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NVR - Crazy cat behavior

What is with cats and beds?

I just finished changing the sheets on my bed after about a 15 minute struggle of trying to keep the cats off.  All they wanted to do was play under the sheets, play with them or bat at my hands.  Now the little crazies are wrestling with each other disturbing the once straight bed. 

Cats...gotta love em.

thats exactly what one of my cats does. my mom carries the sheets upstairs from the laundry room and says "are you coming?" and oliver follows her right up there. i used to go too, cuz i'd encourage his playing. and it was funny to watch.

its mostly during the winter, though. i'll walk by my parents room and see a big lump at the end of the bed under the covers lol


This reminds me of the Incredible Expanding Cat! My kitty would lie down next to me and begin to lean...slowly, unnoticeably, inexorably, he would suddenly have occupied the entire bed/chair and I would be scrooged onto a corner of matress or cushion, scrabbling to stay put! He was a large, long-bodied, VERY heavy cat...but sometimes I swear he was bigger than me.
If occupying my lap, when I dared even *think* about getting up to do something, he would begin to adhere--as in paperweight. I don't know if I somehow vaguely tensed my muscles or changed posture, but he could always detect an intention to move, however fleeting--and correct it!


Ha ha. I miss my cat sooo much. This thread reminds me of the time I was trying to study for a biology exam...

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