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That's cool HH...but I can't imagine 16 cats in a 215 sq ft house.  Think of the cat litter smell.


I think the 215sq ft was part of the range in sizes the company does (it goes on to say "up to... 50 square meters"), not that these 16 cats live in a 215 sq ft one.

Either way, doesn't seem like much space! But the home seen here has to be larger, looking at it from the outside in one of the later photos.


I think if I ever get to build my own house, I'm gonna accommodate the kitties with swirly staircases leading to luxurious riser flats like that somewhere in the house.


I gotta be honest with you, my cats can have all the toys, beds, or stepping places I can dream of, but they still sleep on my bed, and by the patio door. My black cat always sleep within 3 feet of me. When they need exercise, they fight each other LOL and if they want to be "fancy" all I need to bring home is a cardboard box and put a towel in it! I guess they're just easy to please, kinda like mom!
(sleeping under comforter in my bed)
sleeping on the floor ontop the edge of my blankie (I'm on the sofa)

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