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I know this is a long post, but it really strikes a nerve.

I think I'm just gonna cry! For months before I adopted my puppies I OBSESSIVLY investigated pet food and found I became more and more paranoid as I learned more. I decided to do a "homecooked" diet, which actually meant having to prepare meats for them :P. I supplemented with California Natural and that cost just over a dollar per lb.  I was spending more on dog foods than I was people foods! But these guys are awesome and I truly believe that there is no price too high for their health. But then little D'Artagnon lost a lot of weight. The poor thing was only 9 months old and should have been GAINING like his sister was. The vet said that he was sick because I was not giving him a "normal" diet and to "put him on a cheap brand of dog food, so he will gain weight." (an actual quote) So I put them on Purina and sure enough he gained the weight. But now that all this recall stuff is coming out I am on the verge of panic. I mean, going with that crap goes against my every mothering instinct and now they are RECALLING it?! Well, they have not recalled my brand specifically, but you can imagine what my brain is thinking....And then D'Artagnon started having blood in his stools last week and I actually started cry as I frantically called my vet. Unfortunately, it was a Saturday, so I had to talk to someone else- a stupid someone else who was most unhelpful! I started him on a rice and chicken diet (Guenivere too, just to be safe) and kept him with me all weekend (which meant that he had to go to work with me. Thankfully my Boss in very understanding.) When I finally talked to his vet on Monday she said that he had the blood in his stools because he had ingested something that was not normally in his diet (in this case, a half of a can of dog food as a treat) She advised me to keep him on rice and chicken and then slowly reintroduce the dry dog food. She emphasized again that he has a VERY sensitive digestive tract and must maintain perfect diet (perfect meaning cheap dog food)  His stools have been better for a while now but I'm horrified to put them back on the dry dog food. WHAT IF THEIR BRAND IS THE NEXT TO BE RECALLED? I know they will become malnourished if I only feed them rice and chicken, so I need to figure out what to do quickly!

And I also feel a little distraught because I'm so unhappy about having to support murdering (and then cooking) chickens to feed them. I want them to be on a vegan diet, but I can just imagine what my vet would say....And I cant bare to think of harming poor little D'Art with his sensitive tummy!

Do you guys have any advice? I mean other than getting therapy for MY issues with dog food paranoia, ha really...

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Is this going to end?

That link comes up that they can't find the "module" and also tells me I'm not logged in.  Would it be too much trouble to copy the article and paste it in a post?  I'd really like to read the article, if you could do that.  Thanks. 


Hey Vegheadzealia,
First of all welcome! I have a lot to say on this and have posted so much about it before. I am just working on a few things and don't have the time for a long long post. First, throw away that vet.'s number. Really.
Here are a few posts where similar topics have come up before. I am vegan but I know that my dog's teeth and digestive tracts were not designed for a vegan diet. Their teeth are meant to rip flesh and their shorter digestive tracts are also designed to process meat much more affectively then a humans. I have probably read and studied more about proper pet nutrition then 99% of the students graduating veterinary school. They just don't teach them anything about nutrition. I have made it a huge part of my life (studying pet nutrition) because my dogs (and 2 cats) are such as huge part of my life and I want what is best for them. I have 12 happy healthy rescue dogs and have rescued way to many to even count at this point. Most of my dogs were near death or badly injured when I rescued them. You can read a little more about it in my profile.

There are many more posts regarding pet nutrition I just don't have the time to find them at the moment. When I do later, I'll add them.

Good luck with your "babies"....oh and btw....really important....skip the vaccines, flea and tick chemicals, and the heartworm chemicals if you use them. They'll cause WAY more harm then good.


Del Monte Pet Products Voluntarily Withdraws Specific Product Codes of Pet Treats and Wet Dog Food Products
SAN FRANCISCO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--As a precautionary measure, Del Monte Pet Products is voluntarily recalling select product codes of its pet treat products sold under the Jerky Treats®, Gravy Train® Beef Sticks and Pounce Meaty Morsels® brands as well as select dog snack and wet dog food products sold under private label brands. A complete list of affected brands and products is below.

The Company took this voluntary recall action immediately after learning this morning from the FDA that wheat gluten supplied to Del Monte Pet Products from a specific manufacturing facility in China contained melamine. Melamine is a substance not approved for use in food. The FDA made this finding as part of its ongoing investigation into the recent pet food recall.

The adulteration occurred in a limited production quantity on select product codes of the brands below. This recall removes all Del Monte pet products with wheat gluten procured from this manufacturing facility from retail shelves.

No other Del Monte Pet Products treats, biscuits or wet dog food products are impacted by this recall, and no Del Monte dry cat food, dry dog food, wet cat food or pouched pet foods are subject to this voluntary recall. The affected products comprise less than one-tenth of one percent of Del Monte Pet Products’ annual pet food and pet treat production.

Del Monte Pet Products has proactively engaged and fully cooperated with the FDA since the start of its investigation. The adulterated ingredients were used in limited production over the last three months for those items identified by specific product codes. Del Monte Pet Products has not used wheat gluten from this manufacturing facility in China in any other pet products except those described below.

