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Finally caught that stray kitty!- UPDATED

In the pet thread I posted that there was this black cat in my alley that I had been feeding from time to time but couldn't get near.  Tonight I heard him crying outside so I went out with some food.  He kept his distance but didn't run away.  After he finished eating he just layed down.  He also kept meowing his head off.  He also kept coming closer but just far enough away so I couldn't reach him.  I could tell this was the turning point.  I opened my basement door and walked in.  After 5 or 10 minutes I saw him at the door.  He walked in, walked out, walked in again.  After he got far enough I closed the door.  He was not happy and started crying but didn't go wild.  He went and hid in the garage.  I brought him more food and water, litter and a bed.  He came out and ate the whole bowl of food and then went to hide again.  I gave him his space and went back to check on him later.  He came out from the garage and slowly came up to me.  After that, the love broke loose.  It was unbelieveable!  He started rubbing against me and purring and even curling his toes!  I finally was able to tell that he definitely is a male (intact).  
Then he wouldn't leave me alone :)  He is jet black and beautiful.  I now need to get him into a carrier and to the vet.  He needs the works and I'm sure he has fleas too.  
The thing is, now I've taken him on but I can't keep him.  I plan on getting him all the vet care he needs and now that I know how loveable he is, he can be adopted.  Wilma of course is not happy.  She keeps sitting by the basement door with her tail ten feet around  ;D

Pouncival was none-too-crazy about other cats as well. But, Josh and I both work at the same time and he was all alone for 8 hours a day, and I felt horrible for him!

So, we got Etcetera!

We borrowed a medium-sized dog kennel from a friend and made Etcetera a nice bed with one of Pouncival's favorite blankets. We put a small litterbox in there, and put her inside. She got comfortable on the blanket after a few minutes of sniffing, and we let Pouncival out of the bedroom so they could meet.

I kept the kennel in a corner so that only 2 sides were exposed, and she could get out of his reach if she wanted to. There was hissing and batting through the bars, but after a couple of hours they both calmed down and we let her out under supervision.

They're now best friends, although they do have the occasional sibling squabble.

If you can arrange it so they can get to know each other with each having their own space and protection from the other, they may be able to make amends. Just keep an eye on them until they seem to be really friendly.


Thanks for the advice guys.  I'm on the fence about giving Wilma to my parents because it would be for so long.  The quarantine is until December and who knows how loing it will take him to get adopted after that? 

I'm trying not to think about the FELV/FIV....too much


Could you just get Wilma vaccinated against FLV now?


Could you just get Wilma vaccinated against FLV now?

I stated her on the series.  It's two shots 3 weeks apart.  She got the first one this past monday and is scheduled for the second one on July 20th.  My plan was to keep them separated until she was fully vaccinated but.....

I'm hoping the one vaccine shot has given her some protection.  I hoping more that Murray doesn't have FELV or FIV to begin with. 



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