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Pet therapy

It's official, Having a pet is good for your health!
I have no idea how I can across this site but I thought it was kinda cute and you might find it interesting if not amusing.
There is an article on meditating with your dog, anybody done this? I saw a yoga for dogs DVD at he video store the other month and had a good giggle.
There is also an article on "what you should never feed your dog" I wonder if that is now obsolete now that you can just give them a weight loss pill? Anyway it states that chocolate is no good for our little four legged friends and then goes on to say the mushroom, onions and garlic are also not good. Probably worth reading if you give your dog food scraps or cook for it. But then it says that anti-freeze will shut down your dogs kidney. Who gives their dogs anti-freeze?!?  So I'm not sure how reliable a source this guy is.

Anti freeze kills all animals and until the powers of be make it not sweet tasting (the stuff with a nasty taste costs more), more animals will die (dogs, cats, squirrels, birds....).  They only have to drink out of a puddle with antifreeze and their kidneys will shut down.  It is a horrible death.  My sister's  friends Yorkies drank from a puddle while they were away on vacation ...were being babysat.  One of the little dogs died within weeks.  Although many think my home cooking ideas are insane, my brother in law actually called me because his friends wanted to make their kidney damaged Yorkies live ( I always thought he thought I was insane too).  He wanted to let them know what I fed my pets. Dougall loved the home cooked meals and he healed enough to give him a couple of more years.  They hated the prescription Kidney diet made by a pet food company which I despise and will not name.  Aggie just never got better. Garlic is good for dogs and my pets get it regularly.  I home cook and dogs being fed a home cooked diet can tolerate many things dogs that constantly eat processed foods can not.  Just last night Cali had a chocolate covered almond.  No, I do not routinely give chocolate and would never advise it (junk food). Animals immune systems are in jeopardy when all they eat is processed foods.  Pet Food!  Dougall and Aggie were already in advanced years when the anti freeze incident happened.  Please never let an animal near anti freeze.  Never let birds near avocado and never over heat Teflon or you will say good bye to your feathered friends.  My pets have also eaten onions and most probably mushrooms.  But they do not eat processed foods.  Except occasionally but not processed pet foods (They have all had Kraft Dinner).  My goodness, my Isabela lived on the streets for years in Mexico and ate anything she could find.  An animal communicator gave Cali a little piece of chocolate when she met her but her dog also does not eat processed pet food and I told her neither did Cali.
Anti freeze it total poison and it shows up in unexpected places.  Cars that leak, people who do not discard it properly.  My friends dad is a trucker and they routinely find dead squirrels and birds in the area where they change the anti freeze.  It is sweet tasting and attractive to children too.  Keep it away from everyone and everything.


It is important to note that I am not sure about garlic, onions and mushrooms for dogs that eat a processed pet food diet.  I would probably not risk it.

Another place anti freeze could show up, an underground parking lot.  I do not let Cali walk on any puddles or dark spots.  It really does shut down the kidneys. 


that's so terrible! I'm from Australia so don't come into contact with antifreeze and have never thought about it in puddles. I'm  sorry to hear about your friends dogs.
My mum used to give my dog our left over food and cook him casseroles and he was never sick from what I can remember.
I really want to get a dog once I get back to Australia (I live abroad) and was wondering about what I should feed it. Do you cook yours meat? I hate the thought if touching and looking it but want to give them the best diet that I can.  I also don't want to give them any processed food. I try not to  eat it myself so why would I give it to my dog? well I guess I'll post the question when the happy time comes.


