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Sandee is liking her V-dog vegan food

it is a little large for her, but she seems to really like it.  She is transitioning from Science Diet this week.  Actually, V-dog is about the same price as Science Diet and for a little dog...well it goes a long way.  It smells like cooked grains and isn't greasy like the other.  When I opened the bag, she wanted to have some right off.  I put it out for her in the bathroom in the night and she polished it off.  This morning she finished everything in her food dish and was trying to get into the V-dog container.  I think this is a hit.

Did I mention that since starting some V-dog she is frisky to the max?  She is bouncing off the walls this morning so far.  I guess it is more digestible giving increased energy. 

My friend remarked "poor dog"!  Sandee is blessed to have such a nice family to live with, one that is concerned about her well being and dietary needs.  Right?

Wonderful!  I am going to remeber that when I get my own dog...right now my parents feed my dog special medicated food for his stomach issues (The Seeing Eye gets their puppies from puppy mills and therefore my dog has tons of issues >:() but when I get my own dog, I am going vegan.
'Poor dog' indeed!  Poor dogs are the ones fed the poisened, cheap food.


Where to you get V-dog vegan food?  My sister works for PetsMart and I believe if they had it she would have mentioned it.

What is the #1 ingredient?  I would love to have my dogs eat vegan!


I've never heard of it either, so I googled it & found this It's not available in Canada & is called happidog in the UK.

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