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Good, natural dog food?

Okay, so my hubby and I have met two doggies at the local pound that we want to adopt :) Thanks to the recent posts about adopting older dogs, I opened my heart and mind and fell in love with a 12-year-old beagle stray at the pound! We want to adopt her, as well as a 4-year-old boxer that's there as well.

My question is - I've heard lots of horror stories about commercial dog foods having sawdust and bad meat leftovers and stuff in dog food. Can anyone recommend any commercial brands that are better choices? I know the best choice is to make our own food but just in case I decide to buy commercially prepared foods, are there any that you'd recommend?

Thanks!  ;)

First I want to say THANK YOU so much for rescuing! (and older for taking dogs as well)!!!....that's so great of you both. With regards to dog food....there are some really good brands. My personal favorite (well..for my dogs...not for me) Nature's Variety. You can use the store locater to find the closest store (I just checked and there are 10 places in RI that sell it). Most likely the stores that sell NV will also carry other high end, high quality pet foods. keep us updated on the adoption...and post some pics of them if you can. Good Luck!


There is a dog food called V-dog (it's vegetarian).  Other than that, you'd have to make it yourself which would entail you using meat I believe. 


You can always feed a raw diet.

Otherwise, outside of places like Walmart and Petco, you'll find natural kibble for your dogs. Timberwolf Organics is one we used to use when going on road trips, and couldn't do the BARF diet (which requires raw meat).

I'd stay away from vegetarian or vegan diets for the dogs, though.


Innova and Evo are really good (all natural and real meat ingredients, no grains) dry kibbles:

Thanks to Davedrum for recommending Dr. Goldstein's book! I now feed my Doberman  Primal brand raw patties and am very very happy with them and am relieved knowing he's getting the best food possible.  (They are a bit newer than Nature's Variety, otherwise I'm guessing Dr. Goldstein would have them on his list right up there with Nature's Variety!):

I think it's wonderful that you're rescuing two dogs AND an older one too!!!   You'll have no end of unconditional love in your home!   :)


Thanks so much to everyone that posted!! We're going to the pound at lunch today to fill out the adoption papers *crossing our fingers that no one else has applied for these darling pups!*

We're really hoping that we can take them home later this week...and I'll post some pics once I do!  :)


Beowulf's Back to Basics dog food is excellent.

All food is made using domestic, human-grade supplies. I fed my dog their pork-based food his whole life. Never any food related problems. Nutrient dense so you feed smaller amounts, not loaded up with fillers like many commercial brands.

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