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squirrel goes nuts

interesting news story a friend set. i'm not sure what to make of it  :(

I have this cartoon as my wall-papper at work.  Two rednecks with shotguns resting on their shoulders and one says to the other, "If the squirrels went carnivous, Bubba? Why there'd be no hope for any of us."  Behind them a squirel is jumping out of a tree, teeth bared.   :D 

I did a quick search and found it:


i can imagine the animals revolting against their injustice. however, they would know if you were veggie and not hurt you if you were nice to animals.  :)


I read the article earlier today.  I'd have them repeat a rabies test half a dozen times before I felt safe, if I were one of the ones bitten.


TinTexas, I clicked on "Next" on vegetus and got this one:

Made me spit coffee all over the screen!!  ;D

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