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Rescuing a Basset Hound Wednesday

Ok not sure what prompted me to do this.
There is a family that had a bright idea on adopting a older dog.
Now they realize you have to care for him and they don't want him anymore.
They told me they were going to put him down.
Guess compassion set in because I volunteered to foster him till I could locate a home.
All I know about this dog is he is 8 years old his name is George and he is current on all shots.
Also he sleeps all day.Plus I am sure he is eating garbage food.

Not sure how Zippy is going to deal with this. He is almost 6 and does not really like other animals.
Last dog I had here he peed on him. Thinking that was a accident.?
Zippy is on a very strict diet so I do not want the other dog eating his food.
Have to figure all that out very quickly.

Anyway I will post a picture of him here Wednesday after I pick him up.
Have been in contact with a few Basset rescue organizations in NY,PA and NJ.
I am close enough to CT I could go there also.

Hopefully this does not cause me to many problems.
Last time I took in a animal I ended up with Zippy, lots of cats and a special needs dog.

That's why I have so many cats- I just couldn't give them away. 

+1  ;D

It's good we live on opposite ends of the state!  ;)

Then again...we could meet in the middle, form a cat commune and live happily ever after! A couple of my cats think they're hippies anyway.  8)

Just applied for three jobs at the BEA.  Stranger things have happened.  ;)


Oh my, George is a bit portly, isn't he?  Probally has joint pain from all the extra weight and probally why he has trouble breathing.  Poor thing. 

^^^This is exactly what I was thinking

Joe - you're so so kind to foster George.  I'm sure he appreciates it too.


So happy to read this! Thank you for helping George  :)>>> :)>>> :)>>>


Do you think the rescue could get a supplement for him to take for his joints or could you afford one for him?  Some fish or flax oil, glucosimine, etc. could really help that old guy, especially since he was obviously fed a poor diet and now has has all that weight putting pressure on his joints.  Then maybe he'd feel like being a little more active.

Thanks for taking him in.  Fostering is hard work, but very rewarding.  Too bad Bassets are notoriously lazy--it might take a while for him to slim down!


Update on George
He is doing better today combed about a pound of fur off him rubbed him down with cornstarch and brushed him again.
Enjoying his new food. Ol Roy is garbage and he will never eat that again.
Took him for a walk today and he is moving pretty good. Worked on climbing last night and today.
He is able to make the first step no problem have to help him on the last one.

Zippy is not happy because George I think had a accident on his pillow.
So that goes in the wash.

This weekend he should go to his new home. Hopefully he is placed quickly.
Very Friendly Dog

Cornstarch??  And thanks for taking George in!!  (((uzbekjoe)))


George may be a little overweight but he sure looks like a sweet old guy  :)>>>

Joe, thank you for helping George.  :-* He will never forget the love he has now  :)


This is the end of the story on George.
With allot of work I found a home for him about 300 miles from me.
The family was screened very thoroughly and today George spent a little time with them.
Now he is with them. Zippy was starting to get used to him.
I have a vegan home and really no chemical's to bath George. 
The cornstarch helped with the loose fur, odor and itchiness.
After I brushed that out of his fur I rubbed him down with baking soda.
If it was a bit warmer I would of bathed him.

Georges 4 day detox really helped him out. He was running today when I walked him. He was attempting to jump. Very energized.
Last two days he was on the same diet as Zippy. Allot of people are against a veggie dog but you can look at Zippy playing and running. You would never guess he was close to 6 yo.


I rebuild Kerosene heaters and I guess the two of them are testing the one I have working.

Thanks everyone.  It has been a long week. I volunteered more hours than I wanted to this week.


Growing up my parents had two bassets. They are the most stinky, stubborn lovable beasts. :)>>>
George looks similar to Clouseau, white and tan coloring.


Thats was so awesome of you Joe to take in George.  You rock!


My wife and I are the folks who adopted George! 

He is doing GREAT!  He was 79.2 lbs when we adopted him but he now weights a more size-appropriate 65 lbs.  He lives with us and Lola, a 2 year old female Basset Hound and Hayley our Shepherd/English Setter mix.  He is healthy, alert, playful, and has the nicest "arhoo".

I just found this thread online and thought I'd check in with a quick George update.

Best to everyone,



That's great news.  Thanks for the update!  It's nice to hear that George is now part of a caring home.



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