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My dog loves tofu

So I was making dinner the other night, cutting up some tofu into cubes when I accidentally dropped a cube on the food.  My dog gobbled it up like it was the best thing she'd eaten in a while!  Plain, cold, tofu!  And she looked up at me as if to say "More, please!"  Is tofu ok for dogs?  What about nutritional yeast? 

Sometimes I make a tofu scramble.  Before going veg*n, I would make scrambled eggs and share them with her.  Can I share my tofu scramble as long as it doesn' have onions in it?

Anybody else have pets who love vegan foods?

I can't think these things will hurt your pup.

Stash, my parrot, loves cold plain tofu too.  She has had my Uncheese Sauce and loved that too.  If you remember that lots of dog food has soy in it, it is probably fine.

Have you tried giving her raw carrot slices or green beans? I hear they are good for dogs, make nice treats that don't put weight on. Carrots are Stashy's most favorite food in the world...well okay after fresh whole green beans.


Dragonfly, are red bell peppers safe to give a parakeet? You and DiverDi should get together and make a list of "don'ts" for bird lovers. I usually give him a piece of lettuce etc. when doing food prep and was about to offer him some bell pepper when I remembered my surprise at discovering that avocado is toxic for them. What say you?


Peppers are actually just fine for parrots.

Parakeets are properly called budgerigars or "budgies" and it is the term I use.  (Parakeet means "long tail" and so by definition, a macaw is a parakeet.)  Budgies are hookbills, which means they don't have a "gizzard" to break up seed as they crack and discard the hulls themselves.  THis is why you DO NOT give a budgie grit.  THey are fairly heavy water drinkers and grit can form a hard sort of concrete ball in their crops and eventually kill them.  It also means that they do well with human foods.

I do not give my budgies bananas because they are constipating and a budgie's system is too small to handle more than one bite.  Ever try to limit a budgie to just one bite? LOL  Celery, given whole, is a lot of fun for a budgie.  I have some who will eat this so vigorously that within an hour all I have in there are a couple of lengths of string.  They can have fresh broccoli and green beans.  Kale is especially good and if you put it in there nice and wet some of them like to bathe on their kale and then eat it.  Peppers are fine, even jalapenos because they can't taste the heat, only the flavor.  The seeds from the pepper are okay to leave on them.  They may or may not eat the seeds.  Cooked corn and peas go over well, as do cooked carrots.  Whole grain bread and bran muffins are okay too. Pasta is a favorite, though one bird will fear a strand of spaghetti and the next wants to kill the white "worm."  A portion for a budgie is about the size of a pea, so a few tiny lumps of food on a small plate are just right for a budgie. 

Avocado is poisonous.  Chocolate and coffee are too.  Teflon is a no no if you have a bird.  THe fumes from even a moderately heated pan can kill them.  I personally don't give them tomatoes, any kind of fungus, no olives or eggplant.  No banana or dried fruits (see above).  No apple or citrus pits, no apricot pits in fact, just no pits because they are poisonous, apple most especially.

Budgies can be especially hard to introduce foods too.  If you are like me and you hand raise them, you wean them from bird formula to fresh fruits and veggies, then they have a taste for it.  If you don't have a hand bred and fed one, you just keep introducing new foods on a daily basis by putting a small plate in the cage at your dinner time and taking it out before you go to bed and do it daily.  After a while, they should start to try something and you can give them more of whatever that is.  Commercial budgie feed is mostly millet which is fatty and high calorie, leading to budgie obesity and fatty liver tumors.  They do need human food to live longer, healthier lives.

Stash was hand bred and fed.  SHe was weaned right to people food and then later taught to eat seeds.  She eats about everything I eat (except what would hurt her).  SHe has been known to stick her green head into my tea cup and sip my hot tea!!!  If it is mine, this means it is really hers and she can help herself.  NOthing is sacred and in fact, my jacket is again covered in bird poo because we still want to nest there. 


I think I read somewhere that you should limit the amount of nutritional yeast you get per day (for humans, so I imagine for dogs too). Something about flooding the kidneys?? I can't find the reference though. Anyone know what I'm remembering?

My dogs adore tofu too. It's high in fat, so don't give them too much, but ours love it as a special treat. There are not a lot of small vegetarian treats readily available, so it's nice to cut a few small cubes and have them ready for training or whatever.


tofu SHOULD be ok for your dog provided he/she doesn't have soy allergies....and as with everything..moderation is the key.

My coonie-shep mix LOVES tofu (and tomatoes and goes WILD for bell peppers) other 2 could care less about it...


I agree, tofu is fine for your dog. As majicka mentioned there are dogs that are allergic to soy. I always tell people not to buy dog foods that contain soy, not because it's bad for the's really because most dog foods that contain soy just add it as a filler. Less meat, more soy kind of thing. Some of my dogs eat some crazy stuff, I'll post them when I have a bit more time. I was really just checking in. The "dog" posts always peak my curiosity!
Bye ya all!


My rottie Bruno who passed away was one of the few dogs who LOVED oranges..when I peeled one he'd run to my side and sit there and drool..he however despised bananas. 

If i give a piece of orange to my other dogs they will take it.but spit it out..except for the coonie-shep, the smell of it makes him crinkle his nose.

They also for some reason think they like I give them each one..either they throw them around and play with them or I find them squished in the rug..yuck!

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