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my cat got into my nutritional yeast

i buy it in bulk and i had some sitting in the pantry, but i left the door wide open and my cat completely ripped it into it and i came home to a floor literally covered in nutritional yeast. he was playing with it and eating it and rolling around in it. haha, i don't know why i'm posting this. it was fun to watch him play for so long without having to do anything.

That sounds cute!  But I would be really unhappy if anything happened to my supply of nutritional yeast.


I guess it's better then scratching up a brand new couch!  :D


I have a similar story, but not nearly so cute... there's background: my grandmother used to get government assistance food packages, and they would deliver her FAR more than she needed.  Because the packages were all or nothing-- meaning, she couldn't have them cut down the size, only stop delivering them altogether-- she began to press surplus food on us.  Huge cans of government peanut butter, blocks of government cheese... and bags of powdered eggs, which I could not stand due to their fishy odor.  I hate to waste food (particularly if animals suffered to produce it-- I don't pay for it, but I try not to pitch it, either!), so I had a bag of the eggs on my kitchen table, waiting to be tested in baked goods.

I went out to work.  When I got home, I found a surprise... The kitten pulled down a bag, shredded it, ate half the contents, rolled around in the powder, getting it everywhere... and then was violently ill onto the powdered floor.  I never, ever had such a tough cleaning job, before or since.... just thinking of it makes me wrinkle my nose.


yeah, we had government assisted food as well. however, we did not get the powdered eggs (thank goodness!) because those are vile. as kids, my sisters and i would play baseball with a brick of government cheese and an apple.


Haha, right on.  :) 

Those eggs... wow, they're enough to turn a carnivore vegan.  Well, except my cat, evidently.


Ducky, you've done it again. There's a lightbulb on above my head! NOW I know why I so strongly dislike creamy's those big cans of gov't PB...far too sweet. We lived on govt surplus for awhile when I was a kid. And if I never see another dish of pancakes it'll be too soon. (What else can you do with govt flour, powdered milk and powdered eggs?) Government pancakes with government PB...not much of a meal, but awfully efficient as an emetic! BLEAH!
That also explains my instant dislike to Chinese-made-PB that comes in a can...that sweet, sickly flavour...that's it! The govt stuff is made in China!!! (Teasing; but judging from their PB and other dessert things I buy in the Asian grocery, they like their sweets *very* sweet.)

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