 minutes--no longer! cool on cookie sheet for 1 minute--no longer!) so I think it suggests the cookies are more difficult to bake than they really are. 

Also, I sometimes like to keep cookie dough in the fridge for a couple of days, or shape it into balls and pop some in the freezer to bake at a later date.  I'm not sure this would work with this batter.  However, since the recipe only makes enough for a little more than a dozen cookies, there's not much left over to freeze anyway.


Dreena's directions for baking them are a little on the paranoid side (bake for 11 minutes--no longer! cool on cookie sheet for 1 minute--no longer!) so I think it suggests the cookies are more difficult to bake than they really are. 

You know, it's funny that you mention this because I always thought the same thing.  Normally recipes say "Bake 10-12 minutes" or something like that - but all of Dreena's say, "Bake for 11 minutes - no longer."  I have ignored that advice & baked until the cookies looked done, which is what I always do.  (I mean, I'll check them at 11 minutes, but the cookies have always looked too soft at that point, so I leave them in a little longer.)  The cookies have always been great, but after a day, they get too hard.

WELL, last weekend, I made her Homestyle Chocolate Chip Cookies (the best!), and I took them out at exactly 11 minutes, even though they didn't look done.  After cooling on the cookie sheet for 1 minute, they were PERFECT!  The cookies must finish baking & get to that perfect soft/crunchy texture for that extra minute.  And they stayed soft for days!

Anyway, that was a long ramble.  Just sharing that I think she always says "11 minutes - no longer" because it actually does yield the best cookies!


I finally made the YOU GOT PEANUT BUTTER IN MY CHOCOLATE COOKIES.  I used AP flour and semi-sweet chocolate chips instead of dark chocolate ones. Also, the pb I used was sweetened and I think the cookies would have been better a tad less sweet. 

I made 12 huge cookies and followed her baking directions exactly.  They are very mushy when they come out, even after being transferred to a cooling rack, but after they cooled they firmed up.  However, I think the cookies should have been a little smaller because they were soft and easily fell apart the next day.  Very nice flavor, though, and I think they improved as they sat around. By day 3 the remaining cookies tasted more like brownies with pb in them.  I will definitely make these again.

Tonight I made the Quinoa Teriyaki--I'm not sure if that is the exact name but it is something like that.  For some reason all of her quinoa recipes come out very mushy for me. The flavor was nice, though.  I served it with a garlicky, lemony swiss chard and some plain pan fried tofu.  I think the flavor of the quinoa is too much to go with a similarly seasoned tofu type dish.  My children didn't like the quinoa that much, however.  Since they do enjoy pan fried tofu glazed with teriyaki sauce, I'll probably stick with that and just serve the quinoa plain. 


Hi everyone, thanks for giving so much great info on the recipes. I just got ED&BV and last night I made the Zucchini Chickpea Tomato Curry Recipe and the Cucumber Mint Raita.  For the curry I skipped the chickpeas and greenbeans, but added frozen peas at the end, and it was good that way.


Someone just gave me this book and I can't wait to try it. At this rate (4 new cookbooks in the past 2 weeks) I'll never leave the kitchen! mmm



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