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why, Sir Winston Churchill, what a fluffy tail you have!

i got a new pet today, a bunny, a "dwarf rabbit" actually.  he is named, "Sir Winston Churchill"
i wanted a snake, but realized i'd have to send other creatures to slaughter to feed "monty" (it was a python...get it, "monty (python)"!!! hahahaha, so, i couldn't do it, then i realized, hey, rabbits are neat, and, vegatarians!
i bought a leash to walk him with too (they make harnesses to walk rabbits!)...but, i'll let him get use to his new home first.
i think winston and fugazi will get along (fugazi is my dog) in terms of the people, i think winston (the man) and fugazi (the band) would get along too...  :D

i freaking love bunnies... (i've had 12 over the years)
your bunny will love your dog... he will be its boss in about two weeks.
try housetraining too... so rabbits pick it up very quickly, but most get it after a while. also, now you can use him as your composter. my rabbits have all had very individual tastes... creampuff liked melon rinds, eleanor liked spaghetti and pasta sauce (even ate around the meat), dr. pepper even liked cucumber scrapings.

p.s. feed them plenty of dill and coriander and their pee will smell pretty :)



thanks for the advice!  i was concerned about the stinky pee, so, i'll definitely try that!
and, it is exciting that we can "share food"!

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