Hi there,

Yes i do feed my dog and cats meat because I am not willing to put my vegetarian beliefs on carnivores. Same as married people that allow their meat eating spouse to follow their path.  Yes it makes me sick.  No I do not enjoy buying it nor cooking it but I do nightly.  My freezer makes my friends laugh because it is full of things I would not eat.  Non the less, I have read much and it was my vegetarian holistic vet that saved the life of one of my cats many years ago.  She has since got me to where I am with the others.  She is vegetarian and feeds all her animals and the feral cats outdoors meat.  I have issues doing it but pet food unless you are buying vegan contains meat.  So I chose to follow the unprocessed diet where I cook what a carnivoire would want.  That is my path.  To do what I need to do for me but to do what I believe is right for them.  Others have other beliefs...these are mine.
My 12 year old cat that was as near to death as possible lived to 21 on a home cooked meat diet.  I took on these critters as cherished and loved companions.  I promised I would do what was right for them.  Therefore, my two decisions were to feed them what they were meant to eat or to get rid of them and have a bunny or an iguana.  BTW, both of which I love.  I chose to feed my pets a natural diet.  While my kitchen is being ripped apart, I bought a holistic processed pet food.  I am happy to report, this week-end they are going back to a more natural diet.  Two of my cats have gained weight, one is having bathroom issues and all are crying way more for food.  I actually feel guilty to have done this pet food thing for a couple of weeks.
My dog is sick right now and she needs to get on a home cooked natural diet ASAP.  I do not believe in the raw food diet because unless you can afford organic meat, I think that it is dangerous. 
Anyway, it is just what I believe and everyone has to make their own mind up. 

Di :-)


Anti-freeze may go by another name there-- coolant, perhaps.  It's the stuff that mingles with water in a vehicle's radiator.

I had a dog die from eating snail bait-- the poison that sits in pellets on the surface of the ground to kill snails and slugs.  She was being babysat, and it was so sad.

About pet food:

I know onions and garlic are toxic to cats, because they can cause anemia in cats.  I think that dogs aren't similarly affected, but that vets like to give blanket advice on cooking for one's "pets"-- without fretting about species.

Avocado is poisonous to parrots; so is hot teflon fumes.  Dogs can't have chocolate; cats can't have onions.  There's so much to know, and a lot of sources are pretty sketchy... I would consult a lot of sources and compare/contrast.  Look for those that offer explanations for why certain foodstuffs are dangerous. 

I've been cooking for my cat-- at least, before she recovered her health and I put her on a healthy tinned food.  I cooked her meat, because that's what cats are built to eat: they're obligate carnivores, and she is elderly, sickly, and frail of digestion.  Frankly, my greatest success is with plain braised chicken or fish, or with a noxious cocktail of gelatine, yogurt, and mayonnaise (a sick cat/kitten formula).  But I've made her "stew" of sorts, too.

I did a lot of online research, but I only have two sites linked:

Cat food mixes (note: cats can't digest grain, so the grain is a filler for "lite" food; if your cat needs calories, don't use grain in such large quantities, or maybe at all.)
Sick kitten formula (note: once they have recovered, they may associate this with illness and not touch it again, so help them Dog.)

EDIT: also, Di is my go-to person for animal welfare.  She loves her critters so much and researches their health so diligently-- I give my second to any advice she offers!


Thank you so much.  I think I just blushed.  I have come across such harsh criticism on this board for what I believe I have to do for my pets.  Right now, I have one very sick pup.  That being due to 9 months of h*ll.  Her immune system is so compromised that I am even frustrated.  Not for me but for her (OK, I am frustrated too and very sad).  She has lost all the hair on her back, feet, side of her face and the top of her head.  She is covered in scabs, pus and blood.  She is about a year old now.  It is breaking my heart.  Shows you what abuse and neglect can do.  One of my best friends in the States  emailed me yesterday and said, " She will get better.  You are more stubborn than a stupid skin condition."  I just hope she is right.  Cali will be going on the best diet ever.  She will get her omega's, avocado, vitamin E, oils, Vitamin A, the beta carotenes and much more.  I will not let her horrendous past dictate her future.  And yes, she will be getting raw organic liver.  Grosses me out big time but it is something that will apparently help.  I brought Cali into my life to give her a better life than what she had in Greece.  She is loving, sweet and gentle.  She knows I love her but it hurts her if I touch her so I only touch the place she now has hair...around her neck.  I am going to get her well so that she never has to feel the pain she felt growing up.  She never had a home until September 23rd.  In the mean time, I have a nearly 19 year old cat that is very feeble and needy.  I love my companions and they will always be my number 1 priority.  During breaks and lunch, I am reading a new holistic book on companion animals.  Cali has to and will be better by July because I am taking her camping in the Adirondacks for two weeks.  Cali is a work in process and it will take months to get her immune system on track but no matter what, I will get her there.  Thanks so much Duckalucky!



