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my friend the greyhound rescuer

Hi Everyone on Vegweb,

Will and I thank you for your expressions of sympathy and well wishes for our friends.  I apologize for my little rant last night; yesterday really sucked.

Thank you Davedrum for offering to help keep her dream alive.  I wanted to post this information for anyone who felt compelled to donate or send a card.  There is a fund that has been set up in Millicent's honor, but initially it was intended for her medical bills and to help place her greyhounds (4) and whippits (2).  All of which have found a home (together with a couple that deserves sainthood for absorbing 6 dogs into their brood  :) )

I have been playing phone tag with the administrator of the fund all day, but (via voicemail) she said that donations could be made to the fund and she would write a check to the group.  Here is the group that Millicent started:

I am certain that they will continue the runs, however I don't know who will take them over.  I'd imagine I'll find out at the memorial Thursday.

Also, here are two links to greyhound rescue groups to whom she donated time, money, effort, and heart:

(Greyhounds Unlimited is in Texas where she was from originally).

Cards are being directed to her mother; if you wish to send one, please contact me at .  All I have is her home address and I don't feel comfortable posting it without permission.

I will post an update after the memorial.  Thanks again guys.

I spoke today with Salsa's companion and he said that Salsa passed away with dignity and grace, in his companion's arms.  For what it's worth...that's how I wanna go.  :'(

I spoke today with Salsa's companion and he said that Salsa passed away with dignity and grace, in his companion's arms.  For what it's worth...that's how I wanna go. 

Me too!

Thanks for posting all the links and info. I'll be sending a donation in Milliscent's name once I get back from my visit here at my Mom's....


Hey Nutdragon,
I just wanted to let you know that the AOL link you posted is now down. Email me and let me know WHERE to send the donation.


I just checked it and it seems to be working; was it the e-mail link that was down? or the site itself?


Yes it is working now. Perhaps someone was "tinkering" with it yesterday. OR AOL was just being er,umm, AOL! :P


I just want to clarify, because I'm a little confused  :P

If I send an e-mail to the contact person (firewoman) on the greyhound run page, she will tell me where to send a donation to the fund?  Sorry, I'm kind of slow sometimes!

I'm really glad to hear the dogs were all placed together.  What a great family they are to take them all in!


Hi guys! Many thanks to you and those of who who e-mailed me; I appreciate you for tenaciously trying without all the information.  I apologize.  but I have better information now.

The memorial was beautiful, with almost as many dogs as people and they all "roo-ed" at the end which got dogs in the distance "roo-ing."  It was very touching, lots of hugs and doggie licks and two giant baskets of doggie treats.  :'(

Millicent started a greyhound support group in this area.  They have re-named the fun run the "Millicent Smith Greyhound Fun Run" and the city is allowing them to plant a dogwood (fitting) in her honor in the park. 

    What they really want is a plaque in her honor for the tree. 

The couple that adopted her greys has also taken over the group.  They are Kathe and Ray Burklow   I spoke with them specifically about you guys today.  I will e-mail their address seperately. 
Dave, I think they may have you beat in the critter department (but they just picked up a half-dozen). ;)
Apstaats, I think that would work, I know her e-mail is being read by a close friend (and partner in greyhounds), but would you mind e-mailing me and I'll send you their address?
In lieu of that, the two grey hound links above (original post) are two groups that she supported and loved dearly and any donation in her honor to them would be wonderful. 

Thank you guys.  I feel better about life in general just knowing there are folks like you out there.

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