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Does anyone share their life with a African Pygmy hedgehog?

I am planning on getting one in the fall.  Her name will be Hannah Rose.  Nearly all of my pets are rescues but I am getting Hannah Rose from a friend that breeds exotic pets.  He totally socializes all of the little ones.

I currently have 10 pets.  One dog, four cats, four budgies and an African Grey.

Cali, my dog a rescue, all four cats...rescues.  My African Grey I did buy at a pet store but he was a throw back.  A lady bought him and then realized how much work they were.  She decided she just didn't want him. Named him a cruddy name.  He was 18 June 1st.  I have had him since he was 15 months old.  His breeder was one of the first people to breed Greys in Canada.  Biko's mom and dad were both wild caught in Africa.  About 55 or 60 years ago.  Thank goodness it is illegal to import them now.

My budgies weren't rescues.  I bought them.  Love them to bits.  Although I am the one they contact when they have a budgie with one leg or that no one will buy.  When I had canaries, I was also the take a sad story canary.

I know my old cat Harold is treading this earth lightly.  She was 20 in March.  Hence the hedgehog.  

The cats won't hurt it because touching a brillo pad will freak them out.  Cali on the other hand who is husky and Australian Cattle Dog will either want to hunt it or herd it.  Although, she caught a fledgling starling a few weeks ago in her mouth.  I said drop it and she actually did.  I picked it up, checked it over for tooth marks or wounds (thank God..none) and put it under a Christmas tree where cats wouldn't find it.  

So, I will have to work with Cali and the brillo pad.  Cali also wants to eat Biko, my grey.  She has a huge fascination with chasing birds.  I just wish Biko would bite her.  That is the reason my cats are terrified of him.  He says, Hi, how are you?  CHOMP!

The real bummer is when I visit my friends in Michigan, I won't be able to bring Hannah Rose as we are not allowed t o bring animals from Africa over the border.  Although she will not be truly African.  She will be a Canadian.

Someone posted the significance of her name on another thread.

I love the name Hannah.  My mom is Rose.  I named a canary Hannah and Biko loved her.  He could mimic her voice perfectly although about 100 times louder.  After she died, he would occasionally do her beautiful voice.  I would wake up and think Hannah was still with me.  Broke my heart.

Had I ever been blessed with kids and had a daughter, her name would have been Hannah Rose.  Therefore, I will have Hannah Rose Hedgehog.  

Biko's official name is Biko Robert Dela Rose.  Biko for Stephen Biko, who fought apartheid in South Africa and is a true hero.  Robert for Bob Marley.  Dela means content in one of the African languages and Rose after my mom.

On a funny note, the breeder thought he was a female.  Was the first time she was wrong.  Greys have to be DNA tested or surgically sexed.  So I named him Daisy Dela Rose.  His blood went to California and came back as stating.  Daisy Dela Rose is determined to be male.  I changed his name to Biko and within two days he was saying Biko.  He never said Daisy.

So, does anyone have a hedgehog?  If so, do you have any tips for me?  I am so excited.  I am going to order a snuggle sack so that she can walk with me in a snuggle sack on my chest.  Their eyesight sucks but smell is huge.  If you wear them in a little snuggle sack, they bond to your smell.  

Oh, she is going to be so spoiled.  I have picked out a cage and way too many toys and accessories.

Hugs to all and Veg On!


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