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Question about a stressed-out doggie

Heya guys!

My boyfriend and I are going to be moving to a new apartment in two weeks (yay!), and we may be bringing his dog with us. Susie has been living at his parents' house for her entire four-year life, and we will finally have an apartment large enough to give her some space. While she is usually calm and not at all very active, she is easily stressed when confronted with new places, people, and situations. I just met her for the first time this afternoon at a park and we hit it off very well (she didn't even bark at me, which apparently is amazing), but she was extremely nervous about being in an unfamiliar environment.

My first thought is: she's just like her daddy (my boyfriend). He hates doing anything remotely adventurous as well, and it looks like she picked that up from him. New things = bad.

My second thought is... how are we going to adjust her to a new home without Susie getting very stressed? It's a big possibility that we will HAVE to move her with us (that's a long story, but his parents MAY decide they don't want to have her with them anymore), so we're trying to plan ahead.

Does anyone have any suggestions on helping a nervous dog stay sane when things start changing? Thanks!


Bach's Rescue Remedy works wonders in calming animals down. 

Here are a couple of links.

I see they now have an alcohol free Rescue Remedy for pets.  I will have to get some but my critters have all used it including the birds with the alcohol one.

You can give it several hours before the move, during the move and for a few days after the move.  My holistic vet says it can be given more often then stated on the bottle.  Can be given every hour or two.

Hope this helps.  It is amazing how it calms a pet down almost immediately.  Wonderful stuff and great to take in your purse with you where ever you go.

Can be used on injured wildlife as well.  For rescued birds if you can't get a couple of drops in their mouth, it can be put on their skin.

Hope this helps.  It is natural, not a drug and works wonders.

Veg On!


Wow, that looks like just the thing. I think that may be what mdvegan suggested to me once, but I couldn't remember what it was called.

I will talk to my boyfriend about ordering some Rescue Remedy. Maybe it will help with her getting anxious if we have guests over, also.

Does anyone know of anything else that would offer a more permanent solution to her anxiety? Any experience with stressed animals and helping them feel more secure in general? Or... well, teaching them not to bark every time a leaf falls in the woods?



Oh, you can get Rescue Remedy at most HFS's.  Some grocery stores that have a healthy food section.  Probably Whole Foods although I have never seen the alcohol free one before.  Maybe because I have a bottle in Cali's doggy travel/supply bag.  Usually one in my purse, one on the kitchen counter.....

The book is really good and maybe it has suggestions for long term use.


Also make sure she has her familiar food and water bowls, her special sleeping place (cushion, blanket or whatever) placed approximately where it would have been in the old home (near the door of the main room for example, wherever it was). Place her favourite toys around in "familiar" areas...give her the feeling that the house is different but her life can go on the same.


When adopting children, the children visit their new homes before staying there permanetly.  They visit several times, each consecutive time is longer, then finally they stay permanetly.  Can you do that with your doggie? 


When adopting children, the children visit their new homes before staying there permanetly.  They visit several times, each consecutive time is longer, then finally they stay permanetly.  Can you do that with your doggie? 

That's what I was going to suggest to - a couple of day visits with some favorite toys.


The best thing I have found is that if you don't clean that smelly old pet bed or toys, just bring it along au naturel, the pet loves to have it as a haven.  But I have never moved a dog, just cats.  Provide a retreat -- a carrier with the door taken off, or a bed.  And let doggie explore the new place only when people aren't milling about it making unfamiliar noises and frightening smells; moves are traumatic for housepets and they mourn the old location, but if they aren't startled they tend to emphasize the positive within a few hours.


I was going to suggest the Bach as well.

We recently moved and our Lily is VERY sensitive and does not like new situations at all! I agree with just trying to make the move for her as stress free as possible. Definitely make sure to bring her old things, so that she has some familiarity.

I think above all else, BE PATIENT. :) Anticipate that she may have some accidents as she adjusts. Our Lily did; she was just SO freaked, bless her heart, but as the days went by, she became more and more comfortable. Your bf's baby will be O.K. Afterall, she has loving parents.  :)>>>

Good luck to all of you!

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