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dogs and arthritis

Hi all,
I have a 10 year old yellow Labrador (Raika) that, like many of her type and age, has signs of hip dysplasia.  Nothing debilitating yet; just noticeable.  She has been on glucoscomine for several years.  She is in good shape. 
  While discussing Raika's hips with an acquaintance, she suggested making a pack of blended radishes and making a compress for her hips.  I have googled looking for something to this effect, but have not seen anything definitive.
  Have any of you heard of this or know what she was referring to?

Here's my thought.....
When I first rescued Star in Florida (one of my German Shepherd can see him in my gallery),  I took him to my vet, and I found out he had hip dysplasia ( the Vet  showed me the x-rays, and you could see the ball out of the joint). The Vet then told me I needed to have an operation on him immediately while he was young. I put it off. At that point in my life, I was still into regular vet visits, and gave my dogs yearly vaccinations, frontline, heartworm meds.  etc.

It was shortly after that, that I moved up to GA (for the first time) and read Dr. Goldstein's book (one of the best gifts I ever recieved). I drove Star up to NY to Dr. Goldstein's practice,  and met with a differnt  Vet that worked for him.  He told me this: Star was obviously in no pain, and I should just leave it alone for now. Shortly after that, I moved to Upstate NY (due to a artist I was playing with at the time) and took Star to Cornell University (where Dr. Goldstien went to school). They told me the same thing...leave him alone. He was in no pain, he walked fine, he ran was not bothering him. Star is now 8 years old and is in GREAT health, and never limps or has any problems with his hip. Some dogs may. Yours may in he future. But if Raika is walking and running aroung with no problems....leave her be. I never heard of using blended radishes and making a compress. It may work. Perhaps you should contact him (Dr. Goldstein). I will email my current vet and ask her if she ever heard of it. I guess it won't hurt...try it and let me know if it works!


You can try upping the dose on her glucosemine (just split the dosage between morning and night). I use a combo glucosemine/MSM/perna mussel for my dog. I also give them fish oil capsules on a regular basis (helps dry coats in the winter too!).

Ive never heard of a radish compress, sorry.


  Thanks for the suggestions.  She has had "signs" of dysplasia since she was 3 or 4.  I asked my vet about upping the dose on the glucoscomine, but they said "no," that we need to look into a steroid, which I am very reluctant to do.  I had a wonderful earthy-crunchy vet when she was younger that I still call when I need to (I believe in your neck of the woods, Davedrum -near Watkinsville Dr. Wendy Krupp-Despain) who told me that Raika was too young for a steady diet of any drug.  I still kinda think she's too young.  Plus, I don't trust steroids, especially not on a regular basis.  I have not been thrilled with my vet since we moved here; I suppose I need to keep looking. 
  I took Raika to my chiropractor, which helped a bit.  She is just clearly in pain after a hard days play.

Is there a website that anyone knows about that lists vets with a holistic bent?  I miss my earthy-crunchy vet.


yes, I'll try to find it for you (website). Where are you guys located? Actually when I was looking for holistic vets in GA. there were about 5 that showed up in Watkinsville. Is that where you are? I use Kimberly Stagmier, she was in Alpharetta, but now whe's in Woodstock, GA. DO NOT use steriods.....I've been through all of that (long time ago before i knew any better). It's funny I spend a great deal of money on food, but none on my own dogs for vet care. the only dogs I ever have to bring in are the rescues I find.


This girl was THE BEST! I used her when I first moved to GA. But... she got married  and moved to Florida. She used to make house calls (I think she still does in Florida). She did so much great work for Star and King (read about them in my Gallery). She did acupuncture on them and it really helped King out tremendously. He has always had so many issues with his back. He was ripped apart as a puppy (he was used as pit bull bait by dog fighters). She used to come over and he would just run to his dog bed and wait for her to start. I have to say though I always rave about Dr. Goldstein here on vegweb...his book is by far  best advice I can recommend to anyone, but she was the best hands on vet I ever used.
Anyone in Florida looking for a great vet try her:
Deneen Fasano
Veterinary Acupuncture & Complementary Therapy
Winter Park, FL

here's a list of holistic vets:


Sorry to keep posting... ??? But here's a quote I just read from Chocsoymilk regarding Dr. Goldstein:

Yabbit--you have GOT to get and read the book suggested by Davedrum.  Author is Martin Goldstein and the book I read by him is The Nature of Animal Healing.  Look for it on Amazon.  Seriously, it was ILLUMINATING!!!  You will be shocked--both the food and vaccination issues.

(thanks yabbit...glad you liked it! I said, it's my personal bible when it comes to proper care of my pets).

he talks about hips in his book as well. Goto the link and look for my posts:
His book has a list of holistic vets as well.


Actually when I was looking for holistic vets in GA. there were about 5 that showed up in Watkinsville.

That doesn't surprise me; I bet several of them are with the same group that Dr. Wendy started.  She is a goddess and I've never found her equal since we left.  We are in Asheville now and I keep asking people for recommendations for vets and I get a lot of lukewarm "Well, we use so-and-so." and that's it.  I'd like for someone to give it up with some "OMG, I just luvvvvv my vet," which is what I used to do about Dr. Wendy.  So I'm picky, but I like having a relationship with my vet and I want them to be on the same page. 
Thanks so much for the links!

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