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What to do about a cat?

One of my cats has really gotten out of hand, so bad that I am borderline taking him to the vet and putting him down, I just don't know what to do with him.  About a month ago he stopped using his litter box.  I locked him downstairs in a cage for a week, then I let him out in the basement but locked down there for another few days.  Then I started to let him up, but only when I could watch him.  He only went to the bathroom upstairs in my mom and stepdad's room.  So whenever he went up there I would chase him back downstairs.  After awhile he was okay. Then I noticed blood in his urine.  I took him to the vet, spent $180 to not find the reason for the blood.  No bacteria, no crystals.  With the blood he had leakage.  So back down in the cage he went for about another week until the leaky bloody bladder problem cleared up on it's own.  Then for a while,  things were fine, back to normal.

Then last Tuesday there was bloody urine on mom's and Mike's comforter upstairs, on their bed!  So back downstairs in the cage he went, where he is still at right now.  I can't afford to take him back to the vet, and he is now costing me $30 to dry clean that comforter.  Damn cat is costing me money I don't have. 

I took him to a barn to see if they could make him a barn cat, no, they didn't want him.  I can't put him outside, it is too cold.  So he is locked in the cage, in the basement where he has been since Tuesday. 

I don't know of anybody who wants a cat.  I am thinking of either taking him to the SPCA, or to the vet to have him put down, or just leaving him in the cage till spring when it warms up and I can then make him an outside cat.  What do I do about him?

This whole thread broke my heart.  I had to wait until I stopped crying to post. 

I really can't add anything else useful, it seems everyone thought of everything I would have suggested.  But the thought of that cat alone, sick, in a cage and in the cellar just tore me apart.  I am sure you feel like you are at your wits end but that is certainly not a good solution. :'(

Cali, your story broke my heart even worse.  I am so sorry that, that happened.  We all know you are truly wonderful and would never ever do that knowing your kitty was sick.  (((((cali))))) I hope your story will help snowqueen do the right thing.


Ok may be a repeat of other people's posts but I have to comment.

Please, please take him to another vet to get him checked out.  He is obviously sick or stressed from the move or additional family member.  Locking him in a cage is not the answer.  I don't know how it works in the States but there must be some vets that do installments or reduced rates for unemployed.  Is there no charity vets that do discounted consultations? (in the UK the RSPCA does this)
If you won't do this then you need to take him to a shelter, get him fostered, find him another home, something.

Like many other people on this thread this has upset me greatly and I feel that what you have described is abuse.  I always count my Gary as a rescue cat because she was locked in her previous owners spare room for ages with no stimuli or affection.  Locking a cat in a cage is much worse than this, IMHO.
From what I can gather this problem has been going on for some months - if I knew of someone in the UK treating a cat like this I would be reporting them to the authorities.


I can't stop thinking about Scooter, I want to go home and snuggle my Pouncival now.

:'(  Scooter, someone in Louisiana loves you!   :'(


My husband and I have a cat who had the same kind of problem with blood in his urine and the vet told us (after giving him a canine test) that he had bladder cancer and that we should put him down. We were totally against that cause this cat (lucky)  was still playful and such around us and acted normal. The vet gave us pain meds for him to take and told us to put him on urinary tract food. This was two years ago and we have since taking him to another vet who told us that our cat was as healthy as could be. I think maybe you should try giving him TLC and give him urinary tract health food. If you cant do this you need to find him a home where he can be properly cared for.   


I could have sworn I put a reply up.  I wanted to say that I do go down and spend some time with him, pet him, and such.  But good news is, since he has been downstairs (and eating only what I give him) his bloody bladder seems to have cleared up again.  I am feeding him a canned cat food diet with hard food soaked in water mixed with it. So I think I know what caused it, it is eating hard food.  When he got this problem before, a month ago, he was eating hard cat food and I switched him to a canned food diet.  And it went away.  I kept him on that diet and he returned to normal, even using the litter box again.  Problem is, my mom has three dogs who eat hard food and for awhile, because of Scooter, she was feeding the dogs only canned food too.  Then she started to complain, and Scooter was fine, his bladder problem went away, so she started giving the dogs their hard food again.  Sure enough, Scooter gets a bloody bladder again, and I am sure it is from eating the hard dog food...even though I still gave him his canned cat food.  He prefers hard food, unfortunately, and will eat hard dog food in preference over his canned cat food, wierd I know.  So I let him out of the cage but still locked in the basement  but I put Sidra with him so he is not lonely. 

So, how do I work this out?  My mom likes to free feed the dogs hard dog food but I can't let Scooter have it.  Maybe let Scooter up for a few hours a day, and during that time, pick up the hard dog food?  I feel terrible for him, he is a good cat, lovable and sweet, but he can't eat hard food. 

No, I don't think it is bladder cancer or anything like that, I just think for some reason, he can not eat hard food, it messes with him.  If he eats soft food only, he is fine.  Poor guy, it isn't his fault I moved up here where my mom has three dogs who like to eat hard food.  I am not a mean person, really, it is just, with my original post I was angry because he had peed on the comforter upstairs on my mom and stepdad's bed (I can't simply close the door because there is no door to close!).  So that was typed out of anger.


I understand your frustration.  Next time be sure to post the positive stuff and point out that you are just venting (if indeed that is what you were doing).  It seems to me like you already have your answer.  You know what is causing the bloody urine and you've corrected it.  If urinating in places other than the litter box continues then it's probably due to stress.  Often male cats do not like new males (even human) in their lives.  Just pick up the dog's food when you let him out to play.  You stay at home so it really shouldn't be a problem to keep your eye on the cat and the dog food.  I would still recommend that you find a better vet that can offer you discounted rates!! 


The last six month's of my Jordie's life were spent mostly locked in the laundry room.  And I regret every moment of it.  Because I just didn't know why he started peeing on everything.  I cleaned spots. I rubbed his nose in it. I put down tin foil.  I tried everything and he didnt stop.

When I took him to the vet the day before Christmas and was told his kidneys were shut down I knew it was my fault.  For not taking him into the vet the first time he peed where he shouldn't have. 

I rescued that beautiful half Siamese brown kitty from behind a water heater.  He lived under my bed for six months because he was scared of everyone and everything.  When he warmed up to someone it was me.  He slept on my pillow and snuggled me though good times and bad.  And I killed him with my ignorance by not taking him in for treatment sooner.  Jordie has been dead 7 years and I still want to cry over losing him as I did, by not getting to love and cuddle him for as long as I could.

Either get the kitty help or find it a good home or no kill shelter that will.

That is such a touching story.  I am sorry for your loss.
Its really those situations that teach us.
Cats, dogs, and all animals have a personality, they are all such good friends.



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