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My cats are earning their keep

as a cause of great laughter.

Last night, I was congested bad and decided a hot bath would help.  I had about 3" of water in the tub when SpazCat (profile pic) decides to jump into the tub.  It was not a case of aiming for the edge and falling in.  It was obviously his attention to go over the the side.  He landed in the water with all 4 paws and got this really puzzled look on his face.  He stood there a good 30 seconds looking totally bewildered before jumping out.

Today, I was preparing for a possible 1st frost by picking the last of the herbs I could to dry for over the winter. I thought I put a bundle of catnip in the table while picking the others but could not find it.  DD comes home from college, looks at Laura Kitty and asks me why her cat is laying on a pile of herbs.  I found the catnip!

This was posted a while ago, but I didn't see it until today!
I love stories like this! LoL
The kind of silly things our pets do crack me up!

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