Hi Diver-Di,
First off...thanks so much for giving a wonderful home to Cali  :)! I just wrote a whole long detailed reply to you and when I went to post it.......the page froze and it never posted  >:( so I'll try again.
You are heading in the right direction by building up her immune system. She needs her body and immune system strong to fight anything going on with her on it's own. Our bodies have amazing healing defenses when working in top condition. I have mentioned it before, but I would highly recommend this book: Dr. Martin Goldstein's "The Nature of Natural Healing". The book changed everything about the way I fed my dogs, then about the way I fed myself....leading me to become a vegetarian, then vegan. You said you will be heading to the Adirondacks in July. If you have time bring her to see him (or his staff) He is located in the lower section of Up State NY....South Salem NY... One of the MANY places I lived was Pound Ridge NY, just one town over from there. I'll put his contact info at the end of this message.

You are right to give her meat.....She needs it. I do feed my dogs meat  :o. Their jaws and teeth were designed to tear flesh and crush bone :P. Their digestive tract is designed to process meat (and veges as well). Humans were not....but that's another topic.....

I currently feed my dogs a combination of raw and kibble. I feed Nature's Variety Organic Raw and Kibble. When I first read his book I quickly got my dogs off of "crap" food and started cooking for them. Cooking for the amount of dogs I have was way too labor intensive and started to gross me out. When I started to look at, and actually "touch" the meat, I kept thinking I was going to catch some type of "Ebola Virus" :P! I also started to get concerned about contaminating my kitchen, knives, pots pans etc. I now keep a freezer in my garage for the raw. It comes in patties (like burger patties) and is ground up frozen, and has 5% veges mixed in. When I defrost it, I still use surgical gloves.

For her skin, try tea tree oil. I have actually cured mange from several dogs I found by swiping nothing but tea tree oil onto the infected areas. Of course giving them a healthy diet helped as well. Before she started losing her hair did she get any vaccines? Some dogs do have allergic reactions to vaccines and hair loss is one of the symptoms. I'm sure you know all this because you stated you use a holistic vet. Good luck with Cali and let me know how she continues to progress!

Here's the contact info:
Dr. Martin Goldsten DVM  (just google him....he has tons of articles published online) (search for their organic line of raw)

International List of Holistic Vets:

USA list: (there are many more)

I hope this helps....and i hope this goes through!
Feel free to contact me with ANY questions about Cali or her diet. I am far from being a vet, but like you, I have helped so many lost souls back to health over the years....Experience must count for something  ;)


Another no-no for dogs is Chocolate, which contains theobromine (Sp? I only know the word in Spanish and French) and that is deadly. Now I know why my neighbour's dog is always poorly! One little chocolate for a medium dog isn't going to kill it, but it will make them ill and have bad long-term effects. Of course dogs, like small children, don't understand the difference between "tastes good" and "good for you", so my neighbour gets sad-doggy-eyes and gives in. I keep telling her, and she keeps not llistening.
When I saw the title of this thread it made me think of the other kind of pet some psychotherapists and other healthcare professionals are "prescribing" contact with dogs and cats to help panic disorders etc. Apparently it is proven that petting a quiet wellbehaved animal lowers your bloodpressure and helps calm you down, something we animal lovers have known forever. We may be moving to a smaller abode in about 3 yrs time and DH is actually making "let's get a dog" noises...I can live in hope! ;)


I just posted an article on another pet companion site recently, so I will summarize here:

There was a study showing that acupuncture will help relieve emesis (vomiting) associated with animals (test subjects were ferrets) undergoing chemotherapy.

