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Free Cat Food!!!!

You gotta put in your address and e-mail, but you get a free bad since the good life brand has not been recalled!! Yay!!!

Baypuppy, I didn't realise you had changed Cory's food...yes, suddenly changing a cat's food can cause upset, just as a radical change in human food can. That's why they recommend that for the first days you mix the 2, the old and new, if possible. It's like a lot of my American friends who move to Spain and find our food too rich in olive oil and spices. The strong coffee plus olive oil often results in "the scoots" until you get used to it!


thanks while i dont feed this to my dogs, i ordered the coupons to pass along to my shelter.


Thanks for the info! I'm at school now and the blocks won't let me get to the site, but I'll be right on it when I get home!  :)

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