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I miss my dogs.

Its getting to the point where i can scaresly think of anything else. I miss them in the morning when I wake up and all day and when i go to bed at night.  Sometimes I cry...the other day I just bawled.

Its not like I can talk to them on the phone like I do my dad and sister or brothers.

My dad says they are hardly ever depressed. but sometimes Guinevere cannot pick up her ears. Guiny is the most sensitive dog Ive ever had the pleasure of knowing and and when she gets sad her bat-dog ears lay down. Its the saddest sight on the planet.

And Little D'Artagnon wont let the shirt that smells like me out of his care. (I sent them up a shirt i wore to bed every night for a few weeks to say "hi")

But like I dad says they don't seem too depressed...but I sure am. I worry about something happening to them. I think about the fact that we only get so many years with our critters and mine are away from me for a whole year. I feel like I made the wrong choice to come work in Connecticut when I could not bring my dogs.

I cant wait till I have enough money/time to go see them. :'(

I hope this isn't overly pouty....I just don't feel like I can tell this to anyone in my life because they will think i expect them to do something about it when i know they cant. I just know you guys can all relate.

dang it...posted in the wrong board


dang it...posted in the wrong board

lol, well there's nothing wrong with missing your pets and people you care about.


ooo i meant to reply to this when i first saw it..eep. sorry!!

internet hug!!!!
i almost might understand how you feel. we babysit a dog on weekends/holidays/whenever her parents go out of town, and we've done it for five years i think. i miss her sooo much, even though shes not ours.  i hope you get to see your doggies soon! and pshh. you can talk to them on the phone. have someone hold the phone up to them (:

do you have pictures of them with you? those might be nice to have. and maybe get a stuffed animal to hug (lame, but i have a bunch hehe).

ps. the name guinevere is a cute name for a dog

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