Cancers are common in Ferrets and cats.  I'm not sure about dogs, but it's something good to know for the future. ;)


Diver-Di, I'm so sorry Cali's suffering.  I know you wanted everything to be perfect for her from day one... however, take comfort in that she has found the best home.  It's true: you can outlast any condition she's got, and I don't think that we could assume that about every potential rescuer for her.  How lucky she is to be rescued twice.  ;)


Poor Cali!! I'm sure she will be healthy in no time!! Another suppliment I like to use to help dogs w/ compromised immune systems and skin/health issues is acedophilus (sp?)...yes the active stuff in yogurt. It really helps balance the flora in their guts, and helps the body heal from in the inside out.  I have a dog who can't tolerate dairy so I go to my local vitamin shoppe and pick up the non-dairy capsules.

Thank you for taking her in and seeing her on her way to a healthy happy life.

I cook for my dogs now..they are fed premium kibble, but I add to it to make sure they get a good balance..and since my husband went Vegetarian and I dont eat meat much I found myself with an entire freezer full of meat..oh what to do what to do! I busted out the crock pot and made all sorts of "dog stew" for them.  It freezes really well, and is way cheaper than canned dog food (and gawd do the LOVE it! my one dog does a hopping dance when he sees me take the "dog stew" container from the fridge!)

I have used garlic powder in my dog food recipies, never onion. I only use a splash for flavor. Raisins are also toxic to well as apple seeds!


First, we're all feeling for Cali!

But, second - my two dogs (golden retriever and boxer) have been vegans for more than three years now.  They are 6 and 5 year old, and they have been in excellent health.  The boxer (problem dog...) has some serious allergy problems - any dairy causes an immediate throw-up, and he's had hives all over his body numerous times.  Since the vegan diet, he has been healthier has fewer digestive problems. 

A lot of dogs, specific breeds especially, have allergies to animal protein.  There are a lot of "allergy formulas" that contain venesin, rabbit, and duck instead... ugh.  BUT - wheat and corn allergies are ALSO common, so often times a home-cooked, grain-and-bean-based meal is the best way to go.

It really all depends on the animal!  Every person has different reactions to different kinds of foods, and the same with dogs and cats.  If something works well for your companion, go with it!  If not, spend some time finding out what's causing the problems and finding a new solution.

... funny how this discussion went from animal companionship to animal dietary practices!


Heh, yeah.  :)

Yes, do please go by your pet's own tolerances... what is good for the goose may not be good for the gander.  I only just learned that cats cannot digest grains AT ALL... which made me go looking for a no-grain diet for Pepe (an elderly cat with metabolic issues), which has practically resurrected her and brought her back to sleek vitality from skeletal feebleness.

It is supposed to be MUCH easier for dogs to go healthfully vegan than cats, so if you are putting a cat on a vegan diet, I would consider monitoring the animal's health via bloodwork and vet consultations (find a tolerant vet who will not put pro-carnivorous dogma ahead of your interests) for a few months. 


I need help, too!

I have a relatively new cat.  I've had her 1.5 years and she is 2.5 years old.

She has issues with ear allergies (lots and lots of wax.)  I've heard this is common in orange tabbies.

Also, I want her to live a long, healthy life free of kidney problems, heart disease or diabetes.  I know I have to get her on a healthy diet and medical program now.

Within 2 months of getting her, she had developed a large lump (vet thought tumor) right between her shoulder blades.  He operated and found it was a closed off ball of pus.  Obviously an infection from a previous vaccination--but of course we were both very scared.

Now I am really gun shy about getting vaccinations but I am giving them to her because he is not a holistic vet, and has said that the likelihood her getting cancer is VERY low.  He has recently gone to the once-yearly rabies vaccine bc the likelihood of cancer is lower than in the once every three years version.  Yes, there is rabies in my area--I don't think there's much of a chance she'd ever be exposed, though.  She is not not on Feline Lukemia because he suggested we back off "just in case"--due to the lump.  I do let her out about an hour a day under pretty close supervision--but she is at some risk.

