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Asian Vegan Kitchen

I'm interested in buying this book but wanted to see if any of you guys have it and what you think. If you have any recipe reviews, bring 'em on!

Vietnamese transparent spring rolls with spicy peanut sauce - Fantastic!  I'm a huge fan of transparent spring rolls...these are stuffed with shitake mushrooms, cilantro, Thai basil, bean sprouts, rice vermicelli noodles, carrots and daikon radish, as well as tofu.  For the tofu the author uses astuage deep-fried tofu which I didn't buy, but used regular tofu crumbled up and stir fried in a bit of soy sauce and toasted sesame oil.  The peanut sauce is simply water, sugar, white miso, roasted peanuts and  fresh red chilies.  I subbed crunchy peanut butter for the peanuts, and hot Thai chili peppers and enjoyed this sauce a lot.


Thai stir-fried noodles with tofu - This was a most delicious dish.  I used regular tofu instead of the atsuage deep-fried tofu she calls for, used soba noodles,  I used cashews instead of peanuts, and subbed a couple of Thai hot chili peppers for the cayenne.  Otherwise I stuck to the essence of the recipe.  The sauce is made separately and consists of two tablespoons of sugar (I cut back to 1.5 but thought it important to honor the Thais and their sweet tooth and their fondness of hot/sweet in the same dish,  and leave it in because normally I don't like sugar in dishes) thickened in a mixture of tamarind pulp, water, soy sauce and the hot peppers.  The veggies include a daikon radish, chives, scallion, garlic and shallot (definitely need an after dinner mint with this one), nuts and bean sprouts.  I added a bit of soy sauce at the table and gobbled it up.


stir-fried tempeh in coconut milk - De-freakin'-licious.....I love tempeh and this simple dish comes together so's shallots, garlic, chili, ginger (she calls for galangal), tomatoes, coconut milk, kecap manis, and soy sauce.  I left out the extra sugar and salt she calls for as the kecap manis and soy sauce covers that.  I got confused and left out the snow peas even though I had some on hand, but it's fine without them.



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