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frogs: he/she or a she/he?

I just read this. Another reason to not use pesticides and fertilizers etc.  :'(

Hey...maybe the tadpoles are just eating too much soy!  :D
(for those newbies here...see old posts on soy makes guys....ummm...gals) ::)

Yes Dave, perhaps those tadpoles were enjoying tofu on the side!

Not that I believe that soy makes you gay....  But like most people on this site I eat a LOT of soy... Like every meal...  If there really is a lot of estrogen in soy is that having any effect on me?    :o


i like how they suggest cleaning up sewage around where they live instead of just not dumpin so much crap into the world.

i think the theory for soy + women = straight since soy makes you more feminine and "man liking" since, of course, feminine people are attracted to men  :P.  with the soy/hormones thing, it would make men gay and, as i believe kimmel mocked, eliminate lesbians. not so much the case, i love me some soy and i love me some ladies.

another fine example of science using men to define things and forgetting, oh right! there are women too who are different biologically in some ways....

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