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Yikes!!! Help!!---Davedrum or someone who knows dogs....

Today I found a tick on Clyde.....I'm totally freaking out!! Clyde is only the 2nd dog I've ever had in my entire life, so I really don't know what to do. #1: I've heard that if you just pull it off, then it will leave the head in his hide. #2: how do I safeguard him from ticks from here on out, without putting some sort of poisonous chemical on him and my yard? I've had him for 4 years and have never had the problem before.

Shield your fingers with a paper towel, use tweezers or wear rubber gloves. Grasp the tick close to the skin, and with steady pressure, pull straight out.

Do not twist or jerk the tick, as mouthparts may be left in the skin. Take care not to crush or puncture the tick during removal.

Use of a hot match or cigarette to remove a tick is NOT recommended as this may cause the tick to burst. Spotted fever may be acquired from infected tick body fluids that come in contact with broken skin, the mouth, or eyes.

Avoid touching ticks with bare hands. Tick secretions can be infectious. Spotted fever can be acquired through self-inoculation into a small scratch or cut.

After removing a tick, thoroughly disinfect the bite site and wash hands with soap and water.

You also may want to save the tick in a plastic baggie incase your vet wants to see it...

As far as "natural" tick prevention, i have no advice..I use Frontline + (I use the lowest dosage, amazingly the one for the 12-28lb dog works just fine on a 100lb dog) since I live in a very woodsy area that's known for fleas and ticks.


Eek, ticks! They're not pleasant, but they are totally normal, and probably nothing to worry about--
1) Removing the tick will be the exact same procedure used on humans-- google it for more helpful directions, but the general idea is to scrape the tick (head intact) off the dog with a credit card or some sort of good thin-surfaced tool. Obviously, don't try to squeeze it in order to kill it first, or anything gross. :P (I'm sure you didn't need any one to tell you that.)
2) Definitely don't treat your lawn-- ticks are hardy little buggers, so it won't do any good, and it might just cause more problems for your pets in the long run. Ticks generally drop from trees, or other animals, so they're not usually on your lawn long enough to be affected.
3) I've heard sneaking certain foods into your animals diet can ward off fleas and ticks, but I don't remember which ones. Someone else might have more info on that? They make your dog less tasty... with ticks though, that might not deter them much. They're pretty much just a nuisance. :P

Sorry your pup's got a critter of his own, I know they're pretty repulsive to deal with. But if handled properly, it's not going to be a big deal.


It's just a tick! They do sell "tick pullers" that look like a little spoon with a groove cut in at the top. Obviously if you can't get to a store right now that sells them, just take tweezers and grab the tick at the very top of it's head (or ticks have lips?) :P right next to your dogs skin, without actually pinching the skin. Just pull firmly until the tick lets go. Don't pull it in a quick motion. That is how the head gets separated from the tick. Swipe the bite area with alcohol. That's it! Clyde will live!  :)

I will post some great advice for keeping your pets tick and flea free. Someone asked me via email a few days ago. I am going to just "copy and paste" my reply to back in a sec!

0 likes's my advice for keeping your furry family members free of ticks and fleas..First,  I would not recommend ever using any of the chemicals that they sell. You can do serious damage to the dogs liver, kidneys and nervous system. There are plenty of pets that have no reaction to these meds, but then again cancer and serious skin infections are up over 200% in the past 10 years since these products have become the mainstream way to prevent infestation.

First thing is you want your dog eating great food, to make his  immune system strong. It will also make him less palatable to many insects because they naturally seek out weaker "hosts' for their meals. Stopping all vaccines with him for the rest of his life will help as well. Trust me he has had enough vaccines and like you and I, will never need another one. How they started the yearly vaccine thing years ago and have made it stick is beyond me! It is all profit driven. If you have a vet that thinks he needs to be vaccinated every year.....thrown away his or her number!

To keep fleas and ticks away from him, use sprays that contain Neem and Citronella. Here's one that I use I also use their Neem shampoo. There are  similar products that I order for my dogs that contain blends of citronella, neem, mint, lavender, etc. You should also add some garlic to his food. Some of my dogs love it and some stay away from it. It will get into his pours and make him less attractive to fleas and ticks as well. Garlic is safe for dogs, onions are not. I order a lot of stuff from this place. Click on Fleas and Ticks and they have great sprays.... Doc Ackerman's is another spray i order from there. That along with a good neem based shampoo will keep him flea and tick free. I also make my own "quick" spray that I read about. Cut up a lemon into quarters and boil it for a few minutes. When it cools, pour the liquid into a spray bottle and every couple of days spray him with it. The lemon oil is also very unpalatable to insects.
One more thing you can do is buy Diatomaceous Earth. It really works. It is a white powder that you can rub into her coat. Since you have only 1 doggie you can buy the one they sell at Only Natural Pet. I buy mine at this place : . They sell big bags of it. It is "food grade" quality and I actually sprinkle it on my dogs food about every few weeks to work as a natural dewormer.