Consumers should discontinue feeding the products with the Product Codes detailed below to their pets.

Del Monte Pet Products are 100% guaranteed and all returned product will be refunded.

Del Monte Pet Products customers can visit our website ( or contact our Consumer Hotline at (800) 949-3799 for further information about the recall and for instructions on obtaining a product refund.

Following is a list of the Products and Best Buy Dates that have been voluntarily recalled:

    Production Code/Best By Date

Jerky Treats Beef Flavor
  Code:  TP7C05  TP7B07  TP7B08  TP7B09  TP6B10 
Dog Snacks
  Best By:  Aug 05 08  Aug 07 08  Aug 08 08  Aug 09 08  Aug 10 08 
  Code:  TP7B15  TP7C05  TP7C06     
  Best By:  Aug 15 08  Sep 02 08  Sep 03 08     
Gravy Train Beef Sticks
  Code:  TP7B19  TP7B20  TP7B21     
Dog Snacks
  Best By:  Aug 19 08  Aug 20 08  Aug 21 08     
Pounce Meaty Morsels Moist
  Code:  TP7C07  TP7C12       
Chicken Flavor Cat Treats
  Best By:  Sep 04 08  Sep 09 08       
Ol' Roy Beef Flavor Jerky Strips
  Code:  TP7B06  TP7B07  TP7C05  TP7C06  TP7C07 
Dog Treats
  Best By:  Aug 06 08  Aug 07 08  Sep 02 08  Sep 03 08  Sep 04 08 
  Code:  TP7C08         
  Best By:  Sep 05 08         
Ol' Roy Beef Flavor Snack
  Code:  TP7B19  TP7B20  TP7B21  TP7C08  TP7C09 
Sticks Dog Treats
  Best By:  Aug 19 08  Aug 20 08  Aug 21 08  Sep 05 08  Sep 06 08 
Ol' Roy Bark'n Bac'n Beef &
  Code:  TP7C14         
Bacon Flavor Dog Treats
  Best By:  Sep 11 08         
Ol' Roy with Beef Hearty Cuts
  Code:  BC6M21         
in Gravy Dog Food
  Best By:  Dec 21 09         
Ol' Roy with Beef Hearty Strips
  Code:  BC7A19         
in Gravy Dog Food
  Best By:  Jan 19 10         
Ol' Roy Country Stew Hearty
  Code:  BC6M15         
Cuts in Gravy Dog Food
  Best By:  Dec 15 09         
Dollar General Beef Flavored
  Code:  TP7C06         
Jerky Strips Dog Treats
  Best By:  Sep 03 08         
Dollar General Beef Flavored
  Code:  TP7B20  TP7B21       
Beef Sticks Dog Treats
  Best By:  Aug 20 08  Aug 21 08       
Happy Tails Beef Flavor
  Code:  TPY7B08  TP7B09       
Jerky Strips
  Best By:  Aug 08 08  Aug 09 08       
Happy Tails Meaty Cuts with Beef
  Code:  BC7A29         
in Gravy Dog Food
  Best By:  Jan 29 10         

As part of the pet community, we value the health and well-being of pets, and we deeply regret this unfortunate situation. We will continue to take any and all actions necessary to ensure the quality and safety of our products.


This whole thing bothers me a lot, in more ways than our pets getting sick.

Think of it... that's a lot of meat to go to waste.

It all comes down to the lack of respect people have for food and nourishment. All this could have been prevented with quality control.

I'm beginning to think that we'd save a lot more animals by simply not keeping pets at all. Which really kills me, because I really love my cats.


I'm beginning to think that we'd save a lot more animals by simply not keeping pets at all. Which really kills me, because I really love my cats.

Unfortunately we no longer have control over that issue. It was all of our ancestors that decided to "mess with nature" and breed them in the first place. Since they are no longer the wild animals they once were, we owe it to them to take care of them in the very best way possible. We also owe it to them to stop breeding them. I wish our generation (by that I mean all of us now inhabiting this planet)would be the first to recognize that.


this is so horrible.
here, we're entrusted to care for and protect our furry loved ones, and we do what we think is best for them, providng nourishment
only to hear this
it's a sickening feeling when you come to a helpless place, becacuse the damage has already been done.


Sorry, the following is kind of gross.

Hi VegHeadZealia,

One of my dogs also has a very sensitive digestive system.  He didn't have any weight loss issues, but has always had major attacks of bloody diarrhea at any abrupt change in his diet.  According to my vet (whom I adore) and things I have read, you don't need to worry much about bright red blood, because it just means the surface of his colon is irritated by the diarrhea.  If the blood is black, then you need to worry, because it indicates that he's bleeding deeper in his sytem.
Anyway, in my experience, if you change his food gradually, he shouldn't have so much trouble.  I just switched my dogs over to organic food, luckily before this whole poisoned food fiasco.  I gradually added the new food to his old food over the course of about 3 weeks and all went well. 

Best of luck.  Your dogs are cuties!

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