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Adding another Vegan with a Vengeance Review

I made the Seitan-Portobello Strogranoff tonight.  It was awesome!!

I followed her recipe exactly except I didn't use any seitan. (ironic, eh?) 

The flavor and texture were very good, although it didn't taste like I thought it was going to taste while I was cooking it.

I served it over brown rice rather than wide noodles because I didn't have any wide noodles.


P.S.  I got this cookbook because of peer pressure!

Peer pressure --  ;D

This has become my fave cookbook!

Thanks for the review.


This is one book that I may have to buy a second copy of. Mine is already falling apart and very messed up...a sure sign that I use it constantly. I can't wait for her cupcake cookbook to come out in the fall!

My husband loves her seitan recipe and has become Chief Seitan Maker in the house.


Sounds good.  I guess I'm going to break down and get a copy.  After all, you guys were ga ga over "How It All Vegan" a few years ago and that wound up being a good cookbook. 

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