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Flea stuff for Dogs/Cats

Hello all. 

Anyone know if Advantage tests or tested their products on animals?

Around here (Amsterdam), they advise to use Advantage because fleas have apparently built up an immunity to Frontline.

One of my dogs has a suspected flea allergy, so one bite gives her days of agony.

Any advice you could pass on?

Hi Amanda,
Advantage is a horrible product and yes, it is of course tested on animals. ALL the commercial flea and tick preventatives are harmful.

First read about Advantage (from poster on Shirley's Wellness Cafe_:
"Mary Ann  lost her beloved bearded collie 'Kaimen' as a result of using Advantage Flea Drops. "Advantage flea drops were recommended by my veterinarian to control Kaimens flea problems. The drops were placed on the back of his head in the nape of the neck. After using Advantage for 13 months a growth the size of a golf ball emerged in that very same spot where the Advantage flea drop were placed.  The growth was made of a grey colored flesh with a putrid odor. A purulent putrid liquid oozed out of it. Kaimen was taking to the vet,  where I learned more about the growth and just how deadly Advantage is to our pets. The pesticide that is used in Advantage is called lmidacloprid and should NOT be absorbed through the skin. I learned that dogs and rats who were used to test this pesticide developed thyroid cancer and it affected their appetite. My dog Kaimen died at the age of two as a result of using Advantage which caused  a tumorous cancer to develop in his neck and which metastasized in his brain. I sent Bayer, the maker of Advantage, a letter with a return receipt but they never bothered to reply to my letter."

Here is some info you can read about the dangers of Flea and Tick products:

In asking what is safe for your's what to do...
-First take the steps to build up you pets overall immune system.
-Fleas and ticks look for "weak" host animals. The stronger the dog or cat's immune system is, as well as their better their general overall health, the less likely a flea or tick will choose them as the source for their next meal.
-To build up a pets immune system you need to feed it the best possible diet available. No commercial dog/cat foods...a Raw diet would be best.
-If the dog or cat was vaccinated as a's now done. No more vaccines....EVER! Over vaccinating your pet is one of the worst things you can do to it/for it. It will just cause absolute havoc on the immune system. You don't take vaccines yearly....nor should your pet. Vets that practice yearly vaccinations or 3 year vaccinations don't cure pets...they KILL them.

-To keep fleas and ticks away from your pets:
Feed them garlic a few times a week with their food. It's safe for them (dogs) and fleas and ticks don't like the animals that have garlic coming out of their pores.
-Use a spray of Neem, citronella, eucalyptus, mint, etc. You can buy the oils and make one your self or purchase a product like this:
My dogs are sprayed with this product every few days. I live in the South East US, and have a "herd' of rescue dogs.....none of my dogs have fleas or ticks...ever! I never use any commercial products such as Frontline or Advantage (and the other one's that are available).... None of my dogs take heart worm preventatives.....none have it, and the south east is heart worm central. A healthy pet will be able to deal with heart can kill an unhealthy one.  With my own pets....So good.
Another thing that works to keep away fleas and ticks is to slice up some lemon peels and boil them in water. Let it cool and put it in a spray bottle. Spray down your dogs whenever you take them out. Fleas and ticks hate the scent of the lemon oil.

I hope this helps....


For more info on how I care for my Guru for petcare is:

PS: as mentioned probably a 100 times by me here on his book! Follow his advice and your dog or cat will thank you for it. ;)


Hey, thanks for that advice!  The book is on the way via amazon, and the spray is on the way via,  but until they get here can you recommend a raw diet doggy recipe?  For fairly small dogs.
I understand that it is meat and veg, but what kinds specifically?
Is there a site that has good, healthy recipes?  I also ordered another book by Pitcairn that apparently has recipes, but until then does anyone have a recipe that they use?

Thanks Davedrum for your help and insight!


Hey Amanda,
I feed mostly Nature's Variety. I use both their raw and  kibble. Like us 2 legged pets :o....our 4 legged ones like variety in their diet. Dr. Marty does recommend changing their diet on a regular basis. If they lived in the wild, they would not eat the same food over and over everyday. NV's raw is 95% meat, 5 % vegetables (which is close to what they would eat if they stalked and ate their own prey). I'm not sure if it's available in Holland, but I'm sure if you did some googling you can find a pre-made raw similar to it.
Nature's website is:

I'll even bet that if you emailed them they could tell you of a food that you can purchase over there. Good people that run that company. :)

Again...I hope this helps....


Thanks once again Dave!  I have written to the company asking if they supply to the Netherlands, but I don't have much hope that they do!
I think I'll have to start working on a home-made diet.  Not looking forward to handling the meat!  :-[

Thanks for all of your advice- you're a star!


Thanks for all of your advice- you're a star!


No THIS is Star...he's the big boy on the couch (the other big boy is my King)....


Hi there, I love Dr. Marty's book, here is another book I found very useful too. It has recipes in it for a homemade diet. It gives a lot of information to make sure your dogs still get the right nutrients. My dog, Maggie loves the food and the recipe for "healthy powder" he provides. 

Good luck, your dogs will thank you!!  :)


Yup, that one is also on the way- I ordered both of them through Amazon!
I also heard back from Nature's Variety that they do supply to Europe, but its a bit expensive, so I think I'm going to try the homemade thing when Pitcairn's book arrives.
Looking forward to it!  I'm sure my puppy-wuppy-schmoopy-poopies will love it! 

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