Follow this....and I promise, he will be flea and tick and worm free! He will also never get the liver and kidney damage as a side effect from those nasty products. All of the stuff above will protect him from heartworm as well. Do not worry about it. Mosquito's will stay away from him. You personally have a better chance of catching the West Nile Virus then he does of getting heartworm. Do you know that in the 10 or so years that they have now been been heavily pushing heartguard that heartworm cases among dogs have not dropped off! If he is healthy, and has the spays on him, the mosquito's that carry it will stay away. If he ever did get it (though highly highly unlikely), his body will just kill them off. There are many animals that can get heart worm in the wild, coyotes, wolves, raccoons, beavers, etc. The heartworms run their cycle and then die. They do. Only a very weak pet would die from it. Do not be me!...NONE of my dogs have ever gotten it. I have 12 down here in the south....heartworm central in the US! I have rescued dogs (found them) that have tested heartworm positive. I just put them on a natural diet, built up their immune systems, and tested them 6 months later to find them all......heartworm free!

Hope this helps....Before I get blasted here with people telling me I'm nuts...Hey it's not the only's just what I personally recommend since it seems to be working for all of my dogs....and I have A LOT OF DOGS ::).

Good Luck!


DE really is awesome stuff... I started hearing about it a lot w/ my chickens....the more I read about it, the more I learned it's pretty much safe for use on everything...(the food grade that is..) Heck I've even heard of PEOPLE ingesting some daily....I buy VATS of it..I powder down my chicken coops, sprinkle it in their favorite dust bath holes  and all over my dog yard. I also use it on my gardens.

I'll have to test out some of your "home remedies" and see how they work, I'm always looking for somthing other than the "medical" versions of things..since I haven't found anything that works yet I've been using the lowest dose available of Frontline + (and again..amazingly the same dose works on a 100lb dog as a 10lb dog..go figure).


Yay, thanks Davedrum, Mizzou, and Mijacka.......I got it off with no prob. It was really gross and I got chill bumps while removing it. Clyde thanks y'all too!! I think the reason ticks gross me out so much is because I got one on my head years ago while in the woods, and my parents sort of overreacted, like I was gonna die or something. I had encephalitis when I was very small, so I guess that is why they freaked out about the tick. Alrighty, now I feel better.... :D

And, yes, I will try the natural remedies, the DE in particular!


I once got a tick on my head during a field trip in spring...I had v.long hair and didn't find the darn thing till late summer. It did NOT want to let go! (deer tick) In the end my mother swabbed the little critter with kerosene and pulled gently but firmly and it did let go. I guess the kerosene fumes affect them about the same way they'd affect us. She did this on a Dr's advice and it worked. I had recurring fevers for about 20 yrs after that but they seem to be gone now. I'd go along fine for weeks or months and then suddenly I'd start feeling stupid, nothing made sense...I had "the fever." Spend 24-48 hrs in bed and I'd be fine. Weird.


Diatomaceous Earth.....We've used DE for years.  My Husband blows it in the air, like fogging, using the electric leaf blower.  We use to live in heavy woods and that kept the roaches and other yucks at bay.  They sell it at Lowe's now.  We also blow it in the attic and basement.  I use one of the ketchup squirt bottles to put it behind the ref etc and on the critters I can catch out side.  I LOVE the stuff. 


Just make sure that if you buy the DH at Lowe's (or at most garden supply stores), it is NOT food grade. Do not use that kind as a dewormer. Just wanted to give the "heads up" on that...  :)


has anyone tried DE for cats? mine are indoors but i still worry about worms because sometimes they get it.


Davedrum, what kind of food do you feed your dogs? My boy is getting older and starting to have some some small heath issues. He is a pound puppy mix and most definitely has boxer in him so he has these inherit boxer issues with skin and masses under the skin. I just need to keep him as healthy as possible. Loved all the advice from your posts, thanks!


Never mind! I saw the post about dog food  ;)


BayPuppy, just goto the dirtworks site and ask them. Call the number on there, they were really friendly and very knowlegable when I spoke to them before I ordered it.

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