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The (Almost) No-Fat Cookbook by Bryanna Clark Grogan

Reviews... Comments... Anything!

Ok, Amy, I got this book cuz it was $3 on Amazon - but I think it sucks.  There wasn't one recipes I wanted to make.  Have you made anything?  Any recommendations?  Cuz I'm about to give it away.


no i haven't made anything from it... i will look through it today and see if i want to make something and get back to u :)


I definitely wouldn't get rid of the cookbook... it looks very promising even though she uses tofu in just about everything!!! :( which sucks because I typically try to avoid it...

Some recipes I flagged (and have most of the ingredients for) are:

Beefy Seitan Roast (pot roast style) Page 31
Tofu Cream Cheese (i think the garlic herb and chive variations sound good) Page 33
Yeast Gravy Page 42
Tofu Onion Dip (seems really easy) Page 53
Flour Tortillas (i really want to try making my own) Page 80
Thick Onion Soup (i am obsessed with onions) Page 87
Caesar Salad (sans the croutons and "parmesan" because i'm lazy) Page 96
Tamale Pie Page 114
Pineapple Sweet & Sour Stir-Fry (using seitan) Page 127
Corn "Oysters" Page 143

I didn't even look at the desserts because I am trying to stay away from those but maybe you could try a recipe next week and I will too? :)


I love Bryanna and I have all her books.

The (Almost) No Fat Cookbook has a lot of good staple recipes which I find quite handy. The Fat-Free Sausage and variations are extremely useful to me because the ready-made stuff from the store is usually too expensive to buy often. I also made the Tofu Milk a lot when my kids were growing up.

The Bran Muffins, Low-Fat American Potato Salad, and Shepherd's Pie are the best I've ever had and the only recipes I use for those dishes. The Basic Pancakes , Drop Biscuits, and Featherlight Dumplings are great too, and very quick and easy to make. I also recommend the Tamale Pie, Enchilada Casserole, Old-Fashioned Vegetable Stew , and Scalloped Potatoes.

For dessert, Pumpkin Pie is my go-to pie for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I also love the Tofu Cheezecake Pie, Pineapple Sherbet, and Chocolate Cornstarch Pudding. The Caramel Cream Pudding is a lovely company dessert.

I think it is important to remember that this book is 16 years old and it was written for a specific audience. That said, I have made many delicious meals from this book, and I continue to use it and love it to this day. :-)


This is one of the vegan cookbooks at my local library.  It's one of my favorites.  It's been a while, so I can't remember which recipes I've made from it, though.  It has a recipe kusherie, which is rice & lentil dish with a garlic tomato sauce and browned onions.  I add more lentils than is traditional because I think rice is a waste of eating, but the garlic sauce and browned onions are really good.


This was my first veg cookbook and although I have aquired a few more, it is still my favorite and it shows, lots of personal notes, tape, bookmarks, food slops and more tape. 
There a only a few recipes I have not tried and only one that i have not liked.  Most of the the recipes are marked .."The gravy", "The biscuits" my family knows this is the recipe they are accustom to.  Great book, IMHO. 

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