This summer she again had her vaccinations and had a bad reaction.  I had to take her to the emergency room.  This is the second time this has happened to me with a cat getting its vaccinations.  I'm wondering how common this is.  Doctor has also said we can give vaccinations in the tail or leg bc, in case of cancer, she can do without one of those.

An aside.  I go to this vet because I've heard that in my community he is one of the best (adept.)  He also knows what my pets mean to me and is very aggressive in treating problems when they arise.  Also, my personal belief is that I am committed to the WESTERN medical tradition with its basis in proven science.  I DO believe that is is over-used, though--especially the use of medications and with pets, these damn vaccinations.

I'm trying to find a good organic food to feed her but have had difficulties.  One of my other cats was on Flint River, but it does have corn in it . . .

Bought some Pet Promise in the HFS but they conduct animal testing.  Right now, of all the diets she's tried she likes the Purina dry Indoor Formula, but I want her on a better diet.

I am not at all convinced a vegan diet is good for her. 

I would cook for her--yes meat.  It is a compromise in ethics I'd be willing to make for her.  But this is tough for me bc I wouldn't have access to the animal by-products used by the commercial pet food people, so I would be directly contributing to the slaughter of innocent animals for her.  It's difficult to think of going there, but I would. 

I'm thinking I should read a book on this, but the holistic approach would have a bias just as the mainstream, law-abiding one does.

I don't want to go holistic if that isn't best for her.  I am really confused and concerned here and I have been thinking of this for many months now.  I want resolution I can be comfortable with.  I'd LOVE to have 20 years with her instead of only 12 or 13!  Two of my previous cats died of HEART DISEASE at 12ish and they WERE NOT obese!  I don't get it!  But they did eat the standard American cat-food diet! 

I would appreciate some guidance.

Thanks in advance.


choco...ask your vet to titer your cat instead of doing annual vaccinations.  Thru the titers your vet will be able to tell the cat's immunity..usually the immunity is very good if they've received their first shots.  There was a discussion a few weeks ago regarding this..


Good suggestion!

If your pet is sensitive to vaccinations, well, she can't have them.  In that case, I would keep her from coming into contact with other mammals and their parasites.  You might have to demonstrate resistance or vaccinations in order to get her boarded or any other regulated shelter for her (i.e. military housing, etc.) 

I recommend a non-vegan diet for cats, at the risk of offending my more committed friends.  They're not built to be vegan, and run the risk of serious illness and shortened lifespan.  They cannot digest grain (which can be allergenic) and their dietary needs are alien to human standards and finicky.  You're doing the right thing by putting your baby on a healthy, quality diet now, while she's young.  I wish I had known to do the same for my Pepe.

The food that's reviving my cancerous, hyperthyroidy little old lady cat is Wellness brand cat food.  It is a grain-free tinned food of high quality; it is not at all vegetarian.  It smells at least as good as canned (omnivorous) stew for people-- which amazes me, as most tinned food for cats is foul, foul, foul.  I cooked fresh fish and chicken for her, too, when she got sick, but she rejected both in favor of this food.  She also liked Newman's Own, but not nearly as well as Wellness.  I wish I had discovered it years ago.  Here's their site:

I am a fan of Western medicine and holistics, both... in judicious quantities.  I can understand your concerns!  Best of luck with your baby.


Hey Chocsoymilk,
(One of my dogs, Max, cut his paw on something in the yard yesterday and woke me up at about 3 something AM to show it to me again.....I couldn't fall back to like an IDIOT I'm here reading posts....yawn)!
I really don't know as much about cats as I do about dogs. I have 1 cat (Farrah) who showed up down by a creek at the home I was living at in 2000. I fed her for about a year until she let me pick her up. She lives in my studio because half of the dogs I have love her, and the other half want her to be part of their "raw" diet! She's a "studio cat"  8). She has had 1 round of shots and has never been back to a vet since. She's
very happy and healthy.

