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I'm a kitty-mommy! (UPDATED! With PICS!)

We adopted a cat! And he is the GREATEST KITTY EVER!

(I may be biased...)

He's a one-year old orange tabby (the one I showed in the last thread). He is a cuddle monster and as playful as can be! He loves his turbo scratcher (the thing with the ball in it) and he'll keep us up late just to snuggle.

He actually didn't take long to adjust, which surprised us. The first night he was with us, he slept between my boyfriend and I and went from one to the other begging for cuddles until 4 am. He's still a little timid when the front door opens and he runs under the bed, but once he realizes it's us he comes out and meows up a storm.

He also loves to sit beside our floor-length windows and watch the birds at the birdfeeders on our porch.

We haven't named him just yet. Nothing seems to strike us as THE name. We want to give him a distinctly cat-name. We just can't come up with one that fits. I'll post pictures soon!

For 17 wonderful years we had an orange tabby named Honey (the children were young, the names they suggested...well, let's just say that Honey was the least icky and offensive) and he was ABSOLUTELY THE sweetest cat in the entire world. Congrats, and it looks like your baby definitely is going to be in the running for that title.

(On the other hand, in mid-July bookpapa and I became new kitty parents to a beautiful little gray tabby girl who thinks I'm a chew toy. I have scars that will be with me the rest of my life.  :( )


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