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Does anyone know this cookbook?

I have seen a cookbook on Amazon: "Vegan on a Shoestring" - it is published by a group called People's Potato Project Collective.

It sounds really neat- the group is a group of student-volunteers at their Canadian college who prepare vegan meals for the students there - hundreds a day, and for cheap!

The search inside feature lacks an index or sample recipes, so other than vegan, I don't much about the recipes. It does have a chapter on cooking for 300 that sounds fascinating

Does anyone know about the recipes in the book? own the book? like it? dislike it?

I'd love to hear buy/don't buy recommendations!

Thanks!  :)

My local library has a lot of vegan cookbooks, some with easy recipes.  I've found I can get the same types of recipes from here or ppk.  Sometimes it's nice to have a book to browse through.  I usually customize the recipes.


I googled the name of the project just to check it out. I personally, if I could, would buy the cookbook whether the recipes are any good or not, just to support this project. It's the sort of direct-action hands-on help this world needs! They are making a difference to a lot of people who will remember it and perhaps have their own perspective and actions changed as a result.

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