My advice (for whatever that is worth):

I highly (I mean highly) recommend that you find a new vet. There are many vets that practice a combination of holistic and general practice. Please try the links I posted above in my previous post on this topic. I also highly recommend the book listed above as well. I am offering to even BUY it for you because I believe in it so strongly. Dr Goldstein is a graduate of Cornell University Vet. School. It's probably the top vet. school in the US (Cornell University is Ivy League). He does recommend general methods when needed. It really sounds to me like your vet is killing your cat. Any vet that recommends shots every year is very very behind the times and out of touch with what all studies are now showing.

Dr. Richard Pitcairn is also a very well respected vet. and has an article published on "vaccinosis", (the general name for chronic disease caused by vaccines).
read here:
another article:

In the case of kittens, if they will always be indoor cats, I do not administer any vaccinations. If they will go outside, I wait until 2-4 weeks before their first venture outside (usually after 4 months) and then administer one Distemper vaccine only. Studies from the early 1980’s demonstrated that it was virtually impossible to infect cats over one year old, under experimental conditions, with the feline leukemia virus, even by injection.

I also recommend a very high grade food. See the Nature's Variety link in my previous post as well. Farrah is on their food and loves it. They make a grain free kibble called Raw Instinct that is her fav!

Good luck



Hey everyone.  Thanks for the suggestions.

Some follow-ups.

If I were to go without vaccinations, what would I do if I had to take her to the emergency room?  I've made 6 trips over the years to the emergency room with various cats and I don't know what I'd do some Saturday night at 3A if she tanked for some reason and I couldn't get veterinary care.  I'm pretty certain they won't care for her if she's not up to date on shots.

Also, read Davedrum's article.  I'm reluctantly with the author until he got to "vital force."  Then, I confess, I began to get a little uncomfortable.  However, I looked on Amazon, and have already ordered Dr. Goldstein's book--you sounded so passionate about it.

Is it you who said cats can't digest grains?  I've also heard cats can be allergic to grains.  Could that be why she's got this persistent ear problem?  Also, she's suffering all the time with this (it's very annoying and she's been shaking her head ever since I got her) and I really feel for her.  Is that why you suggested the wet Wellness food rather than the dry?  I am going to try the Wellness.  I won't have to cook and it's so conveniently located at PetSmart--thanks for the link.

I did check out the list of holistic doctors and am going to visit one of the ones listed in my area.  One of the others on the list had been reluctantly recommended to me by another friend, but I'm thankful for the links bc now I at least have some choice.  I'd really like some time to sit down and discuss these issues so I don't feel so ignorant and undirected. 

I have also been told in the past about titering the blood.  My vet now "abides by the law" and says that titering the blood is unreliable.  He has no bedside manner, but came so highly reccomended, that I confess I'm still torn. 

You might have to demonstrate resistance or vaccinations in order to get her boarded or any other regulated shelter for her (i.e. military housing, etc.) 

This is actually a possibility in the future.  I could have personal opportunities to go overseas and am concerned about what I'd do if they wouldn't let her come with me bc of not being up to date on vaccines.

Thanks again for all input.


Is it you who said cats can't digest grains?  I've also heard cats can be allergic to grains.  Could that be why she's got this persistent ear problem?  Also, she's suffering all the time with this (it's very annoying and she's been shaking her head ever since I got her) and I really feel for her.  Is that why you suggested the wet Wellness food rather than the dry?  I am going to try the Wellness.  I won't have to cook and it's so conveniently located at PetSmart--thanks for the link.

It was me, yeah.  Grain provides a comfortable sense of fullness (because it pads out the quantity of food) and it might provide a little extra fiber, but it doesn't do much for cats nutritionally.  And yes, a cat that is showing signs of reaction to immunizations might be allergic to the carrier for those immunizations; I have known humans who are allergic to eggs to have terrible problems with egg-based immunizations, and cannot see why it couldn't happen to a cat. 

The wet food made a huge difference-- since Pepe has sensitive teeth and tends to lose weight due to hyperthyroidism, and I wanted to make sure she was getting lots of liquid, canned food was really the answer for her.  She won't even eat kibble now (nor most canned foods). 

