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oy.. cats...

i'm currently house-sitting at my aunts house and she has 2 cats that i take care of. i've done this many times before and never had a problem ('cept last time when they got into my purse and took all the papers out of it)

the female cat, Mika, got onto the table and got a plastic bag stuck around her, was running like a banshee around the house and then down into the basement. the only way i found her was because she was growling so loud. usually the only sounds she makes is meowing at me cuz she wants attention. i couldn't get near her and had to call my parent to come help cuz i was afraid she'd suffocate herself...

the male cat, Jake, was just sitting there looking scared. usually he's the one getting into my stuff..

by the time my parents got here Mika had the bag off herself and was sitting in the middle of the basement floor growling at Jake and hissing. i was scared she had plastic in her throat cuz she was making "uck" noises and then she'd hiss and growl again. my mom some how got Mika to let her pick her up and she still growled but wasnt fighting or scratching or anything.

and then my mom went over to Jake, who never has ever made any kind of noise, and Jake was just sitting there crying to my mom for a really long time

i called my aunt and she said it's happened before and just to let them calm down and give them new toys tomorrow, but i'm still worried about them....

...and i'm worried they're going to attack me in the middle of the night lol... needless to say all my stuff that are in plastic bags are now in the closet.

It's good to hear things worked out.  If your aunt's cat isn't like baypuppy's roommate's cat, then she should calm down enough for the night.  Is she still making the "uck" noise?


...and i'm worried they're going to attack me in the middle of the night lol... needless to say all my stuff that are in plastic bags are now in the closet.

I used to have a cat named Mirrya that I hand raised from her birth (abandoned by mom) and whenever I'd have to be away from home for a few days she would show her displeasure by dive bombing my head repeatedly during the night for about a week after I returned home.  It didn't matter that I'd leave her with my mom so that she'd have company.  She was spoiled and didn't like not being the center of attention.  ;)


lol, we have a cat at my house, Oliver, he hasn't done this since we got my cat Xander, but when he was younger, if you came out of your room in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, he'd attack your ankles and feet so we'd end up having to like skip to the bathroom or he'd catch us.

she's not making that noise anymore. in fact she didn't come into the bedroom at all during the night which scared me because she usually does. Jake came in a few times (he usually doesnt). i was afraid to come out because i didn't wanna find her dead or something, but i walked out and she ran out from the living room right to me and started meowing

lol i love it when kitties talk, i was like "yeah? feelin better? aw you're so cute" lol...

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