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Update on Cali.... NVR

First, thank you for all of your positive thoughts!

Cali is doing amazingly well!!!!!

She went for a recheck a couple of days ago and the vet couldn't believe it.  She is full of energy and looking great.  She is still mostly bald but her new name is Cali Stubble C. 
Her scabs are 99.9% gone.

She is handling the Ivomec (mite/mange treatment) incredibly well.  No adverse reactions at all.

The thyroid medication has made a world of difference. 

She is full of piss and vinegar again. I came home from work one night last week and bless her heart, she was sleeping with a pair of my underwear.  She hasn't done that in months.  She is carrying around her (MY) stuffed bunny Bun Bun.  Of course Bun Bun no longer has eyes or a nose.

She is pinning down the kitties and making them squeaky toys.  :)  I missed that and I actually believe the cats missed it.  She knows not to do that with Tobi.  She has never tried it on him.  He just glares and she moves on.

I took her for her first walk yesterday and then again today.  I let her loose in the courtyard and she ran around like a puppy. 

My new vet is writing a letter in case customs questions her baldness as we are going to cross the border to Michigan this weekend.

She will need to wear her fuzzy pink sweater I bought her when in Michigan so that the two standard poodles she loves don't hurt her skin.  They all play rough.  As well, to protect her from sunburn

I am off the week of Canadian Thanksgiving.  I will be in Michigan Saturday and coming home Tuesday.  Wednesday, October 10th, she is going to have more blood work done to check her thyroid.  It will show if the dose of thyroid meds she is on are good or if she needs more or less.

Cali is finally getting better!!!!!

Her hair is growing in more and more daily.  I suspect she will have a full coat in a month or 6 weeks.  With her hair growing at different rates and in different places, she is patchy, stubbly, goofy and beautiful! 

She is back to doing all the things that irritated me.  Eating things she shouldn't, getting in to the garbage and being a sh*t disturber.  How wonderful is that??????

I now know that taking Cali in to my life was the right thing to do.  I know so many people that would have put her to sleep.  Cali doesn't want to sleep.  SHE WANTS TO LIVE!!!!! 

Her getting healthy will benefit us both.  I can finally start walking her again.  Take her out in public. I will start getting fit from the walks as will she.

I do so hope Isabela is looking down and smiling as she told a communicator, if I didn't rescue another dog, she would blame herself. 

May Isabela rejoice in that the fact that I adopted another rescue, that I didn't and won't give up and that I still love her more than life itself as I do with my sweet little Calista. 

Cali is living proof of what love and perseverance can do.  Isabela would so have loved her. 

I will keep you posted on Cali's progress as so many of you actually cared about her. 

She truly is a gift.  Her three siblings that are all in Ontario are doing well.  They all had mange.  She is obviously the weak link in the litter as she has the hypothyroidism problem.  I wish I could post the pictures I was sent of her when the pups were in Greece.  Cali was the mangiest.  Although all of the pups were cute, Cali was by far the cutest...but the last one to be adopted.

Maybe it is just me being me...a very proud mom!

Awwww, Di, that's so great! Things seem to really be looking up for you...and Cali. All the best.


Di, thank you for letting us know about Cali's progress. I am so happy for the both of you.



that's great Di.


Well hey, that "weakest link" must be pretty strong, ya think?

Of Course she wants to live--she has you cheering her on!

You are both the greatest. Tell her, her Aunty Yabbit is PROUD of both of you!


((((Di and Cali))))


yay, di, i am so happy to hear that.  :)


You were her guardian angel!


I am soooo thrilled that Cali is getting better.

I'm praying that this is your final battle w/ Cali's health .

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