The thing about Wellness brand food that impressed me immediately was that they don't use weird preservatives, the meat, fruit, and veggies are "human grade," and the stuff smells like it could be intended for human consumers-- not the bowl of rotten meat and rancid by-products that other brands smell like to me.  Evidently it impressed Pepe, too-- she immediately began to reject baked chicken (which had previously been the item in demand) in favor of Wellness canned food. 

I have no veterinary training-- anything I offer you is only from my own experience or Internet research!

About your ER: call them NOW, before you have a problem, and ask them what you will have to do.  Explain that your cat has severe allergic reactions to immunizations and that you would like to know what they suggest to get you in compliance with their regulations before there's an emergency. 

About overseas travel: you have a lot more to worry about than immunizations, I am sorry to say.  You will probably not be able to make special arrangements for moving her across national borders without immunizations, and if you do, get it in writing and official IN BOTH LANGUAGES.  Be warned that crossing national borders with pets is chancy, legally: we couldn't have taken Pepe with us to Peru, because she'd have been euthanized by Customs, as it isn't legal to import cats into Peru.  It IS legal to export them (with vaccinations and so forth), so we could have brought a kitten from Peru to the U.S.... if we had it immunized, and if we observed a quarantine period.  Every country's rules are different, and they aren't always reciprocal-- check it out with the embassy and double check it to be sure, to avoid heartache.  Acquiring a foster home for extended cat sitting isn't as painful as losing your companion due to a weird tittle in customs law.


choco..I've taken my dogs to emergency rooms a few times and honestly can't ever remember them asking me for proof of shots...

I do have titer proof incase I'm ever asked for whatever reason...My vet gives me a sheet showing the titers and that their immunities are good.

If your vet refuses to titer take the cat elsewhere to a vet that will. You don't have to ditch your old vet, and besides..what's the big deal to have more than one, you never know when youll need a 2nd opinion! (We have 3 vets!). It's not fair that your cat has problems with vacs yet your old vet still wants to administer them.

Regarding your cat's ear infections, I would definitly give a different food a chance (about 3-4 weeks you should notice a difference)..especially one that has one grain/one meat, it really helps kick the system back into normal. (I dont have cat experience, but i have dog ear infection experience and the culprits with her was corn, dairy and rice flour, she currently eats a Venison and Brown rice formula). I would definitly check with a holistic vet if there is on in your area. I feel your frustration with the ear problems.  Not sure if you can use pro-biotics on cats, but those would help as well (acedophilous sp?). THe herbalist I went to today recommended Oregano Oil for my dog..I guess Ill see how that works!


I imagine I'm probably covering ground you've already been over, but has the kitty been checked for ear mites?  They're so common and they do cause excessive waxy dark buildup, and cause the host discomfort, too.

I urge you to find possible causes for your pet's unusual susceptibility to these infections and to confer with an expert about it.  Here are some matter-of-fact web pages I found.  The good news is that it is probably treatable with excellent results; the bad news is that it might signal a deeper underlying illness (hopefully not!):

Here are a couple natural treatment recommendations-- do please take these with a grain of salt, because if kitty is sensitive to medicines she might have allergies to herbs, too, and ALSO because I cannot imagine safely and humanely giving chiropractic treatments to a creature to whom I cannot explain the procedure: (for ingredients list)

My cat is old and now deaf, and not as conscientious about cleaning her ears as she used to be when she could hear-- she doesn't even swivel her ears anymore when she makes faces, which is kind of strange.  I clean out her ears for her using olive or mineral oil on a cotton pad (the kind they make for makeup removal).  It seems to dissolve the wax well and doesn't irritate the sensitive skin.  The one thing you should be conscious of is that if you leave too much oil on the cat's fur, she will ingest it, and cats sometimes aspirate (breathe) oil they're licking... which would not be good for her, since she's feeling poorly.  Do try to swab up all the residue you can with a warm damp washcloth.  Unless the ear is very tender, she may welcome this substitute for a "tongue bath!"



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