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NVR: Free pet listing site in AZ

For those living in AZ who are fostering animals and need homes for them, this site is great:

It's a free site where you can put up info and a picture of the animal (not just cats), and then people submit adoption applications directly to you  via email so you can screen how you would like. No middle man--just you, the animal(s), and the adopters.

Just thought I'd pass it along for any of my desert peers who rescue--anyone in Phoenix excited for the "cool down" to 93 degrees today? ;)

I like it when good resources go online.  I was browsing the cats.  I avoid looking at sites like that because I want to adopt all of the older cats that may not find homes.  They're so cute.  It makes it easier knowing that these are foster animals rather than shelter animals.  Thanks for sharing.


Yeah, I think it's a good source for people so they don't have to resort to the shelter.

For anyone browsing, Chloe, Cooper, and Momma are our foster babies--the kittens' eyes are a little "deer in the headlights", but they are super cute!

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