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Help our no-kill shelter win a makeover!

I work at Animal House, a no-kill dog shelter in Fort Collins, CO.  We are participating in's Shelter Makeover contest.  It's kind of like a facebook for pets, but better with advice sections, news articles, product reviews, etc.  In order to qualify for the makeover, our shelter has to earn enough points to be in the top 20.  We're currently in 45th place, which is good but not good enough.  Points are earned in a variety of ways (adding photos, reviewing products, writing journals, etc.), but what I'm asking of you is to send me your email so I can add you as a friend on there. 

Our shelter gets 50 points for each new person that our shelter members refer (and who subsequently verify their email).  That's it.  You don't have to be active on at all--just simply create an account and help us win!  Once the 20 semi-finalists are determined based on points, all 20 are in the running for a $1,000,000 shelter makeover regardless of points.  The remaining 19 semi-finalists receive some sort of monetary price (anywhere from $5,000 to $50,000).

Here are the details:

So shoot me a message with your email if you want to help!  The doggies and I thank you!!!

What is the zip code of the shelter? Do you want us to affiliate with it to get more points?


I don't know if just affiliation does anything for points, but it might so it's worth a shot!  I think  just activities might earn points (posting pictures, videos, journals, answering questions, etc.).  If anyone is game for that or needs another online thing to kill time with, then fantastic!

The zipcode is 80521.  Here is our shelter's website if anyone wants to check it out and see the dogs that need a new building!

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