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worm poop

I read about is in the news paper to day thought it was interesting and would like some of your opinions on it.  Worm poop as fertilizer it comes in a reused pop bottles(that is good). Now correct me if I'm wrong but this not vegan but if you were to acquire some worm and put them in you plant pot or garden it would be vegan yes - no that is why I'm asking

Here is the link
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I've noticed that it's impossible to find potting or garden soil or even fertilizer (unless synthetic MiracleGro) that doesn't have poultry litter, worm castings , fish meal or other animal matter.... what's a vegan to do?




That is really cool that they are recycling plastic that way, though.  I really admire them for that.  More companies should do this, and more consumers should be alright with buying a product that comes in a used soda bottle.


My school just got a bunch of Terracycle boxes this week. They're  all over the place! I was hapy to see them. Before this week there was virtually NO recycling done at school. My friend and I were going to petition. We're still considering it for paper products. The problem is that nobody CARES. These Terracycle boxes are full of chip bags and wads of gum. Sorry for the off topic, I jus thought I'd mention.


NTD, this article isn't very well explained. Practically all the earth you walk on has been through a worm's digestive system at some point. If not for the humble earthworm, humus (as opposed to hummus!  ;)) wouldn't even exist. The earth would have a hard time processing plant matter if it were not for the worm. There's nothing particularly un-vegan about it...the worms will do this wherever, whenever, they don't feel "trapped" just because they're in a large facility full of lunch. Like that 1920's poem "The Grass", a worm's basic philosophy seems to be, "Cover me over and let me work."
I realise you may disagree with this, but that's OK. Personally I have more trouble with that coffee that's been through the wildcat's digestion--because there, you're directly consuming something that has already been--uh, directly eliminated--from an animal's colon, and also they probably now are held captive. But mostly the grossout factor, to be honest!


This is an interesting topic! Its one of those where do you draw the line/ what counts kind of subjects. We have a worm farm in our back garden which is basically a huge plastic layered barrel. They are a great way of getting rid of waste, and because we are a vegan house hold all of our food waste can be feed to the worms. (Except they don't like onion or avocado skins - who knew!) I don't consider this cruel in the least - they live in natural habitat, with an all you can eat kind of a deal and we get bucket loads of worm 'juice' and 'poos' for our vege garden. (Which is what dirt is basically anyway!). I can see how some vegans might have a problem with the  captivity aspect - obviously I don't and I consider myself a pretty strict vegan.

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