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Puppy feeding questions

While this is my first dog, I have raised a lot of kittens (purebred Siamese for show).  I always gave kittens about 2 Tblsp of wet food every 3 to 4 hours when they were really little.  I put out dry kitten kibble too.  They would run for the wet food, but they snacked on the dry.  As they grew and ate more dry, I nixed the wet except for the occasional treat.

I was told to give this puppy kibble and had a brand recommended to me by the breeder.  I have not seen her eat and I have been keeping a minimal amount in the bowl so that I can tell.  I think she is hungry because I have soft treats cut in small pieces for poo and wee successes.  She eats those and noses my pocket for more.  She has some tiny puppy bickies she loves too and when she starts in on my shoe, I close her mouth with my hand and tell her no and put her where the bickies are.  This is working well enough.

Do you think she needs a little bit of wet food every so often with kibble for mincing on?  She is pretty active and then tuckers out, which is how you want them.  She HAS made outside and been treated for it.  She is in the crate sleeping on my dirty T shirt because she prefers my scent already.  Then again, Christiana Northrup says women are concentric and everything in the house wants her most of all.

Lady Dragonfly, when my dog was a puppy, I only feed her (and still do) dry kibble.  However, when she was a little puppy, she LOVED it when I would put a little warm water over her dry kibble.  She would eat it right up.  My vet said dry kibble was best for puppies, because their little bellies can be sensitive. 


I'm sorry, I don't know anything about feeding puppies, but I wanted to say congratulations on your new family member!  :)  If you have a pic, I'd love to see her!


How old is your puppy? What brand of food? What breed of puppy? Has puppy been vet checked for worms? Is puppy pooping regularly? drinking?

If I remember correctly (it's been a few years) Puppies should eat 4x per day..smaller meals.. I've honestly never had a young pupper who refused to eat their meals (all ofmine have been chow hounds LOL). You can try dampening the food, or even changing to a different brand. I dont think adding a spoonful of "wet" food would hurt puppy as long as it's eating and developing normally.


Puppy is 8 weeks, a miniature poodle. (Party poodle, meaning she is 2 colors.)  Got told to use puppy formula of Country Vet which is easy to get, I live really rural.  Puppy must have been drinking because we had 3 good size wets today outside.  She pood in the night several times, soaked her puppy training pad too. She DID put it where she was supposed to.  Puppy has had dew claws, first shots and tail docking.

I think she is okay. Today she is settling in and I heard her bark 3 whole times!  She was playing with me and running circles and barked a couple of times.  She whined all of yesterday, but today she is quiet.  Of course, when I got running myself I took her out to play, twice, and got her so tired, she is a pooped out puppy now.  She is not eating that I can tell and when I brought her in she was already too tired to eat her treat from doing her business.  I am going to try to wear her out most days and not allow her to completely sleep it off until night time so that she is a bit easier.  I don't think she'll wake up at night unless she needs to go.

I am only asking about the wet food because I have not see her eat.  I was thinking not to rely on it, but only to have a little bit several times a day so that she can keep her energy up and she'll continue to have dry on demand right now. 

Golly geez...she is CUTE.  With her 2 colors she looks so much scuffy mutt which I like, but she is a purebred miniature poodle from a proper breeder.  I'll post pics when I can get it together here, promise.


She sounds like she's too cute! I love the Parti dogs!! Whats her name?

If she's pooping and has loads of energy, she's probably might want to measure out her food give her time to eat it, and then pick it up. If she's a min, it might not take that much food to fill her little belly!! (My puppies have always been HUGE compared to a min..about 15-25 lbs at 2-3mos old!) I've never heard of that brand but if that's what the breeder was feeding, I'd stick with it.  I really don't think adding a hair of wet food is going to "hurt her" in any way.

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