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article on MSN this morning...

   "What is your dog thinking?
   Research provides more evidence of surprisingly complex abilities"

  "...The findings come amid a flurry of research that is revealing surprisingly complex abilities among dogs, chimps, birds and many other animals long dismissed as having little intellectual or emotional life."
  "...Every day, we're discovering surprises about animals and finding out animals are far more intelligent and far more emotional than we previously thought," said Marc Bekoff, an animal behaviorist who recently retired from the University of Colorado. "We're really breaking down the lines between the species."

   ... Well duh!  Something a lot of us here have already known for a long time!....    ;) I was reading your post, I was thinking, "Well, DUH!"....and then you said it.  hehe
I think humans are the stupid ones, personally.  ;)


Anyone who has really shared their lives with a companion animal of any sort (shared, not just fed and given basic hygiene care) knows that all animals are startlingly intelligent.
I've never  liked to eat fish, but I used to love calamari until I saw a fascinating documentary on how they "flouresce" (OK I don't know the word for it) and change colour. It was made in the early 80's and the documentary postulated the poss that this was a form of communication. Anyone hear any more about this in particular?
It certainly put paid to my eating calamari!

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