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NVR--How to get my cat from spilling water everywhere!

So, recently our cat Joe decided that it would be pretty fun to tip over his and Lucy's water dish (especially after it was freshly filled). As a possible solution, we decided to get one of those food/water dish stands that hold two separate dishes up off of the floor. Well, now he just splashes all the water out. I thought that maybe he just liked to play in the water, so I filled the bathtub with about an inch or so of water and put him in there much to his dismay.

Right now, I'm trying to deter him from spilling/splashing by spraying him with a squirt bottle, which works for that moment, but I think he has no short-term memory and just comes back to do it again. The water is changed at least once daily and their dishes are cleaned regularly, so I don't think it's him being finicky. Help! I'm so sick of cleaning up water everywhere!

I just looked it up. They said some cats do that if their whiskers are touching the rims of it.


He could also be trying to knowck the water around to freshen it.  You might try getting him a fountain that continuely circulates the water.

Or you could just fuss at him...  ::)


I have a kitty who also splashes out the water--but I think she actually likes doing this--i see her doing it and she just looks enthralled! then after she is done she will coming running to me dripping wet and rub it all over me---silly girl!

I can only imagine how the whole water in the tub thing worked out! Well at least you tried something! :P


put the bowl of water in the bathtub.  no biggy if he spills.


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