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Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day

first off.  this cookbook is not vegan.  but many recipes are accidentially vegan and most, if not all can be made vegan. 

It's kind of a concept cookbook.  The idea is that you have several different dough recipes, but those dough recipes can be kept in the fridge for weeks at a time and used for many different types of bread.  I made a french boule dough first and then from that dough i made pita bread last week and focaccia this week.  Another really awesome thing about the cookbook is that there is no kneading, just stirring.  The first step is to make a bunch of dough by mixing all of the ingredients (it will be less flour than a regular batch of dough), let it rise and then leave it in the fridge.  then when you want to have some fresh bread you just grab a handful of dough, add some more flour to it, add whatever else you need for the specific recipe and pop it in the oven.  You can have fresh bread for dinner in maybe 20-40 minutes.  easy peasy.

That sounds really cool. I'm going to see if they have it at the library.


My brother's girlfriend was just telling me about this book yesterday.  It sounds like such an interesting concept!  I love baking fresh bread all fall/winter, so I'm gonna try to track down a copy.


This book does describe in easy to follow instructions the make-ahead-dough-technique that results in really great bread. It's very simple, doesn't require any labor-intensive or precisely timed steps and the bread comes out beautifully every time. This is one cookbook well worth checking out. I keep a container of dough in my fridge almost all the time and am so pleased to be able to make fresh, artisan type bread at a moment's notice even on busy weeknights.


This is a truly great cookbook. Perhaps my favorite of all time. Everyone should own a copy. The bread is absolutely delicious, and next to no work. It costs less than 50 cents a loaf - which is a big plus in a tough economy. I cannot recommend it highly enough!

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