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Wake Up Kitty

Who needs an alarm when you have a kitty?  ::)

(there's a few more related videos there as well).....enjoy!

I first saw this when it was posted last week.  I absolutely love it and passed it around to all my friends.  My cat hasn't resorted to a bat yet, but she might soon as the mornings get colder and it's harder for me to get out of bed! ;D


Oops! I do believe I was out of town and not on the internet much that I missed it the last time around. Well I hope all (like me) who missed it last time enjoy!
(I need that guy to do an animation with a herd of dogs waking someone! :D

-And Mdvegan, I can only imagine the meow chorus that goes on in your house around feeding time (or we want attention time)! :o


Ha ha that was so cute Dave.
I thought only my cats did that!  Actually while I was watching that one of them marched in the room and started meowing, lol...


Wow! This video is going viral! it's burning through the internet so fast! Its really cute--I'm glad it's doing so well!

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